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Default Why the .NET framework?

I was just wondering why you made it so you have to have the .NET framework on your pc. There is only myself and my hubby that uses the pc, we have only the one 'user account' so there is no earthly reason for me to have it on my pc (other than if I want the Clean Installer that is)

Just curious


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#2 Old 24th Feb 2006 at 8:44 AM
Hi, decision to use .NET was caused by a couple of reasons:
1. i wanted to learn C#,
2. programming is easier with .NET, doing the same with c++ would take me a lot more time.
3. There were already tools for sims2 written under .NET so i could use some of their libraries
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Thanks for the reply. I can agree anything that makes programming easier has to be good. I have a boat load of downloads so I guess I better get it!!
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