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Default TS3-Comprehensive list of too attractive objects?
I think there objects that uploaders should be aware of when placing on lots for download but I'm not sure if my list is extensive enough. This thread contains some info about objects that may cause your sims to act in a preoccupied way.

Diving boards(on residential lots)-I have placed them on community lots
Rocking Chairs
STORE ITEMS-Deep fryer and ice cream machine

Bonehilda with hopscotch mat
I have also heard that Bonehilda has obsession with beehive box.

Are there any other objects I am not aware of that might require a warning about them so downloaders can be aware to possibly obsessive sim behaviors? I try to avoid placing objects on lots that may require removal/retuning by downloaders so that is why I am seeking full list of these objects.
Feedback is appreciated.
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That thread is 6 years old though, I'm not sure if there were any fixes done.
I've had serveral Sims with completely different traits testing my homes, excessive use of rocking chairs and dive boards never happened to me.

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@Johnny_Bravo -thanks for your reply. Perhaps it is just my game because anytime I place a diving board on a residential lot my sims seem obsessed with using it. Then the NPC sims (paperboy,mail-carrier, university mascot, etc. ad nauseum) will change their clothes outside your sims front door and be upset they can't get in to use YOUR sims pool(like how dare you design a house with door to keep the unwanted at bay).
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Inactives are really attracted to rocking chairs in my game and have route failing temper tantrums trying to get inside my active's house to sit in them. I have a much-ignored trampoline in my backyard. I've heard the chicken coop, cow stall, and basketball arcade game are sim magnets.
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@tunafishfish-thanks for your reply. I am sorry you have such a problem with rocking chairs. They were only mildly interesting to my sims. (I just uploaded a lot yesterday with a rocking chair but may have to rethink placing them in lots I upload from now on). Thank you also about info concerning store items that I need to check out.
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It's not such a big deal to me that I wouldn't download a lot with a rocking chair, but I just kind of laugh sadistically at the poor saps.
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