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Default CC Clothing Glitch

I have tried everything I can think of, but am having an issue with CC clothing. I was on CAS the other day and everything seemed to be working fine.. I like having a clean canvas to work with so removed all the clothes from my sim in Everyday Wear. I made her up with CC hair, makeup and skin details then proceeded to choose some clothes. I managed to get to the 'Party' clothes when she suddenly lost everything - her hair, makeup, skin details... Her skin turned a kind of yellow/brown colour and her eyes were the same. She was bald and makeup-less and every time I tried to change her, nothing worked! She remained bald and naked! The clothes then started showing up in the columns with certain parts (e.g collars of shirts/sleeves etc) but the rest was see-through and nothing showed up! When her clothes were removed fully, her underwear was a grey colour and slightly see through.. I tried with another sim and it seemed to work fine! I then tried with a male and the problem kept occurring. I have tried deleting CC (which got rid of the problem) and it stayed away while I re-added it back into the folder, but when all CC was in the game it did it again! I'm not sure if a certain CC is causing the issue because it seems to just have happened all of a sudden and I haven't downloaded CC for a while now. I'm not sure what to look for when looking for broken CC because I haven't seen anybody else with the same problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I love playing with CC as it is more realistic, but I may have to resort to playing without if my sims keep glitching
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