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Originally Posted by BinahLaGoaty
I love that you love it. And of course I'm glad to answer your questions. :-)
The counters, also the barstools and table-like island counters, are from the Basic Kitchen set by Buggybooz. I used an invisible bottom recolor for the Espresso Bar and a default replacement for the espresso part. The wall deco in the kitchen are from the Big Barn set by Wood for Sims. Hafiseazale made a repositoried version . The walls are extracted from Merlotte's Bar by fansselamb.

The lot plays very well. Mr. Pancake doesn't have any help. He cooks some pancakes and toasts at home, goes to work and puts some of them into the displays and the rest in the fridge for later use. I always put some edible food by Exnem on the counter, so sims can buy and eat in the bistro. And that craftable flower which rases motives. You can buy them from your florist or use the buyable ones by Huge Lunatic. The only problem so far is, that no one wants to buy a coffee...

Thank you! Very helpful!

You may already know this, but I was curious, so looked at the motive advertising for autonomous use on the espresso machine.

Order coffee, 3 energy, 3 fun.
Take espresso, 4 energy.

This is pretty low advertising in comparison to some other things. I wouldn't be surprised if the flower you've got in there is giving them enough energy and fun that they don't want coffee. I try to make my lots work as autonomously as possible, so I often use Need Freak to keep my visitor's motives in a good range for doing what I want to see, or I up the advertising on different motives that aren't being satisfied by other activities till it works the way I want.

Buy espresso, no advertising.
Make espresso, 4 energy, 8 fun, but is not set for visitors.
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Originally Posted by BinahLaGoaty
The only problem so far is, that no one wants to buy a coffee...

According to Honeywell, at some point Maxis managed to reverse the numbers on the espresso bar. When it was first introduced into the game, sims would swarm the barista. Some later expansion reversed the attraction so now nobody buys.
Originally Posted by Honeywell
If you have all expansion packs, do your sims use the manned espresso bar on community lots autonomously? Sims used to flock to it on community lots - so much so I considered adding a mod to turn down the attractiveness of it - but now in my full game w/ all expansions and stuff packs no one will order coffee autonomously. Is that the way they work now or should I be looking for some conflicting cc somewhere?

ETA: Never mind. It's still autonomous but it's exceedingly rare that they'll order coffee now even if their energy is tanked.

FYI: Jfade's old "Less Addictive Espresso Bar" mod still works - just in the opposite direction. There isn't a swarm like there used to be but it's attractive enough there's noticeable coffee stand traffic occasionally.

I've tried this and it does work like she said - they don't swarm the barista anymore, but at least they do sometimes order coffee.
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Originally Posted by RoxEllen1965
I've tried this and it does work like she said - they don't swarm the barista anymore, but at least they do sometimes order coffee.

Thank you! And I thought, I have some conflicting CC in my game. I will definitely try that out.

And Sunrader, thank you too. I've never heard of Need Freak before.
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Do fake businesses count? I always decorate grills to look like a snack bar.

It gets a little bit messy, and the food is sometimes burnt, but my Sims love it. And I could change it into a business whenever a Sim wants to own one.
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I really did plan to play a lot today but I found it more important to go visit my sister hwo is very ill at the moment so I did redecorate a lot instead.

There is a lot "downtown" that I really did not visit very often whit my sims. It's the lot caller "The Corner Shops" (see: To be honest I do find the lot boring but now it looks better.

A look at the lot before the redecoration.

And a look inside. Sort of...

And here is the lot after the redecoration. In my opinion, far better.

It looks quite good in the dark too...

Some details under spoiler.

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Default Precinct 51
This is a lot I have built for my apocalypse hood, covering the Law Enforcement, Althletic and Intelligence careers (I swapped Athletic and Architecture, so Athletic is in Tier 2 now).

The building has seen better days. Much of the paint has been blasted off the exterior walls, and the worst holes have been mended with whatever materials came to hand. The carpets are very patchy, and it's probably best not to speak of the bathrooms. But the station is still in use! The local police force has even been augmented by 'specialists' from out of town, who do very little patrolling, but a lot of interviews.

The ground floor has reception and the interview room (with observation cubbyhole), a public toilet, and target practice on the other side of the driveway. The upper floor hosts a workout room close to the showers, a break area with kitchenette and a couple of tables, and the main office where the paperwork gets done. If it ever does.
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Decided to renovate the Petite Café and place it in Pleasantview as an actual restaurant. I actually had no routing issues once I deleted two chairs. The entire front deck is actually covered in blue awning however fraps keeps crashing so I only got a picture of the floor plan facing the left

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I'm really proud of the home business I made for Regan Capp! She earned a lump sum through her business so I built a separate part of the house to take care of her clients.
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Hello all simmers!

Guess what, I just get an other lot done in my hood. And what is it? A restaurant of cause!

And I call it: Tropica Garden. And as you can see...'s a greenhouse!

Well, not really but the restaurant is build like one. In the upper left corner you can see the toilets.

What?! A huge rat!? Hope the health inspector does not see... No worries, it's just deco.

My active sim at the table. I really like this huge flower beds and the long hedges outside as it's a very quick way to add a lot of green to a lot. Both items are Sims 4to2 conversions. And it does not matter that the hedges clips through the wall like that. Not at this place.

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Strangetown Garage - owned by Mickey O'Mackey and Fiancee Curie Terrano
Includes a small waiting room (with vending machines) attached to the back end of the house (or the front? seeing as the shop faces the pavement)

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I did a cooking contest for the first time recently, so, of course, I had to reno Copur's Kitchen. Originals attached for comparison. Downstairs, I just fixed the ceilings, changed the flooring slightly, and added dishwashers and compactors to the kitchens. I got rid of that little bump out that made three roofs as well, but it really doesn't look that different. I focused on the terrace and upstairs especially moving the bathrooms behind no-cut-away walls, which I do a lot. I don't know why the focal point of so many lots is a toilet.

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Default Tiny Startup
In shantytown, there's not much cash and not much space either. Poverty-stricken sims have to earn money wherever they can.

The Olivera family needed to start some kind of business, so Florian decided on a poker 'hall'. He bought a ticket machine, a poker table and two cheap chairs.

Seriously, that is the entire business setup. Plus the chairs from their kitchen.
There's no closing sign, so the table runs 24/7. Seems popular with the neighbours. Hope Crumplebottom doesn't happen by, she won't approve of open-air gambling!

Arif Nader also needed to start earning, and they already had a tin shed in front of the house. He scrounged four items of used furniture and set them for sale. He had to take out a loan, though, so he does have a closing sign, and an automatic cash register so he can concentrate on making the sales.

I'm thinking of swapping out the stock every round, so he doesn't sell the same four items for too long.

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I like the 1960s television. That would count as a big screen back then. I'm wondering where I can get one for my Sims (who may have difficulty getting to Arif's tin shop!).

Mrs C. should be OK though. I have reason to believe she's a bit of a problem gambler herself.

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Originally Posted by AndrewGloria
I like the 1960s television. That would count as a big screen back then. I'm wondering where I can get one for my Sims (who may have difficulty getting to Arif's tin shop!).

It's the Fringe Set TV by Targa. Probably even on this site, I think?

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@aelflaed -That TV is from here and I've even downloaded and installed it in my game.I've also got an apocalypse challenge lined up based on the European colonization of the new world in the 16th century.
I've seen some great pictures of businesses here and got reminded of when I used to try to play my own.I'll be doing that again in my BACC when the town is big enough to support a sim owning a business.
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The Dug-In Diner, a low-class eatery for ex-mining town Edge.

A couple of interior shots attached, too.

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