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The promised Neverland challenge
This challenge is a challenge about a anime series called "the promised Neverland" I don't think anyone else have done this but if you know some that has done it before this comment it down below (also some of the word I use in this will be spoiler for the anime)

[Making the orphanage]
You can design it However you want just make sure it has
1. Dining Room
2. Bedrooms
3. Bathroom
And fence the whole lot

If you have ambition you can make a laundry room BUT you HAVE to dry them on a clothesline (like in the anime)

1. Make a "mother/father" this person will be the one that is running the "orphanage" (a.k.a the farm) it doesn't have to be Isabella (I think that is her name) from the anime you can make a new one
2. Make the children's again it doesn't have to be the children's from the anime
3. The minimum lifestage for the children's to be "adopted" (a.k.a shipped/fed to the demons) is the child lifestage. you cannot have a baby or a toddler be fed to the demons
4. The higher the logic skill of a child is the longer they get to live. for example if child A has logic 3 and Child B has level 5 and Child C has 7 then Child A will be the first one to be fed to the demons (from now on I will name "fed to the demons" as "being shipped off" or shipped)
5. Every Sunday one child will be shipped off the child with the lowest logic out of them all will be shipped. IF there is a tie total ALL of their skill points and whoever has the least points will be shipped off. And IF there is another Tie you get to decide who will be shipped off
6. After a child has been shipped off you have to replace them with a toddler which you can adopt
7. If a child has a 10 in logic no Matter what they WILL live until they are a teen even if there is no one else to be shipped off
8. If there is at least 2 teen then they will take all the children's and escape but they leave behind toddler's
9. After each shipment cheat some money (because in the show the kids are sold to rich demons) how you decide that money is you add up all of the skill point the kid has and time it by 10 (so if the kid have 29 skill point that is 29 X 10)

[If a escape happen or after a children is shipped out what happens to them?]
About the children being shipped out you can
1. Kill them
2. Put them in another lot
About the escape children
Put them into another lot make it look like it is in the middle of the forest. Do not combine the escape children with the shipped out children

[Challenge end]
The challenge end if TWO escape happened (if it is too long then end the challenge after ONE escape)

Each child shipped off +2
Each teen shipped off +5

Thank you for reading this please do leave feedback in the comments
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