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Default Let's Play Sims 3 Supernatural
Hi everyone

Last week I started with my first Let's Play and I thought about posting a message here for people like me who have a hard time finding let's plays on youtube.

My let's play is about the TV-series Supernatural, where I start out when they are eenie meenie little. John, Mary and their son Dean are living their ordinary lives, when Mary becomes pregnant again.

It's not a shipping/heavy fangirling let's play. You certainly don't have to have watched the series to watch the let's play (but of course you might get spoilers that way and you might not get some jokes, not that they are that funny to begin with). I will use all game-packs at some point in the let's play.
I think that's all the basic info I wanted to give to you. I hope some of you can enjoy the series. I must say that my videos still keep improving. Suggestions, tips and critique are of course always welcome as long as you're not being too blunt about it. Cause the most important thing is that I'm having fun and I hope some of you will too.

The First episode of my let's play. You can watch the rest on my channel: LordCookieGaming; since I'm not sure if I'm supposed/allowed to post the rest here as well.
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