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Default Add Roommate = Crash on desktop [Solved]
My game rarely crashes; this is driving me nuts.

I'm am trying to have a household with roommates.  I have my sim call on the phone to allow roommates, pick how many, then because I don't want NPCs, I'm using the following method to pick which sims live in the household.

Adding Roommates

There are multiple ways to add roommates. Here are a couple of suggested methods:Using Master Controller: From City Hall or a Computer> NRaas>Master Controller>sim>Intermediate>Add A Roommate>Homeworld>Select Listing of Sims from there

This is straightforward, there is nothing difficult here.

The game runs fine until I try to save and or leave the household, then it crashes. At first I thought maybe some of my SP settings had something to do with it, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  If I leave the property set as "rentable" it crashes and if I make it not rentable, it crashes then as well.  I also changed the rent percentage from 2 to zero, but that doesn't make a difference either.

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bad mod very likely, something interfering.

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There. Mystery solved.
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I got my game functioning again.  I removed the only mod I've recently added which did nothing to help with the crashing.  What did 'fix' it was not shutting off immigration via NRAAS Register.  I'm not sure what all of that is about, but whatever.
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