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Default Question about downloadable careers

Before I begin let me please make this clear: I do believe that those of you who do create custom careers are skilled people and this thread is Not about how the careers are made and if they are good or not. This thread is about the interplay, the "teamwork" between the game and the mods.

And why do I ask this? Well, that's a story of it's own. The truth is that I'm quite bored with the few careers that came with the game (NO, I do not want to bay more expansion packs, thank you for asking). I did a quick search, based on the packs I own, and did found some careers here on this forum and that was quite interesting. But there are some questions I want to ask before downloading anything. And the main question is based on a true event.

I did play the Sims 2 for a very long time. It's a long time ago but I still do remember some of the troubles I had. At one point I did download a custom career (in all honesty I can tell you that it was not from here, it was from the "adult oriented" sister site). Anyway, I did install the mod, that surely were in the English language, but I soon discovered that my Swedish install not only did translate it, the game even turned it into something it known about and could work with. Short story: I had the same "Slacker career" twice, complete with change cards and all. The only thing that was different were the payment and the working hours. And that was not why I installed the mod!

Well, it's been a long time since then. The Sims 4 is a different game and mod creators may be different as well. But I still need to ask: Will a custom career, written in English make good friends with a install in an other language? Or will I get, let's say, the Painter career twice? (It was just an example).

An other question I want to ask you is: How important is the patch level? I did see a thread the other day and one of the answers said that the patch level was important when downloading (clothes would be fine though). Now I don't know what patch levels (yes plural, I have two installs) and this level won't change as I do keep my games offline. Is it really that important?

That was all. Thank you for your time.
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1. Custom careers shouldn't show up twice or effect default careers.
things can be buggy or broken, or not working, but it's not a general rule, it depends on who made the mod and how good they are in what they do.
you can always check the comments to see if people are having issues with the mod, etc.

2. mods can be translated. if the mod wasn't translated it will show up in English even if your game is in a different language (and this alone won't cause any issues).
if someone translated the mod to the language you use in game, the game will automatically use the translation.

3. to find out which game version you have open the text file GameVersion.txt in your Sims 4 folder.
every time there's a patch they basically change parts of the game's code, and add to it. mods are based on that code, so they must keep up with the changes.
if you install a mod that's using a code of either an older or newer game version than your game version, it can definitely cause issues, or just won't work, as it won't be compatible.
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I had made a big typo in the title so I had to correct it.

OK, thank you for the answer. It's always nice to learn how things have changed since my last try. As told, I do think the mod creators here on MTS are skilled and do make good stuff but errors can always occur. Thank you for explaining things to me.

Well, I can always check my patch level but change it I will not. I have read to many comments about how much this patches breakes when they try to fix things. I will not talk about it here but I do not think it's worth it getting some game/mod breaking code in just to get a few more careers. So I have to leave it then.
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