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goodnightpeter: Wow. Just... wow. Those are amazing. So natural. I really envy your photography skills.

'K, I realize this picture is really not particularly impressive, but I think it's quite good for me, and I also think it's good just because what the picture is a picture of. Puppies are really, really, hyper, they don't like the camera (actually, they bark at it, which is just totally adorable because they can't quite bark right yet ) and they are really, really fast and unpredictable. Just when you think they're gonna sit still for .238774 seconds so you can take the shot, they jerk their head or yawn or something. Basically, puppies suck to photograph. So I'm kinda proud of this one. (And in the case of this particular litter, their eyes and faces are both black, so it's hard to see the eyes if they don't catch the light. It's still hard to see them in this picture. :doh )

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Awww! He/she's cute!! That is a good picture! :
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I'm glad you think they're cute! That one is...ummm... *goes to check notes* a boy. They all look so similar, it's hard to tell. That picture was one of the best out of, oh, I don't know, around 60?? XD
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Closed based on us having a shiny new forum.

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