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Default Characters glitch while talking and introductions
Recently I had to reinstall Sims 4 completly, including all mods and CC. Sadly I had no backup and had to spend a couple days trying to find and install the CC again. This time I learned my lesson and have a backup folder of the original downloads. In the process I did get a few extra mods, nothing major, new careers, traits, and aspirations mostly, and some new sims.

My problem is now (wasn't an issue before the redo) when my sims introduce themselves to a new sim, the game lags a bit, then breaks the conversation. No matter what type of introduction I use, I get the same result, almost no friendship gain and no romance gain at all. If my Sim has Incredibly friendly, or observant, neither have any affect. There is no extra relationship gain, and I don't learn the sims traits. In fact I can't learn their traits at all. Deep Conversation and Get to know do nothing, and in the Sim profile no traits are listed. Modify CAS shows they have traits, but I'm not getting the info. Also during conversations, the game will glitch and and break the conversation. I can't find a trigger for this that may be happening in the world (something new loading into zone)

I know it's hard to say exactly what the issue is, since I haven't listed all my mods, and I may have to delete them all and start over... again. But I'm hoping this glitch is something known and people can point me in the direction of some mods that may be the issue or even a particular creator. I have already uninstalled some mods that were new this go around, and nothing has changed.
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Custom careers, traits and aspirations are the first to break with almost (?) every patch.
make sure whatever you installed is updated for the most recent game version*, otherwise remove it completely with no regrets.
it's best if you could remove the custom traits from the sims who have them, before uninstalling them. clear cache after doing so.

* there was a patch today and if you updated your game the careers/aspirations/traits should be compatible with game version 1.72.28. otherwise, with game version 1.71.86.
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Found it, thanks
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