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I believe in the creation week being 168 hours long, not millions of years.
this is due to the word for day being translated as a 24 hour segment. also Genesis 1 states that it was evening then morning the (1-7)st/nd/rd/th day
I believe the world is 6500ish years old
Fossils are because of the Flood, what archaeology books don't show or tell you are the millions of marine, mammal, flora and other specie fossil found around dinosaur fossils, and in some cases in the dinosaur fossils.
The resurrection happened.
I belive that Jesus Christ is the Lord and you will be saved by believing in him.
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Well, I've known about this Group almost since I joined MTS over two years ago, and now I've actually taken the plunge and joined it! There are things in my game that I feel many Christians would disapprove of, and perhaps God disapproves of them too.

What do I believe? Well, I count myself as a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ), even if I'm a bad one. I suppose I ought to be able to just recite the Apostles' Creed and say that's what I believe, and I suppose that intellectually I'd assent to everything in it. Being a bad Christian has its advantages: I'm under no illusions about getting into heaven on the strength of my own virtue! I know I need Jesus for salvation and I trust him to save me.

On many of the subjects that divide Christians today, I think I'm really agnostic. I grew up with a sort of mainstream "liberal" faith and thought that's what everyone believed. Later on I came across people of a more conservative evangelical or "fundamentalist" persuasion. They didn't persuade me that they were right, but they did persuade me that their position was intellectually tenable. So I honestly don't know whether the world was created in a week 6,500 years ago, or whether it evolved over billions of years. And, at the end of the day, I don't think it's all that important. Either way it's a very long time ago, long, long before I was born. Yes, I do believe that the Bible is the Word of God, but I think I should read it for what it says that helps me to live my life today rather than what it tells me about ancient history. After all, I think most of us accept that Jesus made his parables up, but they don't lose anything even if there never was a man, mugged on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho, rescued by a good Samaritan. (Though I've been told, if you go to the "Holy Land", people will show you the inn the Samaritan took him to.)

I also think we should very careful about the books of Daniel and Revelation -- most of the more extreme ideas in modern Christianity are based on interpretations of verses in these books. Perhaps the position of Revelation in the Bible is significant: maybe once you've read and understood all the other books in the Bible, it's time to start on Revelation.

In theory I believe that Christians should be witnesses for Jesus, but in practice I tend to leave that to other people. I don't want people looking at me and judging Jesus by what I do. And I don't want to let Jesus down. And I'm always rather surprised when other people say good things about me. I think I only see the warts.

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I think the closest label to describe me would be Christian Gnostic. I´m not part of a church and my spiritual beliefs do not seem to have anything in common with christianity on first glance.
I believe the physical world was created in the Big Bang and that this was the moment the devil seperated from god for reasons beyond my understanding. The universe as we know it started back then. It wasn´t created as a nice place for humans to dwell happily ever after, but as a mirror of the devil. Somewhere far at the end of time there will be a reconciliation, there just has to be! Until then we sort of replay the Big Bang by seperating parts of our souls and those parts join with physical bodies (human, alien, animal, plant, whatever) to create minds. When the body dies, the soul piece rejoins the original soul, bringing all the experience it made with it. Sorta like an rpg character that´s filed after a campaign is finished. I´m afraid we cannot linger near god for long, because of our taint from having fallen with the devil. So we go back to the world again. And again. Until every last being is cleansed from the taint and we all rejoin the light. And I mean everyone. No hell or eternal damnation and especially no so called "pure souls" who enjoy their time in heaven even more for knowing that the impure are condemmed to hell. Thank you very much, Thomas of Aquin, but a soul that can enjoy such a display is far from pure!

This is what I pieced together from comparing religious texts and some very personal experiences. It´s a hypothesis, the explanation of the world around me that makes the most sense to me, and as such may be way off reality. I may have to pay dearly for having believed and taught the wrong stuff. But what good would it do to pretend I believe in the bible as it is written when I do not? God knows what I think anyway.

So on first glance I´d fit in better with a new age or hinduist religion, if not for Jesus Christ. He died to take the original sin (most probably this original sin is tied in with the incident that caused the Big Bang) from us. But even moreso before dying he lived just like any other human being. Not just an ordinary soul taking a body, but god himself, the supreme being that is pure light and love, walked this world! And not just with us, but as one of us, prone to every instinct, joy and pitfall those bodies come with. Contrary to what some scholars claim I do not believe Jesus was unfettered by all of this. He must have known fear, lust, pride, feelings of inadequacy and being told to go into carpentry to prove what an responsible adult he was. Alas, his responsibility was a greater one.
This is the real sacrifice, something that cannot be valued and re-told enough. In the end the christian who takes the bible literally and me have this in common: we trust in Jesus to guide our way back home. Everything else is just details.
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