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Default Strange Autonomy Issues
Hey Sims community, I know I've done a few posts already on other forums, but it is always something different. As always, let me start by saying I have Wicked Whims, MCCC, Restricted Romance, and a few animation mods. My problem is a few things, one being that my sim seems to be practically ignored by all romantic interests or sims that I want to be. Let me say that I do customize those sims Attractive preferences to fit my sim, I also have the alluring bonus trait, and also utilize unique appearance just to be sure. Since I assume it's safe to talk of WW content on here I'll say that whenever my sim does engage in "Acts", she always seems to be a bottom (she only dates other women, btw) Even after I change gender roles from dynamic to top, or the other sim to woman, or bottom. It still does not change. Also, no one even really interacts with my Sim, almost as if she doesn't exist. The only people that want to hang out are males and generally Sims she has no attraction to. I even tested this out by making another household with another Sim, and she was approached for "business". Even had other Sims stop by for a call. Is something messed up with my Sims AI? Mind you this has happened over multiple playthroughs. At this point it is getting beyond just annoying. Sorry if it seems like a rant. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I am giving this as what I THINK might be your problem. First of all, if you've got Wicked Whims AND Restricted Romance installed, you may have a GAME conflict (as opposed to a MOD conflict). Depending on how you got its settings, Wicked Whims wants to go screw the world, and, of course, Restricted Romance does not. Second - and take it from someone who's spent MONTHS configuring it to my satisfaction - Wicked is a hard monster to deal with. It has to give you what YOU want while dealing with the settings, limitations and quirks of the animations you have installed for it - and some of ithose animations may be quite out of date. (It is the animation that puts a particular sim under or on top. But in most cases, Wicked provides a "change so-n-so's spot" option to switch them.)

Third, MCCC has its own settings for some of the things you've described, too. Hence, more conflict. My advice, you need to know what settings are in what mods. Could MCCC be saying a particular sims is attracted to both male and female gender, while you've got Wicked saying not so? (NOTE: indeed some mods override the settings of other mods. Wicked usually overrides MCCC. But who's to say that's for everything all the time?) Un-install the mentioned mods and reinstall one at a time setting each one before installing the next one. Yeah, it'll be a pain because you must exit the game and re-enter for each install. Of course, you could update the settings of each mod without exiting at all and it could be enough, but I still advise that you go to LoversLab (where most WW animations are found) and make sure you have updated versions of them. And this is true of everything, mods, game, etc.: make sure you have the latest updates.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll give the advice a try and see what works.
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