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Default Accessory deformation
hi guys I was trying to make an accessory phone in the hand of a sim.

But unfortunately when when I loaded the game the accessory appears deformed....

Is there any way we can make an accessory not to be deformed by the face of the sim?

Thank you so much
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Not sure which tutorial you're using (should have something on properly linking meshes), but make sure you clone an accessory that doesn't deform, and only link it to the first CRES and SHPE in the 3DIR.

The two below are for deformation, such as for accessories in and around the mouth like the vampire teeth, etc. and shouldn't be touched unless you have a purpose with it (if you want the accessory to follow the face morphing - but I think it's a bit more complicated than just linking). The ingame glasses have some deformation too, but as long as you only link the two first lines it's fine. the PJSE tool (if you use that method) links properly, so you can use that method, too.

Also make sure you give the accessory proper joint assignments. If it's a phone, it should (usually) be assigned 100% to the left or right hand, depending on which hand it is in. If you don't fix this, the accessory will fly around the sim when they move whatever body part the phone is linked to. If it's linked to more than one joint (by auto-assigning), it will deform.
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Thank you so much i ended up looking for another accesory to clone
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