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#2526 Old 21st Mar 2021 at 7:19 PM
I got a little bored with my play in the laptop install and decided to challenge myself a little. I already had created (read: redecorated) this tiny house in Willow Creek, making it "off the grid". And now I wanted to try something now. So I did dig up an "old" sim from my library. Her name is Scarletta Ambrams and in the pic you can see her with some of her neighbors who came to visit... about 48 hours after moving in... By now I have some experience whit sims gardening and roughly know where in the worlds I can find things to grow (trees carrying fruit, mushrooms, wild onions, berry's etc.) and my idea is to make her to take care of herself as mush as possible. The hard part will be to collect water but there is a river nearby so I think it will be OK. The problem will, however, be that she wants to be a famous author and she need a computer to write anything at all...

Question for you: I have been searching in buy mode for a fertilizer but with no luck. Do anyone know any download?
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#2527 Old 24th Mar 2021 at 7:39 PM
I just... what the... So I got one of those inspectors from Ecolife. He said that I'd fulfill the "green garden" NAP... Even though I've 31 plants on the lot... how... I don't get it.

Edit: Seems like this is a common issue. Apparently you need a beebox or bugbox. Even though the message said nothing about that...
#2528 Old 5th Apr 2021 at 4:42 PM
I have been playing some random families from both of my installs and Ms Ambrams is one of them. By now she have been collecting a large amount of different fruit an vegetables and she have been planting a lot of them. I even gave her a bee hive so she could get honey. She liked it but she don't seem to like the taste of fruit. "Too natural". Well, it's supposed to taste like fruit so... The BBQ at the porch I placed because she wanted it and it have a lot of new interactions, Food, that I have not seen on a "on grid" lot or any other BBQ. The biggest issue is that that ice must be added to the fridge about once a day and that there is no running water. But I did download the waterpump from here: so Scarletta do not have to walk all the way to the river.

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