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Administrator Privilege
Hi, this post is about the issue of administrator privilege needed to use Sims2Pack Clean Installer.

First of all here is my situation: I play the game on a computer that is shared by several people, and does not belong to me.

Problem is: I do NOT have administrator privilege on this computer. Unfortunately S2PCI does not work for me because (I think) it needs administrator privilege to read or write sth. (exactly what I have no idea).

I have tried to work around the problem in several ways:
1) installing it under the root account which DOES have administrator privilege, and using it under my own account (no administrator privilege). S2PCI did NOT work.

2) installing it in my own account (no administrator privilege) by "cheating" and putting it in a local account and running it. Again S2PCI did NOT work.

Note: I can only use the root account for short periods of time when allowed by the owner, just to install programs, and not to play the game.

The only senario in which S2PCI worked was when I ran the program under an account that has administrator privilege AND in which the program is installed.
(on a different computer which is too old for the game... )

I'm not a programming guru, but I do know it's hard work and long hours making these programs. I appreciate it a lot. I would never expect phervers or any of the S2PCI creators to fix the problem just for my selfish reasons, but I do kindly ask if it's possible to rewrite part of the program so that it works for folks like me who do not have administrator privilege on our gaming computers.

Anyway I'll appreciate any help...I am saving up to buy myself a better computer so that I won't have to rely on the shared one soon.
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#2 Old 28th Jan 2006 at 5:56 PM
Thank you for posting this problem. I thought it was a problem with the way I had the program installed. I have a similar problem with the program. I won't browse online or play games under the administrator account. Until it is possible to use this program on a non-administrative account I doubt I will have much use for this program other than reviewing what is installed or removing bad files when I use the admin account. I will be checking this thread when I visit to see if any of the 'gurus' try to modify this program in this regard. Thanks again for posting this.

I agree totally with your statement on people who create and share here and am very grateful that they all have chosen to share their hard work here, whether or not it is something that I am personally interesting in using for my game or not. A big thank you to all who share their work here. :bow:
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#3 Old 22nd Feb 2006 at 1:15 AM
Just a quick note. I have a specific limited sims 2 account strictly for my game. In order to get the Clean Installer to work properly, I had to go into my admin account and reset my sims 2 account to admin. I returned to my sims 2 account, installed the clean installer. Once that fully installed, I opened it to make sure it was working properly. Then I went back to my main admin account and returned the sims 2 account to the limited variety. So far, so good. I have been installing all my downloads and everything seems to be working fine. Hope that this can help either of you!
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Thanks for the tips kyllek. I've never thought about doing it that way, very clever. :nod:
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i dont have administrative powers on this computer n i just downloaded the Clean Installer and installed it. it installed the first time, but it said that it wasnt installed properlly, so i uninstalled it and went to reinstall it and it wouldn't let me - it said it couldnt write the S2PCISE.exe file (or something close to that) ... anybody know why that might be?? ive tried what was suggested in this forum post --> and it still isnt installing

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