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Hair Mesh Luminosity
I discovered an issue with older hair meshes where the mesh would appear overexposed in CAS (although not in-game, thankfully) like so:

Whereas a different custom mesh in CAS is just fine:

This seems to happen consistently with meshes from 2006 and earlier. All of DJ_Mur3 meshes, and also some of Melodie9's older meshes (like her Meghair conversions).

So... I went to the trouble, and I downloaded Milkshape, and a bunch of recommended plugins, to open up the meshes and see if I could notice what made two comparative meshes work so differently, because I couldn't tell from SimPE. ...Couldn't in milkshape, either. I have no clue what I'm looking at or looking for. I had scoured google and guides to try to find some mention of this problem so I might know where to begin, but this doesn't seem to appear in any meshing or recoloring guides, faqs, tutorials, or bug lists.

Has anyone else ever noticed these issues before? Know what caused them? How to fix it, maybe?

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