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Default Frozen Pacific Ocean; Pregnant!
One Small Raft. Freezing Pacific Ocean. Drink the Icy Seawater? Death. 
A Young Couple, A Baby, All Four On The Frozen Raft.

Goal 1) Keep Babies Warm, and Alive.
Goal Two) Food - Dive for fish in the icy bone chilling waters or fish from where ice and snow meet hypothermia. Eat Fish.
Goal Three) After Fire, Food, and all Four are Warm-
Goal Four) Shelter - Igloos, Frozen Snowy Island! (Midnight Sun Works Best)
Goal Five) Set Up Camp On Frozen Island.
Goal Six) Give Birth in Icy Cold Windchill with Hypothermia on the Rise! Baby is Chilly.
Goal Seven) Melt Igloos with Fire; Create Ice Cave with Snow White Walls. (Build and Paint)
Goal Eight) Ice Cave a Hexagon Shape with Hexagon Roof; Three Panels Per Side. Dark.
Goal Nine) ( Optional ) Use Three-Panel Windows as Frozen Ice Walls All Winter.
Goal Ten) Use Stone and Hide Cribs from A.T.S.
Goal Eleven) Create indoor Bonfire. Melt a Wall ( Delete One ) Place Bonfire, Put Wall Back and Color - Instant Bonfire Warmth Inside!
Goal Twelve) Extras!
Lanterns from Whale and Seal Blubber/Fat,
Fire Torches,
Firework Found in Snow; Signal for Help,
Rescue ( Move into Town, Stay Warm, and Settle in, Missing what could have been a Disaster of Deaths! )
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