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.Net Framework - which one?!
Hai [:

I'm half way through building an amazing set of retirement apartments (in my humble opinion ) and I'd like to submit them to MTS, but you need to have Clean Installer and have scanned them before doing that.

I've just tried downloading clean installer, but it says something to do with .net framework not being installed on this machine. I have no idea which version of .net I need, whether it be 1.1 or 2.0. I'm on windows XP; can anyone help? :/

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So theres a sims 3. So What? I'm happy with sims2.
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Try installing the one (2.0) which has a link in the Sims2Pack Clean Installer download thread (under Requirements):
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Default Net framework

Just wondering whether I should download .NET framework 2.0 or the latest one .NET framework 4? Does it matter which one?
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Usually, later version are compatible with earlier versions. So, version 4 *should* work, but if you have problems, try version 2 before reporting any problems.
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Thanks, will do so
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