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Default Lockdown, Volcano. 

Lockdown, Volcano. 

As the lava inches it's way closer, the ash stings your eyes like a thousand Africanized bee stings. Your throat burns. Your hands tremble as you open the door. It’s heavy metal frame locks shut. Choking, you turn on the flashing red Air Filter signal. You breath oxygen, cold and sharp in your lunges. It’s dead quiet.
Your hands run across the hall in the dark, into the huge blackened bomb shelter, blackened by no light or electricity. Your pack, from school, home, or university, you don’t remember. You lay your pack down. 30 things inside. A candle, used like a torch, first. Huge, deep, and dark is your new home. You’re alone.

The volcano rumbles overhead. Thunder shakes. Lightening blasts. You listen to the blasts through your sleeping bag. Flood waters whisper. 
Lava drips, sizzling itself shut from above. No furniture. Water. No Electricity. Only things from your inventory or pack. 
Luckily, you have a few hours worth of food, small and meager. Your goal, soon, is more. 

This is your home now. 

What are your pack and inventory items? 28 now to get you out once the Volcano Dies; 
Some of the tunnels go up to houses, for no easy escape; filled with ash not to mention rock dust. 


Last a week, Mon - Sun, be resourceful; the ladder is hard to find. Buried in rock, it leads up to an untouched house you remember last time, empty, for sale. 
What were you forgetting? Find the Ladder, find the House; Walls, Windows, Door. Move in. 

Or the candle; fire creates carbon monoxide. 

Ways to Die, Ways to Live. Survivors? A Roaring Yes! Are you one of them?

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