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Default Windows 10 Clean Install, do I need to manually install drivers?
I have spent most of today sorting out my gaming laptop.

I bought it in February 2015, it came with Windows 8, but I wanted Windows 7, so I bought Windows 7 and did a clean install. I remember I had to manually find and download lots of drivers from the PC Specialist website (company that made the laptop, the brand of the laptop is PC Specialist).

After cruelly locking it away in a cupboard for many years, I decided to play with my laptop again, so I have just finished a clean install of Windows 10.

Does anyone know if I need to manually find and install drivers for the laptop for Windows 10 now?

I have done lots of googling, but some websites say the Windows 10 updates will take care of the drivers, and some say I need to sort them out manually, so I am a bit confused.

Does anyone know the answer please?
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Windows will download older version of drivers, it's a good idea to download the newest drivers yourself

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Thanks, I went on the laptop manufacturers website, there was only one to download, but I have installed it
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