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Default Playing Sims 4 Vampires according to Vampire The Masquerade Clans
I love how different type of vampires you can play in sims 4 Vampire pack. It brings some uniqueness to vampires as their powers and weaknesses can differ.

My first vampire was artsy type celebrity actress, seductive vampire who had many boyfriends as blood dolls, with powers Vampire Charm and Influence Emotion (Presence), Detect Personality (Auspex), and Supernatural Speed (Celerity). Basically a typical Toreador vampire in VTM. Her weaknesses were Guilty Drinker (Toreadors generally have high humanity, so they dont prefer to drink unwilling. They can seduce their prey and make them willing anyway), Eternal Sadness (Toreadors are emotional drama queens of Camarilla afterall), Insatiable Thirst (Toreadors are sensual hedonists.)

I was thinking about different type of clan archetypes could be played in Sims 4. Might be a great challenge for challenge seekers.


Good Traits: Snob (Must :D), Self-Assured, Ambitious, Proper, Materialistic
Ideal Careers: Bussiness, Criminal-Boss, Politician Powers: Command (Dominate), Sun Resistance (Fortitute), Influence Emotions (Presence) Dampened Emotions would be good for a Ventrue as well.
Weaknesses: Withered Stomach (As Ventrue clan weakness is their food-pickiness), Sleep of the Undead (Blue-blood whim)


Good traits: Active, Hot-Headed (This trait is a must), Self-Assured, Adventurous, Bro, Mean
Ideal Careers: Athlete, Military, Interstellar Smuggler Powers: Vampiric Strength (Potence), Supernatural Speed (Celerity), Influence Emotion (Presence) Garlic Immunity would be good for a Brujah as well.
Weaknesses: Uncontrollable Hissing (Brujahs are not good at controlling Beast), Sloppy Drinker


Good traits: Genius, Bookworm, Ambitious
Ideal Careers: Detective (As they have Detect Personality), Doctor, Scientist
Powers: Detect Personality (Auspex), Command (Dominate), Deprive Needs and Manipulate Life Spirit (Thaumaturgy). Extra: Occult Student as Tremeres are scholars.
Weakness: Thin Skinned (Maybe)


Good Traits: Genius, Kleptomaniac, Slob, Geek Careers: Tech Guru, Criminal - Oracle, Engineer
Powers: Eternally Welcome and Mist Form (Obfuscate), Bat Form (Animalism), Vampiric Strength (Potence)
Weakness: Undead Aura (Clan Weakness), Uncontrollable Hissing (Also Clan Weakness)


Good Traits: Erratic and Paranoid are musts. Rest does not matter.
Careers: They can be anything, who can argue with a Malkavian? :D
Powers: Eternally Welcome and Mist Form (Obfuscate), Command (Dominate), Cast Hallucination and Mesmerize (Dementation)
Weakness: Fitful Sleep, Day Phobia, Ethernal Sadness
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I really liked your info about The VTM Clans. Normally I give my vampires almost the same traits, powers and weaknesses but now I'm gonna make them completely different according to your proposals. This will be very interesting to play and at the same time a challenge for me

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Oh I like this suggestion a lot! Am a big VTM fan and this looks like something I'm going to have to try out, thanks for the idea!

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