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Default Packaging supplemental packages with lots
I have created some lots that I would like to package. However, I am having difficulty getting all the needed (supplemental) packages into the packaged lot.

For example, I have a custom object that using a custom sound files. But my sound files are in a separate .package file. When use the in game package program, it does not think to grab those sound package files, because they are not "active" objects in the game, but they are necessary to make my objects work correctly. In another example, I have custom token objects that keep track of custom states. But again I have difficulty getting them into the packaged lot.

I thought I could use the Clean Installer program to open an existing Sim2pack file and just add the missing package files, but I was not able to do this (I did not see an option).

So my question is: how do I package an entire lot, but then add these supplementary packages to the packaged lot?

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