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Default Lots show no files - Found Work-Around
I wanted to use Clean Installer to package some lots. I found the lot I wanted to package, right-clicked, chose open with.., and chose clean installer. However the window where all the files in the lot should be listed is completely blank. I clicked all the icons on the top and nothing changed.

I tried to "save as" anyhow and received an error messsage, part of which was "System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null". I do not get an error message just opening a regular lot package file, it just has no files in it.

I tried this with several lots, same issue. I even went into a game made neighborhood (the seasons one) and tried packaging one of those lots and all those lots show no files as well.

I have every EP. Also, if I use Clean Installer to browse the lots folder it does show a list of all lots and a preview image of each. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Sims2Pack Clean Installer today.

I am unable to package these specific lots in game so I really would love it if I could get this to work.

Thank you.
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This probably won't help, but have you tried setting the file association to Clean Installer for sims2packs, then double clicking the sims2pack?

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Yep I sure did, but it did not help. I actually found a workaround listed after going through almost every question in this forum.

I went to the LotCatalog folder under My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/LotCatalog. In that folder are lots with filenames like: cx_00000001. I found the highest numbered lot (in my case cx_00000042) and named the lot package (not Sims2Pack!) that I wanted to get into my neighborhood with the next number (in my case cx_00000043).

When I next launched my game, the lot showed up as a lot I could add to my game. Any sims I had in the lot previously, were removed, but that was fine with me, I just wanted the lots.

I wish I could remember who posted the answer because I had 11 lots I would have had to rebuild otherwise.
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