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Custom Content Issues/Clean installer issues
Anything installed through a Sims2Pack shows up in my game, assuming the meshes are all there. So the only place I can go (or really know of) to get Sims2packs is the Sims 2 Official site. Most of the users not only upload the same things they didn't make themselves over and over and most clearly have no idea how to use meshes. Downloading this way exclusively is a pain since the only way I can get a new outfit is by downloading an entire Sim that I don't really want.

Anything I put in my Downloads folder? Nope. Nothing. Doesn't show up. I've tried EVERYTHING. I've re-installed the game several times. I've followed the instructions in the FAQ. I downloaded CEP and installed it. Nothing.

This is driving me crazy. So I felt like my only solution is to take package files and create Sims2Packs so I can install them.

So I just installed Sims2Pack CleanInstaller, picked a package file to test and followed the instructions exactly. When I clicked OK, this message popped up:

System.Null Reference Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Sims2Pack_Installer.WinFormMain.buttonsave_MouseUp...and it goes on and on.

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I guess no one knows.
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