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Hi there are somethings I'd like to do with clean installer, but I can't find tutorials.

The things I'd like to do are sim surgery, and reassigning values for skintones and eyes. I've found tutorials for changing genetic values of skins and eyes, but when I try to follow the steps in the tutorial I am not able to find the skins and eyes themselves and there are no directions for this part in the tutorial. Also I read a tutorial posted here for sims surgery long ago, but I can't find it any longer.

Is there a directory of tutorials available somewhere? Where should I look for information? Can anyone give me direct links for the information I'm looking for? Thanks in advance.
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You can't use the Clean Installer to do sim surgery or to reassign values for skintones and eyes. The Clean Installer is a tool which allows you to install custom content.

You're probably looking for SimPE tutorials.

This is the wrong forum. You'll never find SimPE tutorials here. Try looking under the Create / Sims 2 / Tutorials forum.
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You're right I was having a goof troop moment, thanks.
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