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Default X-Men: The Mutant Chronicles Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Recruiting the Alliance

It has been months since the events on Alcatraz Island, including the death of Scott, Jean, and Professor Xavier. Although things hadn’t been the same with the professor not around, the X-Men didn’t allow that to break their family apart.

With Storm now in charge of the Institute for Gifted Youngsters, and with the help of Logan and Beast, the younger mutants have been growing stronger as a team and training to control their powers every day.

Storm: “Well done. Great teamwork, everyone.”

However, things between Rogue and Bobby haven’t been going so well. Ever since Rogue had taken the cure months ago, she thought it would strengthen her relationship with Bobby. Instead, things between them had become rather distant. Rogue also noticed how much Bobby and Kitty had grown closer to eachother ever since they fought side by side on Alcartraz Island.

Bobby: “Hey, Kitty. Thanks, again for having my back in there. I owe you one.”
Kitty: “Well, like Storm says, we are a team. But, hey, maybe one day you’ll get a chance to save my life out in the real world, rather than a danger room session.”
Bobby: “Well, who knows when that’ll be? You’re a pretty tough gal, you know.”

Rogue watches Kitty and Bobby from a distance, feeling nothing but jealousy about their growing relationship.

Logan: “Wanna talk about it, kid?”
Rogue: “I’m fine. Thank you.”

Logan: “Ever since you took the cure, you’ve been acting different. You’ve been skipping class, you missed another danger room session, and I’m no expert in relationships, but I have a strong feeling that ‘Ice Prince’ over here has a new crush.”
Rogue: “I was stupid to take the cure, thinking it would make a difference. I thought it would make things better for us. But somehow, things have gotten worse.”
Logan: “How’s that? So, what if the cure was only temporary, and your powers came back. No one else knew, besides me and Bobby. You’re still you, Rogue. And if he can’t accept you for that, then he’s not the guy for ya.”
Rogue: “Well, there really aren’t any guys for me out there.”
Logan: “Or maybe the right guy hasn’t come along, yet.”
Rogue: “I doubt it.”
Logan: “Just think about what I said, Rogue. You’ll be fine.”

As Rogue walks away, Beast approaches Logan from behind.

Logan: “Hank, just the guy I need to speak to.”
Hank: “Logan, what can I do for you, my friend?”

Logan: “Listen, I’ve been doing months of research ever since Alcatraz Island, and something kinda hit me.”
Beast: “What is it?”
Logan: “When the professor was killed, there was no evidence left behind. I mean, I saw it happen, but the question is what really happened? Same with Scott, when he disappeared, there was no body trace anywhere.”
Beast: “But we know what happened. Jean killed them. And like you said, you saw it with your own eyes.”
Logan: “But what if her powers didn’t kill them? What if they just somehow got teleported to a lost dimension that was controlled by her powers?”
Beast: “Do you think it’s possible that they are still alive out there somewhere?”
Logan: “The world is full of surprises, Hank. And I believe if we use the correct resources, we can find them and bring them back. And if we dig deeper, we might be able to bring back Jean.”
Beast: “Wait, this is crazy, Logan. What exactly are you saying?”
Logan: “You heard me, Fur Ball. I’m gonna to bring them back.”

Meanwhile, back at Magneto’s Lair…

After being injected by the cure on Alcatraz Island, Magneto had been taken in by his two children, Wanda and Pietro. With months of their help and hospitality, Magneto had finally regained his strength and powers back and immediately began rebuilding his Brotherhood of Mutants. By recruiting both old and new members of the crew, Magneto hopes to accomplish his goal in getting revenge on the X-Men, being the ones responsible for his plan backfiring on Alcatraz.

Magneto: “My fellow mutants. I thank you all for joining me here today. As some of you may know, the X-Men have gotten in the way of my plans for the last time. Now that I have finally regained my strength and powers, we must take immediate action and make sure they stay out of my way for good.”
Pyro: “And how are we going to do that, this time?”
Magneto: “Well, my boy, at times like this we need to turn to other resources. And with these resources, I can assure you we will be ready for the X-Men. They won’t even see us coming.”
Toad: “A sneak attack? I like it!”
Magneto: “Come, everyone.”

As the Brotherhood proceed to follow Magneto, Wanda decides to stay behind, having some doubts about her father’s plan.

Pietro: “What is it, Wanda?”
Wanda: “I have a really bad feeling about this. Father is going to get us all killed.”
Pietro: “Don’t be silly. Dad knows exactly what he’s doing. I trust his instincts.”
Wanda: “You mean the same instincts he had back on Liberty Island and Alcatraz Island? Yeah, and look how well those turned out.”
Pietro: “What happened back then wasn’t his fault!”
Wanda: “Don’t be stupid, Pietro!”
Pietro: “Look, all I know is that he’ll now have us with him to back him up when he needs it. The question is, will you be willing to do your part when it comes to it?”

Pietro proceeds to follow the rest of the group, leaving his sister behind to think about what her actions will be...

Meanwhile, back at the Xavier Institute…

Logan tries to convince Beast to help revive Jean, Scott, and Professor Xavier.

Beast: “I don’t believe what I am hearing. Do you have any idea how dangerous that can be?”
Logan: “If you don’t know by now how much I enjoy danger, then you obviously don’t know me well enough.”
Beast: “But you’re messing with the dead! The forces of life!”
Logan: “You mean the same way my life was tampered with when they injected this adamantium into my bones?!”
Beast: “That was a different story!”
Logan: “No, it wasn’t! I made a choice for them to do this to me, and this gave me the opportunity to live a longer life. Jean, Scott, and the professor didn’t have a choice, and their lives were swept away from them. I’m sorry, Hank, but I owe it to the three of them to give them that second chance in life.”
Beast: “This is wrong, Logan, and you know it. I am sorry, but I will not allow you to do this.”

Meanwhile, at Sinister’s Castle…
As Sinister sits in his throne, he senses an unwanted presence in his castle.

Sinister: “Who goes there?”

Magneto approaches from the shadows.

Magneto: “Good evening, my friend. You might want to change the locks to this place. You wouldn’t want any unwanted visitors…”
Sinister: “You! What are you doing here? How did you get past the guards?”

Magneto then transforms into Mystique…

Mystique: “You’d be surprised of all the things shape shifters can do.”

Sinister: “Who are you? And To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? Before I rip your head off!”
Mystique: “I am not here to fight you. I am Mystique, and I came here to ask for your help.”
Sinister: “Really? And what might this request for help be?”
Mystique: “I need you to help me kill Magneto.”
Sinister: “Come again? You want me to assist you in destroying the one person who was once your close ally? I find that very hard to believe. Why would you want him dead?”
Mystique: “Several months ago when I was accidentally shot by the cure, taking the dart for him…he left me behind. He didn’t even care for my well-being after I was turned into a human. I never once thought that he’d turn his back on me. But now that I am back, I know that I cannot take him out alone.”

Sinister: “And why should I trust you?”
Mystique: “I am not asking you to trust me. I am only asking you to help me end him.”
Sinister: “And what’s in it for me?”
Mystique: “What is it that you want? I can assure you I can be of good use for a lot of things.”
Sinister: “Hm, I think I have something in mind…”

Meanwhile, back at the Xavier Institute…

Logan is still trying to figure out a way to bring his friends back from the dead, unsure if he is able to find help at the moment.

Beast: “I’ve been thinking about what you said today.”
Logan: “Yeah?”

Beast: “About how possible it might be to bring back the professor, Scott, and Jean. I do think that Storm is doing a great job running this school on her own, but I’ve also been watching these kids, myself. They need the professor, Logan. They don’t say it…but I can tell.”
Logan: “I’m right there with ya, Bub.”

Beast: “I guess what I’m trying to say is…that I am willing to help.”
Logan: “Thanks, Hank. Just promise not to say anything to Storm at the moment. If anything, she wouldn’t understand.”
Beast: “I guess we’ll just have a lot of explaining to do when this is all over. So, where do we begin?”
Logan: “Well, the cause of the professor’s disappearance was done by a telepathic mutant, which means…”
Beast: “We’ll have to find another mutant with telepathic powers in order to summon him back. And I think I know just the person.”

Meanwhile, at the Sentinel Factory…
Magneto and the Brotherhood arrive at the Sentinel Headquarters, where Magneto threatens Bolivar Trask to program his Sentinels to target the X-Men.

Magneto: “So, have we come to an understanding? You will reprogram every single one of your Sentinels and send them off to the Xavier Institute and destroy the X-Men!”
Bolivar: “You don’t understand! It doesn’t work that way! I am under restricted orders!”
Magneto: “Either you do that, or I’ll have Sabretooth here rip your throat out.”

Bolivar: “You are mad!”
Magneto: “You’d be surprised what I am capable of when I get angry. Now, I want a war. Do not disappoint me, or I can assure you next time you see me, you will be ripped to pieces.”

Sabretooth drops Bolivar Trask to the floor, and the Brotherhood leave the factory, as a figure approaches Bolivar from behind.

Bolivar: “What am I going to do?”
Bastion: “You heard him. If it’s a war Magneto wants...”

Bastion: "...then it's a war he will get."

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Uuu, this is the first X-Men story I see here ^^
Well, the first chapter is quite interesting and I really like your idea of carrying forward the storyline from the last movie ^^
The pictures are also great and everyone looks exactly how they should look like ^^ , so please keep writing ^^ You've got your first fan ^^
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Cool espically since it is the frist x-men sims story on MTS.

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Ok so this is effing AMAZING. LOve it! I'm a huge x-mem fan I cant believe someone thought this up! Great work all of them look almost perfect! Keep going :D
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The sims look amazing! Although your writing could use work I really like the idea thus far! Please continue!

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Default X-Men: The Mutant Chronicles Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Revival

Back at the Xavier Institute, after Logan revealed to Beast that he wanted to find a way to bring Xavier, Scott, and Jean back from the dead, Beast finally agreed to assist him after turning him down at first, thinking it was a bad idea. After realizing how much the students needed the professor around, Beast thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. Needing the help of a telepathic mutant, Beast called upon an old friend, Emma Frost, to assist them.

Emma: "Nice to see you again, Hank."

Beast: "Logan, this is Emma Frost. She is the telepathic mutant I was talking about earlier, and will be helping with the ritual to revive Xavier and the others."

Emma: "Logan, huh? Don't I know you from somewhere?"

Logan: "I doubt it. So, what can you do?"

Emma: "Of course, I have my telepathic ability, but I'm also able to transform into an organic diamond state, which enhances my strength and durability."

Logan: "Nice..."

Beast: "Emma goes way back in the day with Xavier. I know she would be of good use."

Storm approaches, after noticing Emma's presence in the mansion.

Storm: "Emma? What are you doing here?"

Emma: "Hello, Ororo. Long time, no see."

Beast: "Storm..."

Storm: "What's going on, guys?"

Logan: "Storm, she's here because-"

Emma: "I'm here to bring back Xavier, and your friends, Scott and Jean."

Storm: "What? You're joking, right? Hank, tell me this is a joke."

Beast: "No, Storm, I'm afraid it isn't."

Logan: "We were going to tell you after-"

Storm: "After what? After you realize this was a mistake? You don't know what you're messing with! What if something goes wrong? What if there are side effects?"

Emma: "Ororo, I can assure you nothing will go wrong. Do not underestimate my power."

Storm: "I am not underestimating anyone's power, but only the choices being made. And of all people, Hank, you should know how wrong this is."

Logan: "Alright, enough! I'm sorry, Storm! But I cannot back down from this, now! These kids need the professor back! And I need Jean back!"

Storm: "You just can't let her go, can you Logan? She's gone. Accept it. I will not allow this to happen. Not when I'm in charge."

Storm walks away, angry about what Logan, Beast, and Emma Frost plan to do without her consent.

Logan: "Tonight, we will perform the ritual to bring them back. Without fail."

What everyone didn't know, was that Kitty and Kurt were upstairs, listening to their conversation.

Kitty: "What? They're going to bring back Professor Xavier? Is that even possible?"

Nightcrawler: "That, I do not know, mein freund."

Kitty: "Well, whatever it is they're planning to do, I hope they know exactly what they're doing. The last time I saw Jean, she was possessed. And the last thing we need is for her waking up crankier than she was before."

Nightcrawler: "Just have faith. I believe that God will have a say in this. Whatever happens, our fate will lie in his hands."

Kitty: "I hope you're right."

Meanwhile, back at Sinister's Castle...

After Mystique came to Sinister, asking him to help her destroy Magneto, Sinister decided to negotiate with her. If she could help him summon a powerful mutant, then he will be willing to help her destroy Magneto.

Mystique: "What is this? This looks so familiar."

Sinister: "It's the tomb that holds Apocalypse. He's a tough fella to wake up. If you help me bring forth Apocalypse, then I will return my end of the deal by helping you destroy your former ally."

Mystique: "I do not know how to wake him up."

Sinister: "Then you are out of luck, my dear."

Mystique: "But I do recall Magneto doing some research about Apocalypse. If anything, he would have the knowledge of how to bring him forth."

Sinister: "So how do you suppose we retrieve this information from him?"

Mystique: "We will just have to make sure he talks, once we snatch him and bring him back here."

Sinister: "Good deal."

Meanwhile, back at the Xavier Institute...

Emma Frost prepares for the ritual to revive Professor Xavier, Jean, and Scott.

Rogue: "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Logan: "I'm not sure of half of the things I do, kid. But this is worth a shot."

Storm: "Logan..."

Logan: "We are going on with this ritual, Storm, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. I will not let you."

Storm: "I am not here to stop you, Logan. Just...bring back the professor. Please."

Logan: "We will. I promise."

Emma: "Alright, everyone. I am ready to begin."

"What is she going to do?"

Beast: "She will transfer both her mind and powers into their bodies. From there she will possess their mind, and use their bodies as her own and control their thoughts and actions, hopefully freeing their souls."

Rogue: "That sounds very dangerous."

Beast: "Emma's a strong, powerful being, Rogue. You'd be surprised."

Little did they know, the soul of Dark Phoenix enters into Emma's body, attempting to take over her.

Logan: "What's happening to her?"

Beast: "I am not quite sure, but it appears that she has made access to Jean's soul."

Storm: "Are you sure it's Jean?"

Logan: "That's not Jean. That's Dark Phoenix!"

Rogue: "We have to do something to help her!"

Beast: "Rogue, wait. Give her a second."

Emma's body begins to transform into crystal form, containing the power of the Dark Phoenix within her.

Feeling weakened after overpowering the energy of Dark Phoenix, Emma's body collapses to the ground.

Beast: "Emma! What happened?"

Emma: "Dark Phoenix was attempting to take over my body. The only way to contain it was to transform into my crystal form and corrupt its power."

Beast: "Is it gone?

Emma: "I do not know for sure. I don't feel anything, but it was very powerful."

Logan: "Oh, my God. It worked."

Storm: "Charles?"

Emma was able to succeed in safely freeing the souls of Scott, Jean, and Professor Xavier, pulling them out of the lost dimension where Dark Phoenix kept them locked away and hidden.

1 Hour Later...

After reviving Xavier, Scott, and Jean, their bodies lay in a coma and are placed in the laboratory in the institute for further examination by Beast.

Logan and Storm then call everyone into the living room for a meeting, explaining to them about what had just happened.

Logan: "So Jean, Scott, and the professor are back. Even though they are in a coma right now, we know they are alive."

Kitty: "Are they going to be okay?"

Storm: "Hank is looking into that, right now. We do not know how long the process will take, but I can assure you that from this point on, everything will get better."

What the X-Men did not know, was that there was an army of Sentinels awaiting them outside.

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I'm the first one to comment ^^ Uuu, me is happy to see a new chapter posted here ^^
So, Jean, Scott and The Professor are back, huh?Nice idea (more exactly I love it ^^ Jean and Scott alive, again ^^ ), but the things seemed a little rushed ^^"But it's your story and you know better than anyone else XD So I don't complain as long as you keep posting new chapters.
I can't wait to read more ^.~
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Oh!! THis is going to be lovely...I cant wait to read the new updates. Jean is alive and killing again!!! :D

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OMG OMG this is GOLD! The effort you have gone too - genius!
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Yeah, it's just too bad we'll never see another chapter of this chronicle.

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Awesome! I have read the first chapter and LOVED it . I look forward to reading more. Keep up the great work!
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Default X-Men: The Mutant Chronicles Chapter 3 Part 1

Chapter 3: Battle for Survival

After reviving Scott, Jean, and Professor Xavier with the help of Emma Frost, their bodies currently lay in a coma as Beast further investigates the status of their health. Meanwhile, as the younger mutants receive news of this matter, little did they know was that there was an army of Sentinels waiting for them outside.

However, with Emma's telepathy, she was able to sense danger nearby.

Emma: Everyone get out! We're in grave danger!

Logan: What is it? What's going on?

The Sentinels fire a missile at the institute, causing an explosion.

Emma: Sentinels.

Logan: Everyone, get out! Move!

The X-Men quickly get back up on their feet and begin to head outside, preparing for battle.

Logan: Rogue, get the professor, Scott, and Jean and head to the X-Jet. Beast will be there to help you. I'm trusting that you will get them out of here safely.

Rogue: But what about you guys?

Logan: We'll deal with these metal heads. Now, go!

As Rogue goes off to see Scott, Jean, and Professor Xavier to safety, Logan runs out to the front of the mansion, where he and the rest of the X-Men encounter an army of Sentinels ready to attack them.

Logan: These guys picked the wrong house to mess with!

Storm: Remember your training, everyone! Stay focused, and never let your guard down!

Colossus: You don't have to tell me twice.

Colossus then transforms into his metal form.

Logan: Attack!

Bobby: Jubilee! Look out behind you!

Jubilee: Oh, no!

Nightcrawler: I got you. Hang on!

Logan: There's too many of them!

Warren: You're telling me? I can't get this one off my tail!

As the Sentinel is about to shoot at Angel, Rogue and Beast come up behind them in the X-Jet and take down the Sentinel before it could harm him.

Warren: Nice save. Thanks!

The X-Jet lands so the rest of the mutants can hop aboard and fly away to safety.

Logan: Come on, everyone! Let's go!

2 hours later...

After flying away to safety for several hours as the sun rises, the X-Jet is hit by something unknown.

Beast: Is everyone alright?

Kitty: Ugh! I'll live.

Rogue: Where are we?

Storm: I don't know, but be careful. This could be a trap.

Bobby: What happened? What hit us?

Little did the X-Men know, they had more unexpected visitors waiting for them.

Pyro: That would be me!

Toad: Nice aim, Pyro!

Bobby: John. Why am I not surprised?

Pyro: Well, I was hoping after all these months, that you'd be surprised to see me.

Magneto: Now, isn't that just sweet? One last family reunion before we take you all out, for good.

Logan: What are you up to, this time, Magneto?

Magneto: Oh, well, you know? The usual, wiping out humanity, taking over the world, getting rid of you X-Men.

Logan: So, which one of those do you plan to do first? Because I'm getting kinda bored, here.

Magneto: Watch your mouth, boy. We wouldn't want you having an accident with those claws of yours, now, would we?

Kitty: So, are we gonna chat about this all day? Or what?

Magneto: As you wish, my dear. Brotherhood! Attack!

Colossus: I was hoping he'd say that.

Juggernaut: Outta my way! Metal head's mine!

Colossus: Look who's talking!

Toad: You're goin' down, Elf Boy!

Toad: Oof!!

Toad: Hey! No fair! That's cheating!

Nightcrawler: My apologies. Perhaps I am way too fast for you to handle.

Toad: Aaaahhh!!

Pyro: Ready for round two, Bobby?

Bobby: Let's do this!

Pyro: I must warn you, my powers have advanced since the last time we've met.

Bobby: Yeah? Well, bring it on!

Pyro: With pleasure!

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Default X-Men: The Mutant Chronicles Chapter 3 Part 2

Chapter 3: Battle for Survival

After escaping the Institute after being attacked by an army of Sentinels, the X-Men are surprised to see that they have more company awaiting their presence.

Sabretooth: Your blood is mine, Logan!

Logan: Yeah? What are you waiting for, then? Come and get it, Creed!

Blob: You know, little girls like you should be careful who you hang around with. You might fall within the wrong crowd!

Blob: What the-?

Kitty: Ew, thanks for the advice, but no thanks.

Pietro: What's wrong, Hairball? Too fast for ya?

Beast: Not at all, my friend. As a matter of fact...

Beast: ...everything is just right.

Avalanche: That's what YOU think!

Warren: Aagghh!

Pyro: You're finished, Iceman!

Rogue: Light's out, John!

Pyro: Aahh!!

Bobby: Rogue? Thanks.

Sabretooth: Like I said, Logan, nobody kills you, but me!

Logan: Wish I could say the same thing about you...

Out of nowhere, a mysterious woman kicks Sabretooth, releasing Logan from Sabretooth's grasp.

Sabretooth: Aaarrgghh!!

Logan: Who the hell are you?

Psylocke: Save the introduction for later, Tiger. Right now, your team needs our help.

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3rd Jun 2013 at 3:40 AM
Default X-Men: The Mutant Chronicles Chapter 3 Part 3
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