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Default Sims 2 packinstaller help
My question is not game related and not hardware related .. its as the title says Sims2packinstaller related. I can't find anywhere to post my question. Sorry but your boards are quite confusing ... You need to have everything on one page like most forums instead of being led from one page to another to another and all of a sudden you are lost in some deep dark jungle !! lol If I am posting in the wrong please can you please lead me to the correct place. Thanks

Anyway the game sims2 works fine. I actually played it a few years back and lost interest and have come back to the game. Things have happened to the hdd in the meantime and the game was unable to be uninstalled so was just deleted. I managed to reinstall the game no problems and it all works fine. BUT I cannot reinstall the sims2packinstaller. It keeps telling me that there is an older version somewhere and I have to get rid of it first. Thing is ... as I said .. I just deleted folders when I got rid of the game last time .. I didn't do the proper uninstall. I imagine there is something in the registry somewhere to do with whatever version of the packinstaller I had at the time but the program is certainly not anywhere that I can see. I have searched in the registry for sims2packinstaller and packinstaller and have come up with nothing. Can someone please help me to get rid of what ever residual bits are left of this program so that I can reinstall a newer version.

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Thanks to whoever moved it to this place .. I was able to get the answer from the below thread and it worked .. found the two entries in the registry and removed them ;o) Cheers

If I could just say .. I searched this forum over and over for help on this problem and couldnt find a damn thing !! AND it was really difficult to try and find somewhere to put the post in the first place .. In my opinion there are way too many subfolders .. what does packinstaller have to do with modding and creation ??? its just not somewhere I would have thought to have looked but to have stuck it down 5 subfolders deep seems a little overdone. I think you really need to have less subfolders to make it easier to navigate .. having said that .. I do understand that this game has soooooo many different topics to cover ... but still .. again .. just my opinion

Thanks for the help !!
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I am no expert but the Clean Installer installs the things that we as mods and creators ...mod and create, thus it relates to modding and creation. Wow that sounded like a lymrick. Basically, when you modify the game, you want the ease of choosing the content you install and split up sims packs or organize your folders, I am guessing that has to do with modding and creation.

I found that searching using the top toolbar helps. I have never seen a forum as helpful as this one before, very grateful for all the content and love getting lost in it because I find new things.
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