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Default irl floorplans garages
So I enjoy building and have been really relying on irl floorplans lately. However, when it comes to the garage I'm never sure what to convert it to. Since it's either a multi-story home that requires the garage for support. I have converted it into a greenhouse but beyond that, I'm not sure what to do with all that extra space.
Thoughts and suggestions would be great.

Oh, I also don't have bowling or movie stuff so I can't convert it into a theater or bowling alley.
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If I have a garage, I put garage things in it. Bikes and kids toys that would be stored in the garage. My dad had his workbench in the garage so sometimes my sims do too. sometimes I convert the garage to a home gym.
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It is the same is in real life, some conversions are for more bedrooms, some for rec rooms, etc. They can be used for about anything, again, as real ones are. In my area there are no basements or attics so probably half of the homeowners use the garages for other things.
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Ooo I like both ideas filling it with garage things/ large storage and turning it into a rec room etc.
Thank you both!
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