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Default How to I get more created sims in the same story?
How do I insert more created sims (by me) into the same story.
I mean i i start a new game and for example i create a family into the neighborhood and play with them. What if i want to create another and interact with the first one. In sims 2 you did not have to start a new game to play with another family. If i start the new game the sims i created and moved into a house are gone. I want to make more sims made by me being neighbours and interact with each other. How can I do that? O_O Please help!
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You don't have to start a new game - just go to Edit Town (bottom left menu, same place you save/quit/change options) and you should be able to add new sims to the neighborhood by moving them in from the sim bin.

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Thank You Very Much *hug* !
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