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Default Prayer Requests?
I know we have several vent threads on ModtheSims, but I think having a thread where we post anything we just want/need people to pray for would be nice.

I only have one thing right now. I'm starting my Senior year of high school Monday, and I would just like some prayer as I start looking more seriously at colleges and applying. Prayer that I find the college for me and get in.

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I will pray for you!

I'd have two prayer requests, both in connection with acquaintances and illnesses. The first person I'd like you to pray for is a boy aged like me, we aren't really close to each other, but he needs prayers. He had a really serious accident, he did not cause anything... He was between life and death, and he is still in hospital as far as I know. The left of his brain and the left of his body became dysfunctional. I don't know more, but this is enough so far...
The another person is a baby, who was born with microcaephalia. When she was born, she had a mind of a 20-22 week-old fetus. Please pray for her to have a chance anyway to be a healthy kid!

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Spooky, I'm praying for you. I know how important it is to find the right College. It does make a difference.

Amy, How is the boy doing now? I pray that God's Healing Power has sustained him. And, the Baby? I'm praying for her.

My request: I was diagnosed with Moderate Degenerative Disk Disease. I believe that God is my Healer. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
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