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Default own industry?
Have you ever thought about creating own industry? I thoght about creating DIY solar panels.
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At one point, I thought about dolls, but I recently switched over to droids. Like androids and gynoids (female equivalent to androids).

For clarity sake, I wanted to make something like Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum but make it where you interact with the exhibits.

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I already have my own industry. Music and video game production. Though admittedly I don't seek profits...

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I can agree to start own industry is good option. Especially if its own factory which producing different things like batteries or solar panels. But for making it you need to have a lot of things like automation tools and workers. I used experience in working of one factory.
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Nah, I prefer to enjoy and appreciate other people's creativity. If I'm the one that had to be creative I'd have a bad time, not because I couldn't come up with anything but because I'd actually have to do it and that's effort
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Money earning would screw up my taxes, so I try not to work for a living. I mean it! I have more spending money now than when I was working.

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