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Default Snatched by the Fae
We've all heard legends about humans spirited away by the Fae to be their queens, wives, or consorts. But what happens to these poor women once they are in the clutches of a magical being and trapped in a culture they don't understand? Can they find happiness in a life they can't control?

The Objective:

To keep the human girl as satisfied and happy as possible to ensure the next generation of Fae are born and raised well.

The Trick:

You cannot control the human girl! She must be cared for by those around her.

The (Suggested) Characters:

1. Create a Fae male in CAS. He can have any traits/looks/lifetime wish. Basically, he is yours to play with!
2. Create a human female in CAS. She may have one trait that you choose. This will be the trait that essentially attracted him to her. Is she a virtuoso? Is she a hopeless romantic? Pick whatever trait you like. However, the rest of her traits must be completely random. After all, our Fae man was so enamored with her, he really didn't bother to get to know her, did he?
3. Create another Fae, preferably a female. She can be related to the male, or not, but she can also have whatever looks/traits/etc that you like. She is going to be the human girl's companion, and when the children are born, she will also play nursemaid (after all, it can't be left to a human to raise Fae children!).
4. Create a human of any gender/looks/traits/etc. This human is essentially a slave to the family. It is responsible for all cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping (what Fae would dirty their hands?). Choose its traits wisely.

Start your Fae male and human girl as married. The others can have any relationships.

You can add other characters if you wish, but remember, you will have to add children as well. Try to keep your house uncluttered! Any other Sims that you add cannot take care of the human girl. They can interact with her as housemates, but they must have no bearing on anything else (no suggesting/encouraging, for example). Once the children are born, they can fully interact with them, as long as these characters are Fae.

The Homestead:

Use whatever money cheats you so desire in order to create a lavish abode for the family. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when building.

-The human girl cannot leave the house unaccompanied by her husband. Whatever doors you have to lock to keep her inside, do so. You can add a fenced in back yard for her comfort if you wish. If you're in a cage, it may as well be gilded.
-Arrange the house artfully so that the Nursemaid has a room near where the children will be, as well as a way to get out of the house herself. You can keep her door locked to all but her so that the girl does not escape.
-The slave should have a "room" near the kitchen. Keep your Sims close to what they will be doing! Also, if a room is locked to the slave, (s)he may or may not be responsible for cleaning it.

The Starting Point:

You will need to use the testingcheatsenabled true cheat in order to modify the relationships of the characters at the very beginning.

-The married couple need to be returned to "Aquaintance" stage, if not the "Enemy" stage. Remember, they don't know each other, and he took her from her normal life. Is she grateful or resentful?
-The Nursemaid needs to have a negative score with the human girl. She does not like having to cater to a lowly human, no matter how much the male likes his little bride.
(Feel free to erase the negative moodlets that will result, like "lost a friend". Just ctrl-click on them.)

Move the human female into her portion of the house (you can control her for this), then lock the doors and say goodbye to controlling her! From now on, everything must be done by her companions or through free will. You cannot even check her stats. Do not click on her square! (Unless you need to swipe something from her inventory. Sims like to steal things they shouldn't.)

The male Fae needs to have a job (he can't just spend all his time doting on her, can he?). It can be whatever you like, but he must have something to preoccupy himself with. If he had tons of free time to spend wooing her, it would be too easy.

From this point out, just make sure that your human girl doesn't die or get too depressed. After all, you want her to have children and continue the Fae line.

Other Rules and Rewards:

-The two Fae can leave the lot whenever they choose; the slave can leave the lot in order to complete chores (shopping, etc.). However, the human girl cannot leave the lot until she is best friends with her husband and he has confidence that
she won't run away. Then she may only leave the lot if he accompanies her.

-Other than basic cleaning and cooking, the slave can have no contact with the family. (S)he cannot eat meals with them or socialize with them. ((S)he can ask how the sim slept or other "slavely" actions.) The slave most certainly CAN NOT interact
with the children!

-All toddlers must be taught to walk, talk, and use the potty. YOU CANNOT INSTRUCT THE MOTHER TO DO THIS. Your nursemaid will really come in handy now!

-Fae children must be on the honor roll and grow up well. Any children who take after their human mother will not be required to uphold such standards. They will become Consorts like their mother when they grow up.

-Following this thought, all human children should become close friends with a Fae of the opposite gender during their teen years. Once they are young adults, they will move in and become their Consort.

-Fae teens have no constraints on what they do other than that they must stay honor roll.

-You may click on the human girl's portrait once a week in order to see how many lifetime points she has acquired and spend them.

-You must birth one fae boy and one fae girl. You may eat fruits to affect the gender. You must keep having children until this requirement is met.

-If your human girl and your Nursemaid become best friends, you will be allowed to instruct the human girl to do only ONE ACTION for up to three hours per day, and it must be a skill building one (not "go to the bathroom"). You will also be able to cancel the action once the time is up or the sim pitches a tantrum.

-If ALL your children are Fae (no humans are born) and your human girl remains best friends with her husband, then the human girl may leave the house whenever she wants as long as she has a companion (housemate, horse, kid, etc.). She has proven her worth to the Fae.

-If the husband reaches his Lifetime Wish, he may retire from work and stay home.

-If the human girl reaches her Lifetime Wish, she becomes a controllable character. She has learned to find fulfillment in her situation.

The challenge is basically over whenever the human girl dies, she reaches her Lifetime Wish, or the children grow up. This is not a challenge to be played for points (though I will add them if you are interested), but rather a storytelling opportunity.

Hope you enjoy! I did have pictures from when I started this challenge, but that computer crashed.
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This is an interesting challenge! I'll have to try it sometime.

The Darkdusk Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
The Nightmagic Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
Last of Her Kind has ended thanks to a dead computer.
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I am so gonna try this! 8D Sounds like a great idea!
Lab Assistant
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I like this idea. Very interesting. Will make sure to add it to my list of challenges.
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oh i so wish i had supernatural so i could do this....
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You could always replace it with a vampire or something if you have Late Night, or just pretend a human sim is a fae. -shrugs- That's what I did before I got Supernatural.
Field Researcher
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Originally Posted by OkamiFukuro
You could always replace it with a vampire or something if you have Late Night, or just pretend a human sim is a fae. -shrugs- That's what I did before I got Supernatural.
I know but its not as much fun
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Wow! This challenge is so much fun! But I got the worst Human Sim ever in traits I tell you, Hydrophobic, Technophobic, Loser and Mean Spirited. So following the challenges rules I can't change it D: . For the fifth trait I gave her Green Thumb so she can work on a private garden I put down .
So far so good! But I think she's never going to get out of the house since she keeps argueing and making enemys with everyone
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So glad you guys are enjoying it! Sounds like you will have an interesting time with her... she sounds like a lovely creature to keep happy
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Lol, I swear when ever someone enters the house she goes right up to the and starts fighting them! I got her to have a kid (FINALLY!), and she won't let the nurse maid lady near him! He got taken away by the social worker because SOMEBODY kept distracting the Nanny from feeding him! >.<
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I love this challenge! I started my family with my male fairy B'Ik Mi Hav and my female human Hailey Mi Hav.

Hailey quickly became pregnant.

Their servant's name is Jones Valentine. He is Hailey's biological brother but they don't know it. He was abducted as a small child years before Hailey was born, she grew up not knowing she had an older brother.

The nursemaid is B'Ik's younger sister, Harrow.

Hailey gave birth to her first daughter, Hannah

And minutes after Hannah aged into a toddler, Savannah was born.



Both are human, so they'll be going on child number three soon.
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Hannah is such a cute toddler! -squee- I love her hair.

And I have another question. If we ever wanted to turn the human girl into a Fae (after the kids were born, of course, since they're the main requirement), would that be more of a storytelling aspect or would it be something we could unlock with certain requirements? I'm assuming more the storytelling angle, but... I thought I'd ask. Also, what's the life span for the game? Or does it matter?

Also, I assume we can't just have the nursemaid talking to the human girl at all times to boost their friendship, right? That sounds like it would make it too easy.
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This challenge sounds so fun! ^^
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... 0.0 You can turn human sims into Fae? That does change things; I had no idea lol! I would say more of a storytelling angle.

And I love you pictures, EntwinedSpoon! Hannah is such a beauitful baby!
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Yes, you can! There's a potion you can make using the Alchemy table that, after being drunk, will turn your Sim into a fairy. There's also potions for vampirism, werewolfism and witchism (is that the word? I don't know. xD) too. You can also buy them in an alchemy shop if you get lucky enough to find one.
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If you dont have supernatural you could always make the fea blue or green
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Default Snatched by the Fae
I had been looking around the interwebs for a while when I found this, and immediatly knew that THIS was the challenge I wanted to be my first! Sooo.....
Here are my starting characters:

Kordian Oakgleem, male fairy

  • Family Oriented
  • Charismatic
  • Easily Impressed
  • Artistic
  • Proper
This is Kordian Oakgleem. As a male royal fairy he has been privledged all his life
and is used to getting what he likes, how he likes it. It was no diffrent when he saw
the young human of his fancy.
Kordians mother and father ruled a large kingdom but when the both died several
years ago his advisers made no mistake, Kordain would have to step up to the
Oakgleem legacay, raise a mighty family and redeem himself so that he one day
dare return to his parents kingdom and the throne.

Alice Pegasus, female fairy

  • Ambitious
  • Diciplined
  • Family Oriented
  • Flirty
  • Friendly
Alice Pegasus, a red-headed hot-pink-winged fairy from Kordians parents land.
She's here to acompany K. and take care of family matters should there be any trouble.
Especially regarding the no-winged-girly that K. just happend to fall stunned to the ground over
*sigh*. Alice had previously worked in the kingdom of Oakgleem and does very much
want to see this little semi pathetic group join the mighty forces of which they really belong.

Johanna Innis/Oakgleem, female human

  • Nurturing (by me choosen)
  • Brooding
  • Dramatic
  • Commitement Issues
  • Technophobe
Poor Johanna Innis (now Oakgleem). If she just haden't been so brethtakingly
beautiful. And if she just haden't had such golden hair to mezmorise a fairy successor,
and if she haden't played with and taken care of her younger sister in such a way to
make a man fall in love...
Johanna is to forever live in the world of fairies. All she can strive to do is adapt and
maybe -if she's lucky- fall in love with her suitor, her husband.

Gemma Wood, female human

  • Animal Lover
  • Green Thumb
  • Good
  • Neat
  • Shy
This is the mansions housemaid Gemma Wood. Her story is not as magnificent as
one could hope. She met Alice in the woods by her old cottage home and was paralyzed
by the sight of the fairy. She had not much to live for when they met and not a dime in
her pocket, so the promise of her own garden and all the seeds and gardening books she
could imagine to go with it, was enough for her to go with Alice.
She doesn't really mind the house shores and the fact that they have another human girl
locked up in the attic for the most part dosen't really bother Gemma. She knows not to
get her nose wet. But it does get very lonely when you're not allowed to talk to anyone
in the house... which is where she spends all her time.

And so the story (challenge) begins! Bringing Johanna home to the mansion was no hussle.
Some sprinkled nighty-night-night fairy dust in the grass where J. and her little sister
were playing and Kordian had what he had always dreamed of...
Test Subject
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Default By th Fae starst up
I've been playing this challenge for a little while now and I thought I'd give posting about it a go! I posted my starting characters yesterday and thought you might be interested in how things are going! *laughs*

Here you see Johanna after two days locked in the attic. Her heart is crushed thinking about her family and friends back home. She has met both Kordian and Alice which -she had
to admit- was a plesant surprise. I mean it could have been much worse than being kiddnapped by friendly fairies.
Although, the realisation of never being able to go home, and the impendent feeling of being considered lesser than the fairies will be a huge bump to get over.

After five days in total captivity Johanna is let outside. She had grown acsustomed to the ways of the house and even found Kordian interesting and Alice... well, barable. But when she stepped outside and saw everything she could only be reminded of life passing by for her family without her.

Things got bettre around the house and Johanna got to spend more time in the house and less time in lock-up. Things felt OK, and she sometimes even felt a bit jealous of Alice for being a fairy. Although she would never admit it.
It got bettre when she got to know alice bettre. Now they are BFF's!
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Default Can there be love?
Alice reminds Kordian of what his legacy demands.
K. is alredy in love with Johanna, but does she love him back? Enough to carry his children?


From the start, J and K were only on the terms of "acquaintances". But after just a short period of time they relized that they really enjoy eachothers company.

Johanna has begun understanding where Kordian comes from, with bringing her to his world. Even though a part of her will be forever lost and never again found, she now enjoys the company of fairies and is thrilled that she gets to experience magic first hand!

When Alice askes her if she is in love with Kordian she answers
- "I will never fully understand the passion that drove him to take me here and take a chance on me to help him bring forth a mighty kingdom. But I have hence never met a man that believes in me this way! ... Yes. Yes, I believe I am"

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Default Morning sickness??
It is opon us!

Now, one can only hope that this child be blessed by the Fae! .. oh, and that it's healthy and stuff.

A tiny little lady is born into the world on an evening in the spring. She is given the name Indigo, Indigo Oakgleem. And by the looks of those dark blue sparkles, she has been blessed by the fae!

What Johanna learns is that Indigo will be separated from her after the first night together. For it is up to Alice (a fae) to bring her up. Johanna will ofcourse be allowd to interact with the child but Alice will have the closest eye on her.

Johanna Is devastated.
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Originally Posted by OkamiFukuro
Yes, you can! There's a potion you can make using the Alchemy table that, after being drunk, will turn your Sim into a fairy. There's also potions for vampirism, werewolfism and witchism (is that the word? I don't know. xD) too. You can also buy them in an alchemy shop if you get lucky enough to find one.
I think the word you might be looking for is "Whitchitude" According to the game. I may be wrong though xD If you check for awhile at the Elixir store you might be able to buy an elixir for those ,or at least the ingredients .

I can't wait to get started! Luckily a week or so ago I got the Sims 3 Supernatural! Hopefully more expansion packs for me soon. -Starts singing - WE'RE OFF TO THE FAE THE WONDERFUL FAE OF THE SIMS. ~Bedoop~

The Sims 3 is my life.
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Weatherlaitec that black and white picture is really quite stunning!

Great stories all - loving reading them - and what a great challenge!
Lab Assistant
#23 Old 12th Jun 2013 at 1:39 AM
I'm trying to upload some pics to show you. but I think they're all in documents and when I try to look at my photos it says the stupid thing isn't available. So hopefully soon I can get some pictures up.

The Sims 3 is my life.
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#24 Old 12th Jun 2013 at 9:35 PM
[IMG]Screenshot-166[/IMG] [IMG]Screenshot-165[/IMG] I just did it and got twins the first time my human girl was pregnant. Boy and Girl. Both Fairies. THIS CHALLENGE...COMPLETE
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Okay. Unfortunately I lost all of the photos to this story ,So I'm starting a new one.

The Sims 3 is my life.
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