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Default Arte Challenge (Sims 3) by castiele_rose
Hello! This is my first time posting here so I hope I'm doin it right.
This is a challenge I made after watching an anime that I really liked and I thought, why not and try to make a fun challenge out of it.
Now this challenge is a difficult one (well as difficult as you make it for yourself) and I still haven't tested it out or given it a scoring system so feel free to comment your opinions on it and what I should fix.
I understand that it might be hard for some to understand the challenge, but if you watched the show everything will be very clear to you.
Alright, let's get onto the challenge, shall we?

Description: Arte was born into an aristocratic family in Florence during the 16th century Renaissance era. Being female, it was unheard of for one to become an artist. Driven by her love of art, Arte is willing to cast aside her aristocratic lifestyle to become an artist.

Type of the challenge: story based

Timeline: 16th century Renaissance Florence, Italy

Needed EPs: Ambitions

CC: yes, if you want to make the game more accurate (I recommend playing in worlds like Dragon Valley or Monte Vista)

Based on: Arte (2020 anime by Universal Studios)

Note: If you don’t want to read the backstory consisting of 4 chapters, I suggest watching the first episode of the show to learn about your main character.


Chapter 1 – At Arte’s villa

Born into a noble family in Florence, I was completely absorbed in art from a young age. My father provided me with an environment to do art, but he passed away last month… Even though we’re nobility, we’re not that wealthy, and our current problem is…

On a sunny morning Arte was sitting on the open window of her bedroom, still in her night gown, her long blond hair tied with a white ribbon, sketching a bird on a nearby tree branch. When her maid came in, she was surprised to see her lady so indecent that she screamed and almost scared the bird away. At that moment, as Arte shushed her with a warm smile turning back to the tree, she noticed her mother in the garden with two other maids, a pile of papers beneath their feet. As soon as she realized what those papers were, she ran to the yard to stop what was about to happen. Her mother was about to burn her drawings.

“Mother! What are you doing?” asked Arte as she ran barefoot on the grass.

“I’m disposing of things we don’t need.” said the woman with a cold expression on her face.

“Stop that! These are my drawings!” the two maids looked at the lady worriedly, waiting for her next order.
The mother responded by not saying anything, thus giving the maids a sign to burn the pile.

“I only allowed you to have art lessons as a hobby. If you are so absorbed in it, gentlemen will lose interest in you.”

“Is it really so important to be liked by gentlemen?”

“Yes, it is. You are almost 15. You understand, don’t you? With your father gone, we cannot prepare much of a dowry… It will be hard to find someone to take you like that. If you want to live a decent life in the future, your only choice is to be liked by those gentlemen.”

“Is the ‘decent life’ you’re talking about staying at home not being able to do what I want, living each day like a bird in a cage?”

“You will understand one day how much I’m thinking of what’s good for you.”

Chapter 2 – In the town of Florence, Italy

After that conversation, Arte decided to take her drawing to the workshops in neighborhood to be accepted as an apprentice in one of them and start her journey to her dream of becoming a painter.

She went to 17 of them and presented her work to the masters, but unfortunately none of them even spared a look at her work and along with being pushed and getting her papers scattered around, she was met with harsh phrases like “Huh?! A female painter?”, “Are you making fun of my workshop?”, “Go home!” and more.

There was one more workshop she could try at, and as long as there were more chances, she was determined. As expected she failed to be accepted at the last one as well. The master of the workshop threw her at the ground stating how he doesn’t have to look at her drawings because she’s a girl and urged her to hurry up and go home.

Being told all day how she can never become a painter because of her gender, Arte snapped, took a knife that laid on the ground next to her and to the master’s surprise, cut off her hair.

As she held it in front of the man, she said: “If everyone’s going to getting hung up about me being a girl, then I’ll give up being a girl!”
After the master, his apprentices and passerby from the street did nothing but stare at the girl in disbelief, she said: “Huh? I see. It’s not enough to cut off my hair, huh? Then I’ll get rid of my breasts too!”

Gasps could be heard from the crowd when a large hand took hold of her wrist, squeezing it and making her drop the knife.

The master of the workshop was caught by surprise seeing the man restrain girl who resisted, but with no success was she able to make him lose his grip on her arms.

“Leo?! Oh yeah! You don’t have any apprentices, do you? Why don’t you take that girl?”

Arte stopped resisting at once upon hearing those words.

“Huh? What? What are you talking about?” said Leo.

Chapter 3 – At Leo’s workshop

The whole room is packed with things, but… each brush and tool has been carefully looked after. Amazing!

A cup hitting the table aggressively woke Arte up from her thoughts.

As Leo sat down on a chair and voiced a deep “Well?” Arte’s skin shivered.

“What should I do? This man… He’s somehow scarier than the people from the other workshops!”

Not being able to make up a single sentence from her mouth made Leo impatient.

“What? Didn’t you have business with me? If not, then get out of here.”

“I do! I do have business with you! I… want to become an artisan. So… please look at my drawings! Please!” she exclaimed holding out her papers towards him while bowing.

To her surprise, he was the first man that day to take her drawings out of her hands gently and silently.

“You’re going to look at them?!”

“What does it look like I’m doing to you?”

“Thank you very much! I’m so grateful! No one’s even been looking, so I didn’t know what I’d do…”

“Be quiet! If you want me to look at them, then stop talking. I don’t like noise.”

Arte shut her mouth as he continued to look at the rest without a word.

After he set the papers on the table he asked her: “Why do you want to be an artist?”

“Um… I want to be an artist because… I love drawing… I guess that’s why.”

Those words coming from the young woman caught Leo by surprise, reminding him of his younger self.

“When I’m drawing, it’s like I lose track of time, like I’m so happy that all I think about is drawing.” The girl smiled as she talked about her love for art.

The words she voiced and the smile on her face mesmerized Leo.

“I see. Okay. I’ll make you my apprentice. But under one condition.”

Leo gave her an impossible task that he knew she wouldn’t be able to complete thus leading her to quit and leaving him alone.

Considering she was from a noble family, it was a well-known fact she never worked a day in her life so the task he gave her was to prepare 20 wooden panels for painting in one night, something not even a master painter would be able to do.

After he left her in the workshop to do what she was told, Arte was not discouraged but motivated to finish it by morning.

Chapter 4 – At Leo’s workshop

Morning arrived and Leo came back with a massive hangover from last night’s drinking, only to find Arte passed out on the floor and those 20 panels coated in white paint, perfectly smooth set on the table.

After being woken up with a cold bucket of water, she apologized for falling asleep on the floor of his workshop, but Leo couldn’t even be bothered by that.

“I gave you this condition thinking you couldn’t possibly do it… I had no intention of making you my apprentice from the start.”

“Oh really? Then, I’ll have to find a different way to become an artisan.”

Those words caught Leo by surprise because she took the rejection so calmly.

She told him she wasn’t upset, because no one else even spared her a look because she is a girl, but happy, because he was the only one who looked at her drawings and even listened to what she had to say.

“Besides, I felt a little guilty, too…” said Arte as she scratched her head.

“Guilty?” Leo asked.

“Yes. I lied to you earlier. You asked me why I wanted to become an artisan, right?”


“I said it was because I love drawing, but I was trying to act little too cool. For me, becoming an artisan isn’t a goal—it’s a means to an end. I know just how hard it is for a woman to make a living by herself. That’s why… because all I have is art… rather than living in a bird cage, even if it means I’ll die by the side of the road somewhere… I want to learn at a workshop and find a path that lets me live through my own power.

As she voiced that last sentence, Leo heard his own voice saying those exact words in the past: “I don’t want to go hungry anymore. I want to live an honest life through my own power.

Why is it though our births and circumstances are different, I see the past me when I look at her?” Those were the thoughts in Leo’s head that pushed him to make his final decision.

To make Arte his apprentice.


Main character: Arte (15)

* Appearance
­ - Must be a female
­ - Must be a teen
­ - Must have short hairstyle
­ - Must wear a dress (long preferably)
­ - Optional: blonde hair, light blue eyes, green dress, purple shoes (you can even change her name if you want to create your own character)

* Traits
­ - Ambitious
­ - Artistic
­ - Excitable
­ - Brave

Side character: Leo (late 20s/early 30s)

* Appearance
­ - Must be male
­ - Must be an adult (older than Arte)
­ - Optional: black hair, dark blue eyes, beard, black/dark colored shabby clothes

* Traits
­ - Artistic
­ - Loner
­ - Disciplined (if you own World Adventures EP)
­ - Grumpy
*** You can give them both technophobe if you don’t want them to use any electronics as this is supposed to be happening in medieval times ***

­ - Master painting skill before reaching adult (NOT YA) life stage
­ - Reach top of painting career before reaching elder life stage (this is where you’ll need ambitions ep)
­ - Sketch in her free time (on the sketching table from ambitions ep or in a sketchbook from university ep)
­ - Do all the cleaning and cooking around the workshop (place where she lives with her master)
­ - Do all the grocery and other shopping


(it’s optional to complete these, I added them to add to the story because they happen in the anime)

*** You can complete only one of the two, both or none it’s up to you and how difficult you want to make your gameplay ***

Side goal 1
­ - Make/choose a pre-existing woman, she is a high class prostitute and Leo’s friend
­ - She needs to be a bookworm
­ - Even though Arte doesn’t respect her profession, she respects the woman’s education and wisdom
­ - Your goal here is to befriend the woman and paint at least 3 portraits of her

Side goal 2
­ - Make/choose a pre-existing noble family on the side consisting of a mother, father, young daughter and father’s brother.
­ - Befriend father’s brother, who will ask you to become the family’s portrait painter and etiquette tutor for his niece while you’re still learning under your master.
­ - You’re going to negotiate with him and agree to be the family’s portrait painter and a tutor for his niece for only 6 months because you’re still not ready to leave your master
­ - Your side goal is to paint 2 portraits; one of the daughter and one of the mother
­ - As well as become best friends with the daughter (who is a child not a teen)

*** You can complete these goals any time during your challenge but it must be before you reach adult life stage ***

­ - The game is over when Arte (your main character) has reached elder life stage
­ - You must have painting skill mastered
­ - You must be at the top of painting career (if your sim becomes an elder while still NOT at level 10 of painting career, you have not completed the challenge)


­*** If you took on the side goals you have to have completed all the above requirements plus: ***

­ - Still be friends with the high class prostitute
­ - Have painted 3 portraits of her


­ - Still be friends with the noble man who asked you to work for him
­ - Still be best friends with the niece of the noble man
­ - Have painted 2 portraits

*** So if you took on both side goals you need to have 5 portraits in total ***

I will be testing out this challenge myself and fixing it as I go, but I'm always open for some criticism ^^

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