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Week four starts in Riverblossom Hills and President Martin has been engaging in political machinations to bring new blood into the Green leadership ranks.

Never a true politician, the amiable Rose Greenman was happy to step down from her role as Chancellor for an appointment to the Supreme Court, to fill the seat of Betty Goldstein, who died last week. Martin was then quick to appoint his son Jacob to the role - even party loyalists thought the act reeked of nepotism - Jacob's only qualification was being the President's son (he was valedictorian of the Class of Week Four, but still...)

Convincing Mortimer Roth to take up as the Dean of Riverblossom University was also an easy sell for the persuasive Martin. He felt under-valued in the National Assembly and much preferred a return to academia in his old age. Although the Greens weren't totally assured of victory in the special election to come, Martin had convinced Roxana Sharpe-Powers, freshly retired from her career in Roller Derby, to run. The Progress had yet to announce a candidate
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I played the Brokes (Angela & Dustin) from Thursday through to Monday and the Dreamers (Lilith & Dirk).

Angela taught Danielle to study and continued to swim in the pool. She'd clean if something got dirty, but for the most part, she was just trying to enjoy her last days as an adult.

The family went on a little day trip to Woodland Park, where they played chess and/or on the playground equipment. They were there until 7:30pm. Upon getting home, they were hungry, exhausted, and stinky. They took care of their needs and went to bed.

Dustin got demoted due to a bad chance card choice on my part. Regardless, he still worked towards his eventual Lvl 10 position.

Danielle is doing very well at school. She has got a B+ and is nearing an A+.

Lilith and Dirk tried for a baby and got pregnant. What an opener!

Dirk got a promotion to Medical Lvl 8 and is working on a promotion for Lvl 9.

Chris aged up to a teenager with the Knowledge Aspiration. I think it's also worth mentioning that Chris inherited Lilith's nose, and here I was thinking that he was a straight Template 1 like his father.

On the same day as Chris' birthday, Lilith gave birth to a little boy called Derek Dreamer. Derek aged to a toddler that round and has so far has been potty trained and taught to talk by Lilith.

Lilith didn't do much, she just took care of her basic needs and did as mentioned above.

When a game is predictable, it's boring.
That goes for any medium that isn't life.
That's why The Sims 2 is my favourite sims game.
It has elements of unpredictability and everything feels more involved.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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I got Simblender added to a smaller home in Dodge and tested to see that the skill limiter plu-in was showing up in the game.
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Default News from Veronaville
Well, a few days ago I promised a more detailed report on what's been happening in Veronaville in the last few days. Here it is. It's rather long, so I've spoilered the individual reports on the families played. Since I started playing on my new laptop last month, I've been playing unusually rigorous one day rotations, because it's so much easier on the new machine. I'm now playing families I played a year ago. Previously it was taking me up to four years to get round everybody.

I'll try to report on the seventeen families I played in October in the same format as today's posf, but, because it really is what happened in my 'hood a month ago, rather than what's happening right now, I'm minded to post that in Emperor Crat's "What's Going On In Your Game (TS2)?" group rather than here in this thread.

Capp Manor

38 Custer Boulevard (Lambert)

37 Mendoza Lane (Siddons)

15 Lake Meadow Circle (Delarosa)

100 Via Veronaville (Moltke)

2 Via Veronaville (Newson)

385 Avon Avenue (Benson)

35 King Street, Downtown Veronaville (Teen Townie Hostel)

35 Greaves Avenue, Downtown Veronaville (Jarvie)

42 Old Kent Road, Monopolis (Hentze)

103 Custer Boulevard, Downtown Veronaville (Cornton)

---------------------------------- oooooooooooooooooo ----------------------------------

And now a little official business:



The Banns of Marriage are announced for Gloria Jones, spinster, of 19 Chorus Court, in the parish of St. Simeon's, Veronaville, and Garry Mackay, bachelor, of Ranch Retreat, 59 Via Venezia, also in the parish of St. Simeon's, Veronaville. If anyone know of any just cause, why these two should not be joined together in Lawful and Holy Matrimony, they are enjoined to speak now, or forever hold their peace. This is the third and final time of asking.

The Banns of Marriage are announced for Tom Cornton, bachelor, of 103 Custer Boulevard, in the Civil Parish of Downtown Veronaville, and Audrey Tsang, spinster, also of 103 Custer Boulevard, in the Civil Parish of Downtown Veronaville. If anyone know of any just cause, why these two should not be joined together in Lawful and Holy Matrimony, they are enjoined to speak now, or forever hold their peace. This is the first time of asking.

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In Riverblossom Hills, apart from the constant tending to growing produce, the following took place:

Blake Fuchs, widower of Betty Goldstein Fuchs, once more woke up with all wants rerolled except for the one about having a baby (I hear you, Blake, you've been telling me this since before you married Betty - but why?! You're fortune/knowledge, not family!). He shunned his housemate Andrew Martin and the eligible bachelorettes invited over to play the pianoinstead, so he spent all night atthe big telescope in the garden . Again. Andrew Martin, meanwhile, finally got his level 9 promotion in the gaming career and invited two of his crushes over to celebrated. It ended up with him asking Robin Hogan to move in, proposing to her, and inaugurating their new bed by some lullaby sounds. In between all the romancing he found time to teach Killer the poodle puppy some manners and calling his son at university for their daily chat.
Jacob Martin, his fiancée Jules O'Mackey and their friend Sandra Roth finished their sophomore year succesfully and found some time to make new friends among their fellow students - a nice, friendly bunch of people in black jackets with a llama emblem. No limos yet, but probably next round - Jacob is holding on to his want of resurrecting Betty ans Sandra to hers of having Catherine return as a zombie.
Button Redd landed two promotions in a row and is close to achieving her lifetime want of becoming the minister of education. Her wife Sweet Chris (townie, born Chris Bachmann but officially renamed after saving her wife's life ) taught toddler Niall to walk and raked in a big bonus because green beat orange. After Niall's birthday cake was cleared up and he was safely out of toddler stage, he and Iola got to cheer the birth of their younger brother Allen (Because ONLY silver level robotics, mad science, teaching toddler skills, cooking turkey for the upcoming headmaster visit, and tending the garden would make Sweet Chris feel lie she's slacking off).
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So this session Alexander and Stella Goth were played.

The last time I had played them, Stella had gotten pregnant, so there was that to look forward to. Something I also neglected to mention previously was that Alexander had actually gone to work before I was able to save and quit. When he left, I got a notification, saying that he was due back in 48 hours, most likely a glitch with the community time mod.

Anyway, as for the most recent session, I loaded the lot to see Alexander at home joking with his eldest, Arthur, while on the side of the UI (where you get all the household member's thumbnails) said that he was on 'Errands.' I sent him to work and he was gone for THREE in game days, while his wife was pregnant. He arrived home on the day of the birth with a promotion and Lazlo Curious, who was apparently that far gone into aspiration failure, he had a mental breakdown on the pavement; the Therapist was needed.

Stella went into labour and gave birth to twin girls called Priscilla and Elizabeth; the latter of the two being the first of their children to inherit alien eyes. Alex and Stella didn't have much to do with their newborn years, because they'd caught the flu off Lazlo, so most of that time was spent in quarantine. Arthur was only a child and Henry had become a toddler while Alex was away, so a Nanny was called everyday to come and look after them. They recovered on the day the twins were to become toddlers.

Going backwards a little bit, Henry had become a toddler the day Alexander went missing for three days. In that time, a pregnant Stella had to teach him all three of his toddler skills (which she succeeded) and gain back two cleaning skill points she lost due to a chance card (she succeeded). He aged to a child on Friday, so has yet to go to school.

Arthur, the eldest, was taught to study by Stella. He played a huge roll during the flu scenario, bringing his parents left overs and snacks from the fridge. He aged to a teen on the Sunday, where he got the Fortune aspiration. So far, for the one day he's been a teen, he's been very useful around the house; feeding his siblings, emptying the potty, putting them to bed, and even playing with them. He's amazing, so far.

The twins both aged to toddlers the day their parents recovered. The pair of them were taught all of their toddler skills.

A bit jumbled, but that's what happened this session.

When a game is predictable, it's boring.
That goes for any medium that isn't life.
That's why The Sims 2 is my favourite sims game.
It has elements of unpredictability and everything feels more involved.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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John and Jennifer Burb had another child named Lily, after her cousin Lilith. Lucy felt that their house was too small and moved in with the Goths so she could marry Alexander as soon as she turned eighteen.

Cassandra married Don Lothario who proceeded to give up on his womanizing ways after finding out that Cassandra was pregnant. He didn't want their child to be raised by a cheating father. It took some time after Juana was born and Miguel was conceived for him to not want to woohoo with other other women, but he seems content with just Cassandra after he cut off contact with them.

Mortimer Goth died and Alexander inherited everything. He fathered a child with Angela Pleasant, and while it took a long time and a lot of effort, he was able to repair his relationship with Lucy. Since Mortimer wanted names to passed along to later generations in order to "live forever" in a way, Lucy and Alexander's twin boys were named Mortimer II and Alexander II.

Lilith moved in with the Dreamers, married Dirk, and got a job. She later had twins, Daisy and David. Darren is still trying to pursue his dream of being an artist, but he's been slacking off lately. Dirk didn't want to go to college and got a job right out of high school. Lilith never reconciled with her sister and parents and has no plans to.

Mary-Sue Pleasant threw herself even more into work after discovering Daniel cheating on her with Kaylynn. Daniel wasn't remorseful in the least. He continues to cheat on her with other women and since Mary-Sue lost her job and doesn't want to leave her current lifestyle, they're still together. Neither Mary-Sue or Daniel are happy in their marriage and they aren't even best friends, let alone in love with each other. Angela got pregnant by Alexander as a teen while engaged to Dustin, but Dustin is the most forgiving person in the world and raises her daughter, Joy, like his own. He also has a daughter with Angela named Jocelyn. Dustin has two new brothers fathered by none other than Daniel Pleasant.

Brandi raised Beau and Nathanial with a lot of help from Dustin and was devastated when Dustin moved out. She still can't afford a nanny. Daniel Pleasant sweet talked her into a relationship, promising that he was going to leave Mary-Sue and marry Brandi instead. That never happened and when Brandi got pregnant, he offered her 10K in hush money if she never named him as the father and didn't go after him for child support. Brandi realized that while 10K was a lot of money, it wouldn't solver their money problems and there was no guarantee and Daniel was going to actually give her the money, anyway. She had twin boys, Marcus and Lucas, and filed for child support. Since Brandi is so close to being an elder, she's trying to run out the clock to retirement and raise her twins by herself.

The Calientes are not in the rotation yet.

The Oldies are dead.

I had to reinstall the game because I tried fixing a double installation problem and deleted my saves. I ended up downloading clean templates for the neighborhoods this time, too. I'm also playing the characters much differently than I usually do, particularly Daniel, Brandi, and Lilith. It's fun.

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I started the session relatively chilled, as it was mostly house decorating. Beau in the newly formed 'Broke' household had his house furnished and decorated, and the same went for the newly formed 'Nigmos' household consisting of Ophelia and Skipp. I didn't play them, as they had already been played this round, but it didn't hurt to make their houses look nice in preparation for next round.

As far as actual gameplay is concerned, the Curious household was played.

Lazlo had been through a lot as of late, these events taking an even bigger toll on him as time goes on. He had heard about what had happened to Erin, who had died from a nasty bug he had given her, and Crystal, who got caught up in a storm fire and passed away in Pleasantview. He was in deep red aspiration and kept rolling the want to 'Be Saved from Death.' His life had truly declined, much like his health as he was still suffering from the flu.

He was bed ridden for three days until he recovered. On the day of his recovery, an arsonist ran into the house, just as Venus was returning home with a friend, and nabbed the highest telescope, set fire to the other, and set fire to the bottom of the stairs before running away. Firefighters were called to help. Lazlo was set on fire twice, that much so, his needs were in deep red. This fire placed his aspiration deeper into the red, so after the fire cleared up, the Therapist paid him a visit.

It was a struggle, but he did get some food down him, showered, and put to bed. He did pee himself, but his hygiene was in deep red anyway, so it didn't have much of an effect, except for giving him a negative memory. He talked with Professor Von Ball (is that what it's called?) a lot, until he played a game of chess, which cleared his head massively.

Venus was also fighting off the flu at the start of the round, but was able to recover just before she aged up to a teenager. She got given the popularity aspiration. She kept her grades up, cooked meals, and remained calm during the house fire (translation: "Wasn't interested and kept checking herself out constantly."), however it did place her into aspiration failure. That terrible head space, combined with constantly trying to clean up after her incredibly sloppy uncle, pushed her over the edge.

She ran away from home... twice.

Lazlo would always cry afterward, but would report her missing; the police were really responsive, as they'd bring her home right after they called.

To end this session on a positive note, Lazlo got promoted and has built up enough logic skill for another promotion. Maybe, there is hope for him to get his life back on track.

When a game is predictable, it's boring.
That goes for any medium that isn't life.
That's why The Sims 2 is my favourite sims game.
It has elements of unpredictability and everything feels more involved.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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I've been testing more new installs of Mods and CC in my BACC in Dodge again.
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I was feeling very tired today, so I decided to play MooVille for a while since everyone there is starting out and there aren't a lot of complicated relationships to remember. Having a baby boom, but at least no one died on me!

Max and Christa Flexor have two daughters: Eleasha and Marta. Max is Romance and in aspiration failure. Christa found out he was cheating and is not happy with him. Eleasha is really low on fun because they don't have money to afford more than one toy, so she is also in aspiration failure, and her hunger got super low for a toddler because while I was having one parent get her a bottle, the other would put her in the crib, then the other parent would have to get her out of the crib, and the cycle kept repeating itself. Fortunately, I was finally able to get her fed and put to bed.

Mitch and Delilah Indie have two children, Aaron and Gwen, but they are ahead of everyone else in the week, so I didn't play them today.

Phineaus and Marla Furley have three daughters: Brooke, Halima, and Nuha (thank you, random name generator). Marla barely survived the exhaustion and hunger of her second pregnancy, but jumped right into getting pregnant again. Fortunately, her third was much easier on her, and she had no problems.

Connor and Marylena Dawn have two daughters: Chloe-Ann and Judy (my favorite random names). Connor is a great dad and has taught Chloe-Ann all her skills and potty-trained Judy. Marylena is the breadwinner. This family has it together. I'm glad one family does.

Chaz and Amber Whippler have one son, Farley, and Amber just got pregnant again, I think. Chaz is Romance and in aspiration failure, so he quit his job and tries to get away from the house as much as possible to talk to townie women.

Destry and Debbie Wade have two daughters: Danielle and Luisa. They don't have a lot of money because Destry is trying to get a business of some kind started. I was worried that Debbie wouldn't make it through her second pregnancy, but she managed to pull it through.

There were a lot of girls born during this baby boom: 10 girls and 2 boys.
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Long time no see from me, yes.

I haven't intentionally broken up anybody before. In my current Veronaville save, almost all the Sims that come with the neighborhood as teens are now at least adults, or have departed their Sim neighborhood.

While playing a Sim unrelated to anyone in the story on a community lot, now-adult Mercutio Monty fell in love with former teen townie now-playable-adult Nancy Philippine. When I loaded the Monty Ranch and saw the two wanted to get married and throw a party, it was granted. Mercutio invited now-adult Puck Summerdream and his wife Pamela (maiden last name Landry; yes the townie) to the festivities and some other mutual friends.

It all went downhill from there. See Puck and Pamela got married very quickly and despite doing alright for themselves, they and their twin children lived in a cramped and cheaply-expanded home. Puck didn't know Pamela hoped for more.

After Pamela complemented Mercutio in a full room, Mercutio flirted with Pamela in response! Nancy slapped him, and Puck slapped Pamela, immediately undoing two relationships at the same time! That's when Mercutio said it was all over and sent everyone home. No vows were exchanged, and the final heir to the Monty Estate wondered what would become of it.

At Puck Summerdream's home, Puck immediately broke up with Pamela.

And Nancy Philippine left what would have been her own wedding party so quickly there was no time to formally call things off. Mercutio would stop by every so often to steal newspapers and knock over the garbage can, and that's when Nancy formally ended the relationship. Or so it seemed, because Nancy gave birth to their child several days later!

Meanwhile, things aren't too bad for our philanderer. Pamela was actually interested in Mercutio all along, and when the two met up at a community lot she agreed to return to Mercutio's place, and ultimately moved in with him. The two like each other but so far only Pamela is rolling marriage-related wants. Maybe she should give it some time this time.
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The Specters were played this session, which consist of Norman Specter, previously known as 'Nervous Subject,' Bella Bachelor, a recreation of the townie version of 'Bella Goth,' who wasn't included in the fixed subhood template for some reason, and her son with the late Ajay Loner, Nichol.

Nichol is trying to get used to this new life; a stone house with ghosts, his father being deceased, and living with a stranger who his mother was all over. He now has to live with the fact that he found out early on in his life, that there are terrible people in the world. He met a girl at school, who is much younger than him, called Scout Oldie; they hit it off and became best friends relatively quickly. He also met Danielle Broke, who he made friends with, and Henry Goth, who he is still mere acquaintances with. His mother taught him to study and since then, doing homework has never been easier. He aged to a teen with the Family aspiration and changed his surname from 'Bachelor' to 'Loner' to honour his late father.

Bella continued to work, eventually getting up to Lvl 5 in the Law Enforcement career. Norman proposed to her and she, regretfully, accepted; she loved him and wasn't afraid of it, in fact, she wanted marriage, but the memory just didn't feel positive for her. They were wed on the Friday, where they invited their friends, including Lola Curious, who still had the flu. Most of guests got infected, including the bride and the groom, Nichol, Angela, Lilith, and probably a few more. Lola also had a breakdown in the middle of the wedding. Regardless, the party was a success.

Norman is enjoying his newfound freedom, but is struggling to adjust. He finds it difficult to get on with any colleagues Bella brings home from work, but at least he gets on with her son. While he had the house to himself, he finally went through with his plan to kill Loki Beaker by drowning him in the sink (just imagine that this can happen!). He got a positive memory, though... is this a glitch, or is it normal for sims to get a positive memory of enemies dying?

After the wedding, the entire household had the flu for the day. They made it out okay. They also tried for a baby, so Bella is pregnant. Amin Bear came and set a fire in two areas of the house. Everyone's needs plummeted badly afterwards, that much so that Bella died from fright, but was saved by Norman, then he died from fright, but Bella failed.

So, that concludes the story of Norman Specter, previously known as 'Nervous Subject.' And yes, that is his full name.

Anyway, after everything was replaced, Amin Bear came back and burned what I'd just replaced. I just replaced them again and since it was Monday morning in-game time, I could leave that house until next round.


When a game is predictable, it's boring.
That goes for any medium that isn't life.
That's why The Sims 2 is my favourite sims game.
It has elements of unpredictability and everything feels more involved.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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#5963 Old 20th Nov 2020 at 2:45 PM Last edited by Vixxen : 20th Nov 2020 at 4:01 PM.
Some more freshly grown up teens from my current rotation.

Joseph Pleasant is Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant's youngest child. Unlike his older sisters, he looks a lot more like his mom, however, he really looks up to his dad and wants to become an athlete just like him. There is one difference though - as a Popularity Sim, Joseph cares more about friends than romance.

Juno Capp is the oldest daughter of Kent Capp and Bianca Capp (nee Monty). She has two younger sisters, and she hopes to have a big family someday too. But despite being a Family Sim, she is also quite studious, just like her dad.

Malcolm Landgraab V shares both his name and his face with his father, so there's no need pointing out who he is. His mother is Dina (nee Caliente). Despite both of his parents being Fortune Sims, Malcolm doesn't really care about money, but instead only cares about his friends and working out. His parents expect him to take over the family businesses once he's older, and he doesn't necessarily hate the idea - although he doesn't really care about whether the businesses make money or not, for him, it's just a good opportunity to socialize with everyone from the neighborhood.
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All my families are caught up to each other now, so I played Monday in MooVille.

In the Flexor family, despite all her problems as a toddler, Eleasha learned to walk and so grew up well. Christa is so angry at Max for cheating that she won't sleep in the same bed with him, but she still loves him.

In the Indie family, Mitch threw Aaron a birthday party and even though he fell asleep on the sofa in the middle of it, it was a good time and Aaron grew up well. The Indies had to take out a loan to afford a big-boy bed for him, though. They have been spending too much money on upgrading their furniture.

In the Furley family, Halima became a toddler and both parents seem to be prioritizing teaching her skills over their older daughter, Brooke, who still has not learned hers. Marla is running herself ragged with three young children and fell asleep in her food again.

In the Dawn family, Chloe-Ann grew up well, naturally, having already learned all her skills. Connor taught Judy how to talk, so she only needs to learn to walk now.

In the Whippler family, Chaz and Amber had a second son named Patryk. They are deeply in debt but Chaz still doesn't want to get a job. He takes care of the kids. Amber spends all her free time painting and mostly ignores Chaz. Chaz threw Farley a birthday party, which was not bad, and he grew up well. Amber slept through it.

In the Wade family, Danielle learned all her toddler skills and grew up well. Debbie got promoted to Campaign Manager and Destry made a good business deal so they were able to pay off some of their debt and buy Danielle a nice bed.
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Luna Canyon had its very first death today.

The Fraser's were having a nice Sunday afternoon at home. Claire was reading and Jamie lit a fire in the fireplace. Eventually, the room caught fire and spread pretty quickly. Claire caught on fire. Faith, their child aged daughter, was supposed to go call in the emergency but when she ran through the room with the fire to get to the phone she saw her toy box had caught on fire. She could not let her toys burn! She went to save her toys so Jamie had to call the fire department (she autonomously went to go play with her toys in the middle of the fire). The fireman was able to save Claire, but both Faith and her toys perished. Claire pleaded to the Grim Reaper to not take her child away, but he said no. This was my first time ever having a child die and ever having the 'Plead with the Grim Reaper" fail.

I'm honestly sad Faith is gone. Claire and Jamie raised her to be their little princess (she grew up into the princess gown outfit) and she sure acted like one. She teased her toddler triplet siblings all of the time and bullied people she had wants to be friend with. I was excited to see how a spoiled and bratty child would grow up into a teen. She may not have been good with other kids, but she was amazing with animals. She was the Master of three of the Fraser's dogs: Mars, Arabella, and Beatrix.

At the Parker household, Kaibab acted as if him kissing the townie at the bar never happened. It didn't mean anything to him, but you would think that his life long relationship with his wife Shenandoah would make him reflect on it more. He had been faithful to her this entire time, why bother kissing someone else? Shenandoah is the overly forgiving type, anyways. Kaibab just swept it under the rug - maybe he had too many drinks to remember it himself. Kaibab spent the day running the market stand and their son Forrest mainly played outside with the dog. Shenandoah heard the tragic news of the fire at the Fraser's and no longer wants to be saved from death. She knows the Grim Reaper can be summoned, but it's too risky after hearing that he didn't accept Claire's plea. For now, Shenandoah will have to focus on other research projects and put most of her energy into building the new university for Luna Canyon students.
#5966 Old 21st Nov 2020 at 6:29 AM
I was setting up the community lot and my homestead in Pleasant Valley earlier and got the items placed on the lots I wanted.
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This session was the Beaker's time to shine... sort of.

So with Loki now being dead, Circe now has to raise his clone - I mean their daughter, Eris - all by herself. Circe loved the man to pieces when he was alive, however isn't too bothered by his death; it's just business as usual.  She even invited Don over for a little bit of fun and fears his death. She wanted a skill point, so got one for mechanical which got her a promotion for Lvl 7 in the medicine career. Circe is first fortune sim I've had to roll nothing career based.

Eris is a lot like her father in personality, but despite her extremely grouchy nature, she loves her teddy bear and her mother. She aged up to a child, was taught to study by her mother, and got an A+ report card. She even studied fire safety.

The Butler was very incompetent. He made TV Dinners and the occasional omelette or mac & cheese, greeted random strangers, and even set the kitchen on fire while Circe and Eris were at work and school respectively. He even glitched out while Eris was a toddler and just walked off the lot, leaving her home alone; if it wasn't for Nichol Loner walking past the lot, she wouldn't have had anyone to call her a Nanny.

When a burglar arrived on the lot, the burglar alarm went off, notifying the police of the situation; the Butler felt the need to call another officer to come. When a cactus got set on fire during a thundering rain storm, the Butler called the fire department, which sounds great, except the rain put the fire out before he could get there, so the end result was a fine.

That was ultimately the last straw and Circe fired him.

Not too eventful, but it was nice to play semi-drama free.

When a game is predictable, it's boring.
That goes for any medium that isn't life.
That's why The Sims 2 is my favourite sims game.
It has elements of unpredictability and everything feels more involved.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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I played a few more days in MooVille. The baby boom continues, and I had my first accidental death since everyone left university.

In the Flexor family, Christa and Max made up. Marta learned to talk, so she grew up well. Max wanted to throw her a birthday party, but he was sleeping when she aged up, so he didn't get to. Max then got a promotion at work but came home with the flu, so he is trying to recuperate.

In the Indie family, Mitch got fired from his journalism job. He's going to stay home and watch the kids for now but is thinking about starting his own business. Gwen grew up well after learning all her toddler skills.

In the Furley family, Brooke did manage to learn one toddler skill without her parents' help, so she grew up well. She continues to be overlooked by her parents for her two younger sisters, so that's an interesting dynamic. They had to take on more debt to buy Brooke a bed and now owe more than any other family. Nuha became a toddler, and both parents want to teach her all her skills, but she's not very cooperative and would rather do her own thing. They did teach Halima all her skills and she grew up well.

In the Dawn family, Connor taught Judy all her skills. He threw her a birthday party, which was a good time, and she grew up well. During the party, he and Marylena snuck off to the bedroom, and she got pregnant again. Marylena went to work immediately after her first baby bump and actually got a promotion. The rest of her pregnancy was very difficult for her, but she pulled through, and their third daughter is named Shanaya. Connor taught both his older girls to study.

In the Whippler family, Patryk became a toddler. Amber electrocuted herself trying to repair the dishwasher and died. Chaz then went into aspiration failure, and as a result, he changed to the Pleasure aspiration. When he pulled himself together, he got a job in the Slacker career. Now he wants to fall back in love with Ellen Frost, his college girlfriend before Amber.

In the Wade family, Luisa learned to walk and talk, so she grew up well. Debbie got pregnant from risky woohoo (it's been a long time since that happened!). Their third child is a boy named Rafi.

That makes 15 children so far: 11 girls and 4 boys.
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That's average 2,75 first kisses for every boy.
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Evan Baker is officially over his ex wife Sugar and is enjoying life with his son and girlfriend, Brooke. Brooke has made herself quite at home and has even decided to wear the clothes that Sugar left behind. It's a bit odd and confused Bud when he woke up from a nap and saw someone in his mama's clothes. Evan and Brooke decorated their apartment so much that it doesn't even look like it did when Sugar lived there. They make quite the team running the bakery together, too. Evan's not even thinking about taking any next steps with Brooke for now, he's just happy she's around.

Sugar, on the other hand, isn't finding the single life as fulfilling as she thought she would. She had the day off from work and decided to visit a few lots around the motel she's staying at. She ran into Brooke and was livid to see her wearing her old clothes. Does Brooke think she can replace Sugar so easily? She had a fear to marry Henry Piccolo, then a want to marry him. She ended up acquainting herself better with one of her neighbors and went on a date with him that she wasn't super into. She seems bored with herself and desperate. Hopefully she will find something meaningful and productive to throw herself into soon.

At the Fromage household, I thought I was going to lose another Sim to the Grim Reaper. Pepper just gave birth to twins and was orange/red in almost every single motive bar. I spent the whole day taking care that she would make it through. All four kids were extremely fussy too, which was not very helpful to their dad Jack. Both Pepper and Jack have mainly child and career related wants right now. I think they realize they are going to need more income to raise four kids. Pepper is okay now. I left her with only her fun meter in the red.
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I played through the end of week 2 in MooVille.

In the Flexor family, Max recovered from the flu and taught both girls how to study. Christa has been spending her days hanging out at the local bar, hustling pool and flirting with townie guys.

In the Indie family, Delilah got a promotion. She is also writing a novel and paints masterpieces in her spare time. After school, she taught Gwen to study, and Mitch taught Aaron. On Sunday, Delilah took the kids to the park, and Aaron caught a couple of fish. Mitch doesn't do much of anything.

In the Furley family, Nuha was taught all her toddler skills and grew up well. She immediately began picking fights with her older sister Halima when no one was looking. Her parents had to take out another loan to afford her bed; they owe over $10,000 and the computer is broken, which hampers their ability to learn skills or work from home. The Furley girls may not get to go to college if this keeps up.

In the Dawn family, Marylena spent all day at the pool so she could improve her body skill and get a promotion. Then she came home and got pregnant again from risky woohoo (second time I've had risky woohoo in one week!), just after Shanaya became a toddler. Their fourth child is a boy and named Tobi. It's going to be a squeeze fitting four children into their house, but they can't move as long as they have a mortgage.

In the Whippler family, Patryk managed to learn how to potty, so he grew up all right. Chaz met a girl named Sahra Day at the roller rink, and they hit it off right away. They had a dream date, and then they fell in love, so Chaz asked her to move in. She is also Pleasure and works in the Culinary career. She brought in enough cash that Chaz was able to start college accounts for both boys.

In the Wade family, Debbie got promoted to City Council and Destry made a good business deal, so they were able to put a little money away in the girls' college accounts. Then Destry's college friend Margaret stopped by while Debbie was out roller skating with Danielle, and they started kissing right in front of the house. Debbie saw them when she came home, and she and the girls were both furious with Destry, so she asked for a divorce, and Destry moved out. He is planning to ask Margaret to move in with him. Rafi became a toddler, and Debbie taught him to potty and talk.
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I went into Megahood again, where Kaylynn Langarak is living in the little forest shack in Pleasantview. She's working for Malcolm Landgraab at Club Dante as a cook. She gave birth to twins Daniel and Diane, and got pregnant by her other lover, Don Lothario. She keeps rolling marriage wants for Don.

The Burbs moved in, and Danny Pleasant invited them on the first night outing. John got a job in Law Enforcement and Jennifer got one in Law. Jennifer decided to go out to Oresha Family Dining, and found that Danny had brought Mary Sue and Kaylynn with him. While there, she took a photo with her brother in the photo booth, Lucy got to know her aunt and uncle a bit better, and Mary Sue flirted with Danny in front of Kaylynn. Kaylynn was heart broken, and Mary Sue stood there smirking. Jennifer felt that was much too much drama for Lu and took the family home, where they spent a quiet week making friends, skilling, and earning promotions and good grades.

I need to play the Oldies and the Goths still, and any other families that choose to move from the bin to Pleasantview., and then Pleasantview's rotation is done.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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I was in Pleasant Valley setting up the community lot and my homestead lot when I checked out the newly installed CC.
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Well, I'm getting very caught up in the lives of my MooVille families now. Here is what's been happening up to around midweek.

In the Flexor family, Eleasha became a teen (Popularity). Christa came home from work with the flu. Max got fired, and he also got the flu when Christa was consoling him. Then Marta became a teen (Romance), but since both her parents were sick, only Eleasha helped her celebrate her birthday.

In the Indie family, Aaron had a birthday (Family), which everyone else pretty much ignored.

In the Furley family, there was a bad kitchen fire, and they had to borrow even more money to replace everything that burned. Brooke became a teen (Fortune).

In the Dawn family, Chloe-Ann became a teen (Fortune). Shanaya learned all of her toddler skills. Marylena was fired, and then Connor was electrocuted while trying to repair the computer. I was very sad about that--he was such a great family man! Now Marylena is in aspiration failure as a single mom of four with no job.

In the Whippler family, Farley became a teen (Family) and immediately began looking around for that special someone. Truthfully, every teen he saw (boy and girl) made him swoon, but he took advantage of the opportunity when Brooke Furley came home from school with him and got both his first kiss and first woohoo. On that same day, Patryk became a teen (Knowledge).

In the Wade family, Rafi learned all of his toddler skills. Danielle became a teen (Family). Debbie has been wanting to move on after her divorce, but it's hard in a small town where everywhere you go, you run into your ex and his fiancee. She's become quite prone to slapping them both in public places. Luisa became a teen (Knowledge) and came out as trans; now his name is Luis, and everyone is very supportive.

In the other Wade household, Destry asked Margaret to marry him, and she moved in. She is Family and in the Education career. Destry threw a wedding party, and it was a good time; both of his older kids came to the wedding.
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This is three sessions in one, as the Smiths took longer to play than I anticipated. I also played Buck just before he went to college.

Pol wanted a logic skill point, so earned himself one. This got him a promotion to Lvl 2 in Law, so he began doing a lot better in that field.

In the midafternoon, Jill had to go to work, but couldn't due to having to leave Janet home alone. She waited until 6pm before going, which resulted in her getting a telling off from her boss.

A new addition to the family was adopted ready for the next day, when Jenny and Pol had an unrealised baby want, but couldn't conceive anymore. Jenny adopted after getting home from work.

Johnny was invited over for a bit, where he just drank from the bar a lot and moved from the upstairs porch to the downstairs porch repeatedly. Eventually, Pol stopped him on the downstairs porch and they had a talk. They chatted for a while and he didn't leave until 2am, same went for the Gardener funnily enough.

Tuesday was Jenny's day off, so she invited Johnny over, because she had the want to 'Encourage Johnny to be Nice.' During his visit, the new baby came; a boy with S4, blonde hair, and brown eyes. He was named Joe.

Pol didn't go to work and instead threw an anniversary party for himself and Jenny. Johnny was already at the lot, so it was only Lola, Chloe, Lazlo, and Venus who had to be invited from the family. Pol's friend, Christy Stratton, was invited, and friends of family were invited, such as Johnny's friendship circle and Jill's boyfriend, Buck.

Forgetting that Lola had the flu, she infected almost everyone at the party, turning it into a soup gathering, as Jenny made two servings of Grandma's Comfort Soup. Everyone was cured in the end, including Lola.

Pol passed away in platinum, causing both Jenny and Johnny to have a fear realised. I know Jenny had a fear of Pol dying, but I'm not sure about Johnny. Probably the same thing, as they lost the same amount of aspiration points. Jenny was placed in aspiration failure, but not deep enough to need the Therapist.

With Pol no longer being around to watch the kids, Johnny was asked to watch them (or just Joe and then Janet when she got home), while Jenny was at work. He does a good job, when he isn't breaking the upstairs bathroom sink and making Joe float in mid-air. He got Joe down, though, so he's truly magical. All in all, he does a better job than the Nannies anyway.

Janet aged to a teenager with the family aspiration and wants to have her first kiss.

Joe aged to a child and Jenny managed to teach him all of his toddler skills.

Jill went to college on Saturday morning.

Janet walked to 88 Road to Nowhere to get groceries, hoping to find her first kiss, but met Fricorith Tricou instead, a vampire. They got along, though, she got home at 2am.

This part is going to be very short, which is why I've just thrown it into this update.

Since the household was literally just Buck on his own, with 5 days until adult and the want to go to college, this was just a 'maintaining his needs until we reach the finish line,'  as it won't be a full week with him going to university.

Highlights include, Jill coming over for a bit for a make out session, Johnny calling Buck every day until he left for college, and on the day he was to leave, the bath broke and the house was burgled. He didn't take anything, he only set Ripp's old bedroom cupboard and Buck's bedroom cupboard on fire. The fire department was called in time, so damage was minimal.

Nothing was replaced as Buck just left.

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