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#26 Old 2nd Jun 2013 at 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by Kortni
I feel as if the eyebrows are too low down. I have no experience in BodyShop nor am I a creator, so don't take my word for it. They just seem to make him look a bit angry.

I don't think it's the eyebrows needing to move up so much as there needing to be more of a visible eyelid. Unfortunately there isn't much control over this in Sims 2 (I believe there's a slider for it in sims 3 but that doesn't help.)
I'd also make the jaw a touch wider. Not much at all; maybe one or two clicks. (Sorry I get really pedantic like this.) The nose needs to be just a click longer too but via moving the eyes & eyebrow region upward.

Shady, Bruno, Nouk, Fanseelamb and JB: You all help to break my downloads folder. You're all so brilliant, so I wanted to say thanks.
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I would like to see him with a different skin, also I think the tip of his nose could be a click upwards. Nice job so far!
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Sorry for the extremely long reply. I've been so busy. But I've done lots of work, and I think he looks so much better.
Thanks for all the feedback though guys! I appreciate it! <3

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