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Default clean installer not working as it once did...
okay, I recently had to reinstall my computer, and I also recently got more RAM put in (so Sims2 finally runs smooth). However, I've been working on two houses (see the Creator Feedback forum, a couple pages back) and I've run into a problem. I forgot I needed .NET in order for Clean Installer to work, and it took days for me to be able to get it. Now that I have it, I installed Clean Installer. For whatever reason, though, when I open my .sims2pack file with Clean Installer, and go through the processes of installing it, it puts it in the Teleport folder; then when I open the game, my lot is not in the lot catelog; I can't find it anywhere. Clean Installer is throwing me for a loop, and it isn't the only problem. I used to use the Body Shop Installer (not Clean Installer) thing that comes with Sims2. You know: double click on .sims2pack and one blue popup comes up asking if I want to install the data, click yes/ok and then it installs instantly, automatically. You don't have to mess with Clean Installer at all. However, now when i try to do this, the Body Shop Installer gives me a message saying: "This content requires Expansion Pack data that is not installed." I don't understand this. The lot I'm trying to install into the game is a lot I made, and I have all my expansion packs installed. it is confused, and so am I.

Ultimately, both Clean Installer and Body Shop Installer (the only two methods I know of to install .sims2pack files) don't work. I have two lots I was just testing, so I extracted them from the game into my PackagedLots folder like I have done for all the other lots I've made (I did that to keep them protected while I used the current lot I had in my game as a guinea pig to see if it was simfamily-compatible). I don't know if it has simply been too long since I have worked on a lot and I've forgot some vital step, or what-have-you. What am I doing wrong?

Just for reference, I have searched and searched on modthesims2, google, gone through every FAQ, manual and quick start guide, every wiki file I could find. I found nothing that was related to my problems or how to solve them.

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