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I've removed a script mod by accident, what do I do? (Possibly solved)
I recently removed the Deep Conversations script mod from the mods folder, not realizing it was a script mod until after I did this. Have I just corrupted my game? (I'm in kind of a rush, so sorry if this is in the wrong place.)
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I'm sorry, but where are you getting that this is a Core Mod? Core Mods are relatively unusual beasts in TS3, there are only five in popular usage. The mod in question looks like a Script Mod to me. The five Big Ones are all easily removable one way or another:

NRaas ErrorTrap
NRaas UntranslatedKey
Consort's 2x Weight/Fitness
AwesomeMod (there is a removal procedure to go through first on this one)
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(I thought they were the same thing, I truly do not understand) Okay, thank you! I have ErrorTrap so hopefully... this will work out. Thank you for the help!
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Ah, gotcha. A Core Mod is a special beast that replaces game calls to the core game files with different code. It runs alongside of the game core, not inside of it, so it's not as scary a proposition as it sounds. Generally speaking, if a developer can do what they need by way of Script Mods, then they should probably do so for efficiency's sake and so as not to have to account for the various patch levels and install types that are all current.

In TS3, we can have more than one Core Mod as long as they don't both or all try to impact the same functions. AwesomeMod conflicts with XCAS, for example. The two NRaas Core Mods don't conflict with anything that we know of.

Other games probably use the term Core Mod to mean something slightly different or have different restrictions on them, like for example, you can only use one.
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