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Default The Outbreak I: The start ( Apocalypse challenge)
Sunset Valley, a small but rich town. The Masters family had lived in the town for generations and they have never been more successful then they are now.

Adalyn Masters is a well known in Sunset Valley for being a successful businesswoman, raking in thousands of simoleons daily, while her husband, Brett Masters preferred to stay at home and complete his books while looking after their toddler daughter, Roxie.

However, reports from Bridgeport show a new virus spreading at an alarming rate and killing by the hundreds.

There is no vaccine or cure and scientists are not able to decode the virus.

It has become known as C-13.

Stronger and more deadly than any virus before.


nraas vector

nraas No fridge shopping ( Help it be realistic and will help you follow the rules, later on. I would install it after the first sim week or it will annoy you.).

desecrate weapons system.

nraas Master controller

nraas Woohooer

nraas potrait panel


1. You will be playing in Sunset Valley for this part of the story.

2. Delete the School. (I replaced it with a building that is like a school and has a cafeteria with snack machines. I would advise doing this as it will help in future.)

3.Set your lifespan to this---> Infant: 5 days. Toddler: 15 days. Child: 20 days. Teen: 20 days. YA: 40 days. Adult: 40 days Elder: 20 days.

4. Create your family, two young adults ( Preferably 1 male and 1 female couple married) and their toddler.

5. You may pick max 1 of these traits for each adult:


Computer whiz


Natural cook




6.Pick max 1 of these traits:



Green thumb





7. Pick 3 of any other traits not listed in the above lists.

Your toddler may have any 2 traits from the lists.

8. You may move the family in anywhere or build a home. You will not be allowed to use taxi's so buy 1 "family car" and then a pickup truck.

For this section, you may use motherlode to decorate or build your home.

9. One parent will have a job and the other will stay at home.

( In my story above I made the mom a businesswoman and the dad was a writer that stayed at home.)


You can use the Vector mod from NRaas if you like (set to no vaccine/cure).

There is no vaccine.

Infected sims that do not survive are required to be killed.

Infected sims who survive will be immune until a new strain mutates.


Virus roll: This is done when you interact with another sim or when an event calls for it.

Roll a number between 1 and 10, if it is a 6 or above, the sim is not infected and is safe.

If it is a 5 or below, the sim is infected and you need to roll to see if your sim has gotten infected.

If the second roll is 5 or below your sim is infected and another roll of 5 or below means your sim will die from C-13.

(The threshold will increase when stated.)

For every 1 Athletic Skill point, you may increase your result by 1.


You will be allowed a week to get your family into a routine and bond with them( Maybe get the toddler's skills like walking, talking and potty training done)

As soon as it is Week 2, Day 1 you may commence the countdown. (Go to NRAAS Vector and select the simfluenza or Common cold, make sure there is no vaccine or cure selected.)

DAY 1: A news broadcast claims there are confirmed cases in Sunset Valley.

Residents have been told that the Mayor will be addressing Citizens tomorrow.

Roll: You must roll for a possible infection since you have been in contact with people in the last week. For every 1 Athletic Skill point, you may increase your result by 1.

DAY 2: The Mayor has stated there will be a Lockdown enforced the next day.

Residents will be allowed to collect essentials at a certain time, depending on the neighbourhood.

Your area is allowed to go out from 1pm-2 pm.

You Have $700 to spend on food and $700 to spend on books.

If you are still out of your house after or before the allocated time all goods in your sim's inventory must be sold or deleted.
From now on you may not cook any meal that you don't have ingredients for.

Threshold: 5

Roll: You must roll for a possible infection if you interact with anyone. For every 1 Athletic Skill point, you may increase your result by 1.

DAY 3: The Lockdown has now begun.

Your sim with a job will have to quit their job.

Your street has just been locked down, you cannot leave your lot or the area around it unless the city tells you otherwise.

DAY 4: Nothing has happened today. Remember to not leave your lot!

DAY 5:Nothing has happened today. Remember to not leave your lot!

DAY 6: Nothing has happened today. Remember to not leave your lot!

DAY 7: The citizens of your town have demanded an opportunity to leave their homes for leisure. Your street is free to go anywhere they like between the hours of 6P - 9P.

Stores are not open.

This is a great opportunity to get out, stretch your legs and stop going Stir Crazy.

Threshold: 5

Roll: You must roll for a possible infection if you interact with anyone.

DAY 8: Nothing has happened today. Remember to not leave your lot!

DAY 9:Nothing has happened today. Remember to not leave your lot!

DAY 10: Your female sim finds out she is pregnant. (Either try for a baby now or cheat her pregnant)

She will be unable to leave the house until she gives birth. ( This is the first part so there are no birth complications.)

DAY 11:
While the virus seems to be widespread in other towns, Sunset Valley is fairly contained.

Citizens have been allowed to restock their supplies.

Your street is being permitted to go to the grocery store only from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM. All other businesses are closed.
Threshold: 5

Roll: You must roll for a possible infection if you interact with anyone. For every 1 Athletic Skill point, you may increase your result by 1.

DAY 12: A terrible storm hits, destroying the power station, leaving the hours of usable power between the hours of 8 AM- 8 PM

Not only did this happen, but the storm wipes out everything in your yard and on your porch/deck and anything else outside.

This includes any garden you may have planted or grown.

DAY 13: There have been more cases of C-13 reported and many people have died.

The town's power and water services are few, due to many workers dying.

Power and water are only usable between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM

DAY 14: Many cases of c-13 have been reported in your town and the situation continues to deteriorate.

Hospitals are full.

In order to help those that are in need, one adult per household is required to Volunteer at the local park.

( For this your sim will bring 2 meals to the park and can place it on a table.)

There you will be required to talk to 3 neighbours.
Threshold: 6

Roll: Proceed to roll due to contact. For every 1 Athletic Skill point, you may increase your result by 1.

DAY 15: Due to no daily maintenance the power plant is unable to provide electricity to households or pump water.

Your sims may only have meals that do not require the stove and may only bath once a day.

DAY 16:
All communication has been lost within Sunset Valley due to no power and the increased number of C-13 cases has made public services hard to provide.

Rioting and anarchy ensue. The police and military are called in to put it to rest.

This means No calling services, No Leaving lot at all.

DAY 17: There are reports that the virus has mutated, causing those infected to become aggressive and cannibalistic. (Go to nraas -Diseases >Zombie Rage > enabled, reduced lethality enabled- General > allow inactive purchases false- Outbreaks > Start Outbreak > Zombie Rage)

DAY 18: Military is unable to stop the infected.

DAY 19: A military helicopter makes a supply drop

You can do one of 2 things.

Go to the pile alone.

Or don't go at all.

Go alone: You get into a fight over your care package.

athletic skill 1-5 - You lose and have to roll a second time for your infection, you only get one care package with 10 pieces of food.

6-10, You win. You still have to test yourself for the virus, but if you hurry home you get away with 2 care packages, one with 10 pieces of food, and the other with 5 pieces of food.

Don't go at all: Fairly obvious, you don't get to gain anything from the care packages, but you do not risk infection.

DAY 20: There has been gunfire and fighting the whole day and night.

DAY 21:The military forces are overrun and retreat.

DAY 22: A horde of Zombies invade your neighbourhood.

Most of your neighbours are ripped apart, bodies litter the streets.

One of your parents that were in the garden are attacked

Roll a dice, between 1-10:

1-5- The mother is overpowered by the horde and dies.

6-10- The father is overpowered by the horde and dies.

You and your living parent along with your younger sibling manage to escape in the pick- up truck with the following items:

1 tent (The cheapest)

10 pieces of food.

3 books

You two and your younger sibling make it out of town and find a fenced, empty lot to set up camp.(A smallest lot that you will build this on)

There is a fire pit that looks old and a small building that holds a toilet and a bath. If your younger sibling is a toddler or baby there will be a cheap crib.

NOTE: I am playing through this and have created a story if you want to see my sims and their story let me know!
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Hey, just wondering if you're going to make a part II, I've played MistyDW's Challenges since they first come out and I'm honestly ready for a new twist on the challenge! I'm interested in completing this challenge and thought I would send a little encouragement
Love the new spin on this!
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