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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
lemonshushuWash Face at Sinks (Miscellaneous)
WynterSoldierA Little Witch Way to Home (Residential)
Colto4Strangetown Memorial Cemetery (Community)
RomacottaPoster DOOM (Decorative)
NikitaRichtofenDragon Scale Tights (Glasses & Other Accessories)
sms3lynn"Real Life" ChildBirth Animations (Poses and Animations)
Magnum PatrolMysterious Eyes Framed (Decorative)
Sebly FortraidSidewalk Cafe - Starter house - No CC (Residential)
kls77Change Starting Money in CAS (Overrides)
adelineA sunny suburban house base game only (Residential)
BreezeshadowHannah and Watson the Basset Hounds (Animals)
PinkCherubAbandoned "Buran"(Snowstorm) (Residential)
rivfortheseshriv_rel - distant relationships! (Script & Core Mods)
letraxStar Wars costumes enabled for GP09 and Batuu (Overrides)
Louisim-ytFreelancer career fix (mod) (Script & Core Mods)
co-opCatriana Roze (Other)
JMChBreast Shape Slider - v1.0 (Miscellaneous)
Thawkins2TS3 3DS "8 River Vista Road" (Residential)
PandaTacosRustic Mansion (No Custom Content) (Residential)
CheekyCharlieM13Tango Couple Pose (Poses and Animations)
pink_impMore Pride Flags (Decorative)
ShawnSmittPowell Motors LeMons '84 (Vehicles)
gameid245Morden Villas with Nice Garden - No Custom Content . (Residential)
TychoHNo more "(Sim) goes to college" wants (Global Mods)
DukeHughBay View Bungalow - NO CC (Residential)
Ladysimplayer8TS3_TS2 Fast Lane Stuff - Workshop or Garage (Outdoor)
junebug12851Global Voice Pitch Randomization (Script & Core Mods)
AedanStarfangRealm of Magic Makeup enabled for Aliens FIX! (Makeup)
ImSuanneThis Old Thing Painting Watery Recolor (Decorative)
mattmartinsmXbox Series X and Series S Gaming Consoles - Comes in 6 colors each! (Electronics)
FurryTrash23Ranch Retreat Apartments (Apartments)

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