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Making custom rabbit holes

So, Town Life has arrived with these new community lots and I got an idea. I would like to design the old rabbit holes so they would match the design of the new lots. But I can't figure out how or if it is possible but I somewhat assumes that it is when it is possible to design your own furniture and so on. Anyone got any experience with this?

Hope you got anything :D
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I think it's best if you post this question in the "Create-a-World" forum we have here... it's under "Create" -> "Sims 3" -> "Create a World"

To answer the question:
You've got two options. The first and easiest is using the RH rug objects found here:
Rabbit Hole Rugs You place them on a lot and can then use the in-game tools to build your own building around it. This will not let you make designs like the ones in Town Life, though.
This is because RH are completely different than regular built houses. RH are "object meshes" that are made outside the game and are therefor not subject to its limitations (that's why the RH meshes can have curved walls for instance).

If you want to make your own RH mesh (this is a rough guide, not a tutorial):
1. Clone an existing RH object in S3OC and make it unique
2. Import the mesh into Milkshape
3. Make your own mesh, be sure that the door of your new mesh is in EXACTLY the same location as the old door was, otherwise you're gonna have to mess with RIG files, best to avoid that.
4. Make texture, coordinate maps, bake shadows and all that jazz.
5. Separate into groups, making sure your windows are in the same group as the old mesh's windows (important so the game will apply the correct shaders to everything).
6. Import your new mesh into the package you cloned. Put that in the game and voila, you're new custom RH mesh should be available.

NOTE: I haven't actually done the above myself yet, it's just steps that I've extrapolated from doing thought experiments because I've been thinking of making my own custom RH mesh.

If the second option is confusing, then I suggest you start with simple tutorials on object creation found in this site awesome's tutorial section or just use the RH rugs.Tutorials are here.
RH meshes are very complex: they have quite a number of effects placed on them. I'm actually wondering if anyone else has experimented with this? I'd love to get some thoughts on that.

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In addition to rugs, there are also RH doors available here on MTS.

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Thank you Nukael and Zigersimmer
I have already seen the rugs and the doors, I just thought it would be way more awesome with actual RH objects. Though it seems to be far more complicated than what I can do
It would be very interesting if someone experimented with this but I haven't been able to find anything about it. I will keep looking but I think it'll do with the rugs and doors for now
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I'd really love to see some player created new meshes to replace the EA rabbithole buildings. I have zero skills in this area, but since someone has not done this yet leads me to believe that it may not be possible.

TS2 and TS3: Where adult sims potty train their toddlers.
TS4: Where adult sims make Angry Poops.

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There's also the non CC version, where you make sure your lot is big enough to clear the door/s of the RH you want to customize - build the building as you'd like it - then put a basement in. Use moveobjects to put the RH in the basement. Tons of ways to cleverly conceal stairs or make them look part of the building. As long as sims have space to get in and out of the RH, it can stick out past the edges of the basement/lot. Just keep in mind, some RH's have BACK DOORS to accommodate as well.

I'm really not sure why no one has made a series of uniquely meshed RH's yet. Is it really that much harder than meshing a complicated set of furniture? I decided long ago that learning to mesh was one thing I didn't have to do, since there are SO many other things I can still do in the sims without it.
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You can recolour the rabbit holes with external programmes, here is a link which helps explain how to do that:
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