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#76 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 5:41 PM
What do u mean''she looks rather plain"???Before uploading her no one said me such thing, everyone was telling me that she is lovely,perfect and i decided to upload her!And now she looks plain?What more does she need? Plain i can call a white A4 paper but not a sim whatever it is..
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#77 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 5:47 PM
Could you post a picture of her with no cc at all?
Its easier to see her facial structure then :]

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#78 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 5:55 PM
The last picture you showed without custom content on the face didnt look much different to a standard maxis face. The advice the mod gave you to look at the base sim face you made her from is very helpful, because a big part of getting your sim uploaded is it not being something someone else could make (somewhat easily).

I didn't look at your thread until now so im just offering general advice from what i can see, take off ALL custom content and work on the facial sculpt and refer back to the base sim you started with. You should be able to see big differences yourself and if you cant you need to play around with it more. When you get something your happy with put the skintone back on and see how it looks and tweak and post pictures for some advice. The face sculpt is the most important thing, it seems like the custom content was being relied on a bit too much to make her 'unique'.
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#79 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 6:29 PM
I know what you do suggest but the strange thing (as you've read all the thread) is that wjen i made her like the second form everyone was telling me she was quite unique..well ok there is one way for this..I will go through but i'm not sure why she looks ''plain'' only for cause of her face..
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#80 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 6:32 PM
Before you've uploaded her, yes, i thought she might be good enough to go trough, but obviously moderators did not think so. Please do not be discouraged, we are all here to help you. I think making a unique sim isn't a problem for you, right? The problem here is you want you PI to look just the way she looks now. So that's the issue. If you decide to step away from your image of her for a bit, you might make her into a really beautiful unique sim.

You said you've made some changes, you should post them here
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#81 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 7:08 PM
The problem is that i can't get into the moderator's head and see what he/she did not like..!I though that the important is the member's opinion and all you had possitive opinions..!The moderator is only one person and he might be wrong (but that's not solvable so let it go).The real difficult for me that i cannot continue is that my image is white-black but this image is the only one that PI is the way i like her..Yes i can make unique sims that are born in my head but that is a character sim and must be similar to an image i pick up..
Something other.I think that small changes will not make any difference so the moderator wants me to completely change her face.I tried to make small changes but she got distorted, some sliders are on their maximum..
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#82 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 7:15 PM
Hi AnnitaSims, I have been watching this thread and so far you have received some great tips and advice from the posters in this thread.

The main issue that most creators are trying to tell you is that the sim is possibly NOT unique. By unique we/they mean the face sculpt - any extra cc you may have made is a nice to have, but a unique face sculpt is the base when uploading sims. Post a picture of your sim with no cc next to the maxis number one face (as suggested in the sims guidelines). Then we can advise on the sculpt.

It could be that you just love that sim the way it is - I have a few like that myself. However, I also know that they are not particularly unique, so I don't post them on MTS.

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#83 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 7:35 PM
Have you seen the image that my sim is based on?If you do you will see that they are similar to each other and that is the right.It's not my fault that PI has a face that seems not unique(at least for you).I have understood all the suggestions given to me, but if for u unique is a sim that i will make his nose far too big so as he is not a usual maxis face, that for me is not a Poison Ivy.


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#84 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 7:44 PM
Hi AnittaSims, yes I have seen the picture your sim is based on. I also saw the post from the moderator suggesting a different comparison picture. I have to be honest and say that your sim does not look like the comparison picture in my opinion. The eyebrow shape is different, the mouth shape is different, the height of the forehead and the length of the chin - all different. Sorry. Also, any chance of that no CC version next to a maxis number one default face?

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#85 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 7:46 PM
I think that, when a moderator is evaluating your upload, he tries to decide if the sim is unique enough to attract the downloader. In order to do that, it has to be something one cannot make himself by just tweaking one of Maxis default faces a little. (I'm not saying that's what you did, just trying to make a point).

I think moderators know how Poison Ivy is supposed to look like, so the image you post with your upload is more of a formality. Vamp had a good suggestion, put that b/w image in the middle of a collage, and surround it with different color pictures of PI. I think that would be enough.

If your sim gets distorted, which sometimes happen when it gets over-tweaked, I find that it is best to blend it a little with template 1 until it gets smoother and then work on it further.

I completely understand that this is how you like your PI, so if changing her to make her fit for MTS2 will make you feel bad, don't do it. Keep the sim for yourself (or share it on some other site) and work on something else
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24th Jun 2010 at 7:48 PM
This message has been deleted by AnnitaSims.
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#86 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 7:56 PM
Can you explain me with more simple your last phrase?what do u mean?English is not my mother language.Thanks.

misty, i'm not sure why downloaders wouldn't like her..Because i think they'd do.Yes i liked VoD's suggestion but if i would put many different PI images in a collage the sim cpuld not be similar to all of these PI's!!!Only one Pi must be my base.''What is the blending with template 1''?Finally i'm very glad that at least one person has understood how i feel..thanks.
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#87 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 8:12 PM
I'm not saying downloaders wouldn't like her, some would, some wouldn't, just like with any other thing in life Moderator's job is to decide would the *majority* of downloaders want her, and apparently, the decision was "no". I still think she has a lot of potential, you've made some nice cc for her, and photos are nice, albeit a little dark. As Leesester said, there would probably be no problem with comparison picture if your sim would look enough like it.

"Blending with a template" - when in BS, choose an option with Maxis default faces, and then pick one (or some other that you like better) and pull a slider until you smooth your sim's face. Mind you, if you have to pull it too far so that it stops looking like your sim at all, just start over (that's what I do).

I understand how you feel from the beginning, but there's not much I can do to help you it seems.
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#88 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 8:32 PM
Are you sure that there would probably be no problem with comparison picture if PI would look enough like it? I did not understand such thing..but if that is truth then there's no prob i will edit her more!
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#89 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 8:46 PM
No, I'm not sure, but from what Leesester wrote, I came to the conclusion that one of the reasons they've rejected her is that she doesn't look enough like that picture. I could be wrong, of course, but I think if you work on your PI to make her look like the illustration, she might end up looking unique enough.

So, assuming you'll be doing that, here's what I'd change:

- Use different eyebrows, cleaner ones, not that bushy. One that have a little pointy arch to them.
- Eyes more squint
- Upper lip thinner, more pinched. Maybe a different lipstick.
- Forehead shorter
- Chin longer or move her lips up a click

If you want to try this, please post some pictures, to see if there is any progress
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#90 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 8:51 PM
Ok, thank you misty i will!!!I'll be posting updates soon!
#91 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 9:11 PM
Alright, remember when you first posted here, you didn't want to change her because it would make her a stranger, but now, you love the changes and don't want to make anymore. Imagine how much you'll love her this time.

When you are posting pictures without CC, you MUST REMOVE EVERYTHING. Hair, makeup, etc. EVERYTHING. Trust me we can put it back on later. Face sculpt is important, content is not.

Now, what misty suggested, was that you get some pictures of people. The shouldn't have anything to do with Ivy, at all. Just so you find them pretty and most of all, unique. Now, pick some of the features, like eyes and change the shape of Ivy's to match. This is not to make her less like Ivy, but more so the mods like her. Unique does NOT mean ugly. Take a look at my Sim, Zsasz, he is not ugly, but he doesn't look like any other Sim in game, it looks like I make major tweaks to his face. Take a look at Taure's Ivy, she is not ugly, but you can tell that she put some time into her.

With that said, I would change the eye brows you are using. This should be the only content that you should have on your sim right now. NO MAKEUP. I suggest a set from here:
http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=283968 Obviously the femme version.
The ones you are using are too bushy and unkempt for Ivy. In all her pictures, her brows are sleek.

So, I have a to do list for you
-Pick a set of eyebrows
-Make edits and take new pictures, with no cc.
-Post a picture here of your sim with NO CC except the eyebrows, that is it.
-Post the source picture you are using in the same post for easier reference.
- Post any other pictures of REAL PEOPLE that you may want to base Ivy off of
-Wait for our critique.
And somewhere far down the line, we will look at the individual content that you have made for her to make sure it's up to snuff.
Also, when you upload, make sure to place Ivy in the Comic/Gaming category as it may be slightly less strict.

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#92 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 9:33 PM
Huh pick real people's photo?And what about the comparison pictures?Will i post that people image in the post too?Then mods will erupt!If i like a model and take her face she will have to do nothing with the Dc hero PI!I know that comic figures are difficult and cause of this i'll have to pick a human image but sounds weird..I will but tha means delete the previous face and make a new one.
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#93 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 9:48 PM
I don't think Vamp meant that you absolutely HAVE to do what I suggested, if you mange to make her look more unique by making her look more like your reference picture, there will be no need to base her off of real people. However, if it doesn't help, you may want to try that solution.

Posting your sim with no CC (means no defaults either) could be helpful. That way we can see how much does your sim differ from base template.
#94 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 9:52 PM
No, Misty is right, sorry for the confusion. I meant that you can base it on a real person if you are having trouble or if, for example, you can't get the eyes quite right, you can pick a picture of a real person to help you out and if you are using that picture, to post it here so that we can help you too. If you do base it off of a picture, you won;t have to include it in the upload.
But everything I say is a suggestion, you are in no way obligated to do any of them.
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#95 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 10:20 PM
Oh thank you very much, i prefer trying to make her based on the comics picture.

Here is our ''nudy'' girl...!:-P

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#96 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 10:51 PM

Don't know if i came closer o further but that's what i've made:

#97 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 11:10 PM
Alright, I would:

-Turn/rotate her eyes down a click to two
-nostrils two clicks thicker
-mouth a click longer, width wise
-Mouth a click high on the face
-chin a click or two longer

Could you also post a picture of her from the side?
#98 Old 25th Jun 2010 at 12:13 AM
Can I give a suggestion about the makeup. I think she looks very beautiful with less makeup, and also it suits PI more because she is a very natural person.

She looks better already!
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#99 Old 25th Jun 2010 at 12:48 AM
Wonderful, she's getting better!!

Besides Vamp's suggestions, I'd try making her cheekbones bigger. And I agree with Harry too, less make-up could look better. Or, use make-up, but make it so it is more subtle and natural. It might work well for her.
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#100 Old 25th Jun 2010 at 2:05 PM
So, you like her?!?Wow that took me only 5 minutes!Well i'll make her even better!Yes you're right Pepermint i guess you've been comparing her with the previous version, right?I'vve seen this too...But if i leave her without liptick or eyeliner..it wont be like the photo.So, no tense make up.I will apply your suggestions too VoD and misty.Updates soon!
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