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Default BeachCombing Tropical Survival; The Tropical Unforgiving
Chose Your Island Archipelago!


Only Collecting! ( Snorkeling )
A.T.S: Cave Collection ( Shelter )
1 - 3 Fires for Cooking
U.V. Bonfire used for Signaling at Night! ( Fireworks Work too! )
No Gardening: Salt + Sand = Death!
Live off the Islands Collecting Only.
No Modern Buildings! ( Except for a Modern Stove and Cave Set, That’s It )


Choose a Leader
Food - Building 11/11 As Food Storage!
Collect Everything - Nothing Else. Snorkel for Everything.
Cooking Fires 1 - 3
University Bonfires For Signaling at Night!
Cave Set From A.T.S.
Wall In: Shelters, Bonfire, Cooking Fire(s), Food, Fruits, Trees, Animals.
Wall In: 60/60 Land!
Create Island(s) With All The Island CC You Can Find That Fits! Make Yours A One of A Kind Survival Stratagem - or Die.
Make Your Own Island Civilization; Work with Nature; Survive to tell your tale!


Personality Clashes
Sun - One Bullet
Bee Swarms
Sun Stroke
Burning To Death!
Wild Animals
Poison Plants
WarParty Ravaging your Village!
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