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New And Might Need A Little Help
Hey everybody...

I'm very new here and very new to the SIMS. Just figuring things out with it and have some questions. Specifically:

.1) Is there a way to make a young adult SIM shorter? Here's an example of why I asked:

One of my SIMS {who btw hasn't been created yet} is going to be nineteen years old to start with. But here's the thing {and this would be rare even in real life}. He stands about 4 ft 8 to ten inches total in height...

But also. Even in real life. Not all young adults or adults are the same height. Ever...

2) Trying to figure out which pack has gestures because I need a bunch of gestures. Including:

a) Handshake
b) Stop {see below}:
c) Stop {see below}:
d} Come here {see below}:
e) Nod
f) Shake head
g) Wave
h) Smile
i) Frown
j) Laugh
k) Cry
i) Hands over eyes {see below}:

3) Trying to find out which pack has both male and female clothing. Basic clothing of all sized for both genders. Either that or looking for a way to get basic male and female clothing of all sizes

4) Even though musical instruments are mainly used for SIMS 1 through 3...I actually need them for my SIMS for occupational reasons. Specifically:

a) Pipe organ/church organ {I know that I can get that from the Vampire pack}
b) Piano {I was told that we can't craft that true? is it possible to get it in Buy Mode? Or would I need to request to have one specially made?}
c) Accoustic guitar {I think that that is something that we either craft from wood in Build Mode or do we buy it in Buy Mode }
d) Electric guitar {can we craft that?...or buy it in Buy Mode?}
e) Violin and bow {can these be crafted?}
f) Conventional drum kit and sticks {see attached image...can these be crafted}

5) I mentioned looking for food items a little earlier. And it's not the stuff that most people would be looking for {examples being potato chips or pizza}. The only things that I would be looking for that most people would be looking for wuold be sodapop {ie bottle...maybe a can but not sure} cider {ie apple juice} and milk. Eggs and butter. Vegetables and fruit. Bakery sweets. And salt and pepper. So I'm looking for things for meals that most people don't think of {the meals not the items themselves}. Specifically:

a) Sausage links {for traditional breakfast and for what the British call bangers and mash...basically sausage links and mashed potatoes that are often served with gravy...somtimes with butter}
b) Fish and chips
c) Red/brown meat {beef for a roast or for shepherd's pie...mutton...or lamb for kidney pie}
d)'Poultry {chicken or turkey in the USA...goose in the UK}
e) Potatoes {for bangers and mash and for kidney pie}
f) Flour
g) Sugar {white}
h) Sugar {brown}
i) Salt
j) Black pepper
k) Cheddar cheese {for coddled eggs}
l) Bacon {for coddled eggs}
m) Porridge {that's what it's called in the the USA it's plain old hot cereal...and we serve it with butter...cream and brown sugar}
n) Coddled eggs {see attached image}

In case anyone is wondering...I'm trying to figure out how to find the above items {as opposed to asking someone to make them for me}

6) And I'm playing "old-school" in the literal sense. So I'm looking for the following:

a) Lantern {see attached image}
b) Candles
c) Wood-fire oven orwood-burning stove {for cooking of course...and heat...and occasionally light...see attached image}
d) Handheld reel-to-reel tape recorder {see attached image}
e ) Rotary phone {see attached image}
f) Radio {see attached image}
g) Anything that can be used to do laundry by hand {I know that I can get that in the Laundry Day Stuff pack...but just to give you guys an idea}
h) Antique furniture

I'm looking into SIMS 4 Studio. So I've got a couple of questions here...

1) Have any of you ever used SIMS 4 Studio?
2) And if easy or difficult is it to work with meshes in SIMS 4 Studio?

Get back to me on this please,
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Welcome to Mod The Sims.

As you are new, you may not be aware of the rules/guidelines for this site-They can be found here Link

We prefer to keep things kind of tidy here. This post that you have made contains multiple questions. You should divide these up and post in the proper subforums- found at the top of this page for Sims 4 Link

Each of these subforums has there own posting rules. An example of this is the Sims 4 WCIF posting guidelines found here.

I hope this has been helpful to you.
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16th Mar 2021 at 2:56 AM
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Around the Sims for radios. The base game has a violin and grand piano. Use the search in Mod the Sims for foods, for an upright piano and a record player.
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