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Default TS2 > TS1 Conversion - 6 Bookshelfs for The Sims 1 (modded)
Hello everyone, my name is Alan, and I'm still a big fan of the original Sims. So much so, that during the times of lockdown and furlough, I just dived into the world of creating and editing objects for the original game.

05/02/2021 So I went ahead and made the other bookshelfs in the Sims 2, all based on my modded Craftmeister Booknook, with recolours enabled in build mode. All put in one far file.

(The accessory files are separate, does anyone know how to add accessory files into far files? also does anyone know the flag for the hand tool in build mode? come to mind this method of recolours would be odd once I move onto build items)

Download link

You should delete the the old Craftmeister Booknook as it's inculded in this far file.

Download link
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Great work, Alan! Thank you so much!!! I really like all the modifications, you've implemented into these bookcases. Hope to see more conversions from you!
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How does it work on community lots?
Just tested. That works with all abilities on community lots. So you can boost your skills there with those shelfs. Yay!

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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@Olena Dub Thank you! I plan to do more, I'll be uploading all the endtables soon. I want to make a bunch of new modded bases that use more of the personality and interests. But trying to keep a balance to gameplay and remove annoying aspects. With lots more recolourable bases is well.

@Victor_tor Under object function table, there's a check for user placement function. I added a function that checks if your in build mode and cycles graphics regardless of lot type.
I found the flag where it checks if your build mode in the help/tutorial files. The way it cycles graphics was just the code that processed animated dressers.
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