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Strange camera glitch (solved)
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I had just cleaned my game from cache from The Sims 3 folder and from DCbackup (I didn't touch ccmerged), and then I went to a game and noticed something strange about my camera. It became like zoomed in, in the town mode it don't want to zoom in and out, and also when I move camera with my mouse wheel I just rotate around myself instead of moving how it was before. By the way, the camera zoom out is very slow. Also, ErrorTrap informed me about script errors with all of my townies and even animals. Though, the problem exactly isn't in my played town, because I checked another 4 towns and everything was in the same way. I don't think that I could delete something so important, because I did it with the instructions. Please, help me, I can't play with that stupid camera bug I cleaned cache in that way many times earlier, but everything was fine. I am in a disappointment, what can I do and what could be a reason?
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Omg I'm sorry. I've just found that I deleted a mod and occasionally left some parts of it in a folder. It caused all errors. So, if somebody has that issue, they should check the game without mods
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