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#4401 Old 16th Jun 2021 at 8:47 PM
Will there ever come a day when people and businesses stop using ( or trying to to use) FOMO as a way to get agreement or what they want?

For the past couple of weeks, almost daily I get snail mail junk mail that loves to tell me about how company ( fill in the blank) did work in my neighborhood and said company wants to make me 'a deal.' Change the wording slightly and the credit card companies are also up to their usual nonsense.

I'm not one of those creepy people that keeps close tabs on my neighbors, but my neighborhood does have a ebb and flow to it like any other neighborhood. Landscapers show up at certain houses on certain days, trash day is different for everybody, ect... That being said, I would notice if one of my neighbors was having new windows put in or a new roof put on. None of that is stuff is happening right now in my neighborhood. People are busy gardening, working on things, hiding from society and in the case of my PITA neighbor next door, riding his dirt bike at 10 PM because he thinks he's special.

Of course the FOMO doesn't end there. A company called Thrive Market has been sponsoring a lot of YT content I've been watching lately. If people want what they sell without the membership fees, VitaCost sells the same stuff. I digress. These YouTubers have been thumping their artificial green-ness lately about how people should sign up so they can buy cleaners that don't really clean anything or trigger allergies in the case of Ms.Myers.

While these talking heads are acting like advertisements in preaching about saving the planet, if you look at their channels, you'll see the truth. These people spend lots of time and money, shopping. None of it is for 'green things' it's just crap that about 6 months later they complain about. The complaints go something like this " My house is a mess! I don't understand why / its the kids fault." And my personal favorite lately is people that are house hunting. They'll talk all day long about how green people should be, but will send endless praise to the heavens for the 6,000 square foot house they are wanting to buy. Apparently these large homes that are crammed in with a whole bunch of other cookie cutter houses that look just like it heat / cool and maintain themselves. I haven't seen any solar panels on these homes, so I guess gnomes supply things like electricity and natural gas in order to cook.

All of it is so stupid! People should practice what they preach or STFU. Also stop wasting my time with stupid things in the mail. My paper shredder has been getting a real workout lately.
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#4402 Old 17th Jun 2021 at 6:56 PM
Still feeling like not wanting to get up.
Still sleeping until noon.
Still drinking seltzer as part of a way to flush out anything and finally arrive for my appointment at the end of next month ready to handle being operated on.

Still...not playing with my Sims.

I should be the only one to shine,
I am the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica
(Translation of a line from image song Golden Queen Galaxia)
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Dumb thing for the day.

I've been waiting for Lowe's to get more forsythia so we can plant them in The Pit. Because they've been sold out, they have a "Notify Me" button on their site so customers will be notified when they get more in. Long story short, I would have been waiting until next year before they actually let me know as the only time Lowe's sells forsythia is when it is flowering. This isn't just for forsythia, it is for any plant that flowers.

I'd like to know what corporate goon thought this was a good idea. I'm going to order plants from somewhere else, then contact Lowe's corporate office to let them know on how much money they lost out on because they insist on being buffoons. They're so stupid, they won't even let me order plants. Unfrickin' believable...
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