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Sims2Pack Clean Installer & Windows Vista...
My partner is (lucky enough?!) to be a menber of the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) as he works in IT and often gets full software before it is officially released, I now have windows Vista installed on my machine, and I have all the Sims2 Ep's and Stuff packs and there are no glitches at this time, however, I have noticed that Vista continuously asks for permission every time I want to install content. and sometimes it does not want to install at all... (the desktop shortcut also has a windows security shield attatched to it too so Vista is not liking something!)

Can I also take this opportunity to warn people now that in Vista there is no longer any such destination as My Documents it is now called something slightly different. to get to the downloads folder it is slightly different in that for example: on my machine (I am called Claire) it goes:

Claire - Documents - EA Games - The Sims 2 - Downloads

Only slightly different but can make a big difference if wizards, installers etc are looking for My Documents and it isnt there!!
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how did you get the installer to install. also I could not get the net. to install from microsoft that says you need for the clean pack. thanks
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I am having the same problems with Vista. Sims2 installs but never runs. I get a crash error.

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#4 Old 15th Feb 2007 at 4:02 AM
You need to get the patch for sims2 at the website. I did that and it took a couple of time but it finally worked and it now will run. Hope this helps.
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Armonia is right about getting the patches. All patches must be installed for the Sims 2 and Eps to work correctly with Windows Vista. Now I am trying to figure out what to do about the Sims 2 Pack Installer also. I have a bunch of packed walls that I need to extract but cannot. As the thread starter mentioned, the root folder names are now different. I can use the installer to open one pack at a time inside of the downloads folder by clicking open. But going one at a time could take forever.

Some light on how to change the names would help.

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Default A problem that needs help.
I need help. I have windows Vista installed on my pc, and I went and got the Sims2 patch. I tried to run the game, but it keeps saying that I have the wrong disc in. Anyone have that problem?...^^;
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Bluefoxsonia, what you have here is a game help question. Please click on the Game help tab at the top of the page. Read the faq's and also do a search. If you cannot find a solution, post your question in the appropriate forum there.

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Okay, thanks Canoodle.
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Default S2pCI & Vista
Here it is a year-and-a-half later and I'm wondering if it has ever been resolved as to the best way to install Sims2Pack files into the game using Vista. (Everything is updated - latest program, Vista, drivers, etc.)

I don't have isssues with the game. My only issue is that it is an event trying to unpack the Sims2Pack files. (Maybe creators will stop packaging them?!?) Anyway, to unpack just 1 file, I click on it, wait many seconds for the screen to pop up asking if I want to allow the program that installs. I click yes. I then wait for another administrator screen. Once I approve that, I wait and wait and wait for the little blue screen to show up. Sometimes it just tells me I need to double click to install - which of course I did just to get to that point - and I must start over. Multiply this by 100 files needing to be unloaded and you'll see the problem. BTW, it is the same procedure whether using the S2 installer or Clean Installer.
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Default How to make some programs work for people who use Vista
It is important that people who use Vista know that a few of the programs associated with Sims will not work properly for them, but there IS a cure.
First of all, you must make sure that Windows .NET Framework is installed. You can download this from Microsoft. Next, (before installing other programs like S2PCI) is this: right click on the program and coose Properties, then Compatability. In this section you click on two things, 1) change the program to be "compatable with Windows XP" (this will not affect other programs). Then 2) click "Run as administrator". Then exit and go on to install the program. It should work fine now. If you have other Sims programs that you have trouble with, do this will usually work. Hope this helps someone. If it does, send me a note, I would love to know that I helped.

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To install lots of Sims2Packs easily and quickly, use the Local Install feature of Q-Xpress (or get the older Multi-Sims2Pack Installer). It's a lot handier than having to do everything individually.

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