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Late Night and Generations are the two most important expansions to have. So, there

I broke down and got Generations when it was on sale and was amazed at how much it adds to game play. Families are fun again! I may even change baby/toddler age to last more than 3 days!

Late Night was another one I didn't think I needed, but now I wouldn't think of playing without it. I love all the dance/party stuff. Going out is fun again!

I only have two stuff packs, High End Loft and 70s, 80s, & 90s. I love the throwback outfits and hairstyles and actually use them, but understand, none of my Sims could ever be accused of having good taste.

The third EP I have installed is Supernatural. This is only a must-have if you enjoy playing with supernaturals and want Bonehilda (and that would be me!). I have the lunar cycle set to permanent waxing crescent to avoid the zombies (they're pretty lame).

I really enjoyed WA and Ambitions, but have taken them off for now. While I enjoyed doing the adventures and playing some of the occupations, that sort of game play isn't what I look for in the Sims.

Seasons is great. Although not installed right now, I would add it ahead of WA or even Ambitions.

Those are the only EPs I have, because the others just never appealed to me.
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What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?
Most: Ambitions - the professions and objects make this one a "must have" for me
Least: World Adventures - nothing about it appeals to me and I don't play it, but I added it because so many custom worlds required it

What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?
I only have three - High End Loft, Town Life, and Master Suite. None of them that exciting...

If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?

1. Ambitions - as I said above, the professions and objects rock me. Also like the new traits.
2. Seasons - love the weather, but hate the festivals
3. Pets - the animations for cats and dogs are adorable! Spot-on.
4. Generations
5. Showtime
6. Late Night
7. World Adventures

To be fair, I've not played the LN aspects much, so perhaps I'll like it more when I do. I like the objects that came with Showtime -- should have been an SP, really -- but not the careers or animations and lord, you'll never catch me using simport! So those two are a kind of tie.

If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?
I'm not likely to remove any, but I have yet to install University and Island Paradise, though I own them. I will never get Supernatural, not my style of play.
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What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?
My favourite EP is Supernatural. It's almost a tie with Generations, though. I love playing families, so I couldn't do without Generations. But I also love playing the supernaturals - especially witches.
I think University would probably be the least favourite, but there are a lot of things I love in every EP.

What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?
I think the one I use most is Fast Lane (just for the garage deco). But I love Sweet Treats and High End Loft Stuff, too.
Least favourite I think is Diesel, because those jeans look so photoshopped and I dislike the logo plastered on all the outfits.

If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?

Island Paradise
World Adventures
Late Night
Into the Future
University Life

Fast Lane
Sweet Treats
High End Loft Stuff
Movie Stuff
Outdoor Stuff
Town Life Stuff
Master Suite Stuff
60s/70s/80s Stuff
Diesel Stuff

If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?
University Life. I only have it for the objects, and I'd miss them, but I wouldn't really miss the chance for my Sims to go to Uni and watch them sleep through a lecture...
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Default EP Seasons
I have just the Sims 3 base game and wanting to buy an EP. Was thinking of getting seasons is it like the seasons from Sims 2 ?
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i liked seasons better for ts3 because of the open world but yeah i would recommend getting it because it is similar.
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Seasons was my favorite in Sims 2
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Weeeell, Sims2 Seasons was my favorite EP but Sims3 Seasons is the one EP I'm seriously considering uninstalling because I'm getting a lot of lag and out of the EPs I own, I've decided it's one I can live without because it doesn't add as many things as TS2 Seasons did.

-Beautiful weather. The rain on a body of water is beautiful. It's amazing watching the snowfall or watching snow gradually melt away.
-Aliens. I love my sim's alien son. He can eat a space rock and stay up all night fxing broken objects with his 'magic' alien brain, heh. These guys are useful and I think aliens (as much as I loved them in TS2) are one of the very few much improved features of TS3. I want an alien spaceship! Sadly, I have yet to get one.

-No new hood
-No new jobs or skills (I don't count skating or tossing waterballoons/snowballs as real skills)
-No new collectibles (Except pumpkins. And wildflowers...which are pointless). There are some nice new gnomes though.
-Boring seasonal festivals.
-Umbrellas that break after very little use
-Too many aliens (I read they're attracted to space rocks, so if you have many on your lot or in your inventory they will show up Every.Single.Night.)
-Never-ending rain

The snowboard halfpipe & skating rinks are nice but are a bit too large to put on a home lot (unless it's a REALLY big lot).

I tried trick-or-treating once. Nobody came to my sim's home and my sim child only found one home he could go to for candy. And yes the jack-o-lanterns, holiday lights, & snowmen are nice, but not something I really need or use. The constant rain is so annoying I finally just turned it off completely (at least they gave us the option to adjust the seasons' lengths & toggle on/off the weather types). I don't use the online dating system. I did once, but the game thought my sim was gay because he'd complimented a male friend of his or something so I couldn't actually use it to look at any sims I wanted him to be with.

If you love gardening keep in mind your plants will go dormant in the winter unless you buy Supernatural (and use the indoor pots that for some weird reason came with that EP) or the greenhouse from the store (which is glitchy and costs 20USD!! ) and if you don't care and let your plants go dormant anyway they may get stuck and never become harvestable again in which case you'll need Twallan's Tempest mod.

The way the temperature works also bugs me. My plants were still going dormant the day before summer because it was 32F (0C) outside. There doesn't seem to be any gradual change in the temp. The Tempest mod might fix that but I haven't played with it too much.

tl; dr: The weather's beautiful but annoying. If you like pretty graphics, buy it, but don't expect a lot of fun new gameplay (unless you like aliens, which is the only feature keeping me from uninstalling ATM).
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can you customize the weather like in Sims 2 ?
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Originally Posted by eman72
can you customize the weather like in Sims 2 ?

even more so....dont want by....winter
want winter but no by snow
dont want hail or by...
each season you do have can be from 3 to 28 days long....
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Originally Posted by eman72
can you customize the weather like in Sims 2 ?


You can set the individual lengths of each season - for example, you can play winter for 3 days, spring for 10, summer for 21, fall for 9. However you want. Or you can turn one off completely. Right now for instance I'm playing Spring-Summer-Fall. I decided to just skip winter this year.

And like I said before, you can turn off any of the weather types (hail, rain, snow, fog). I turned the rain off cuz it was constant and my sims are always outside doing things and getting a -10 moodlet cuz they're soaked (they only use the umbrella when they're walking or running; if they're actually doing anything outside, they put the umbrella away and get soaked).

I was looking through my screenshots and I actually have a lot relating to Seasons (again, cuz the weather's so purdy!).


Rain on the pond.

Crazy lady.

Skating on the pond.




Trick or treat.


Hot dog contest at the summer festival.
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Originally Posted by eman72
can you customize the weather like in Sims 2 ?

Yes, you can choose the length of seasons, what weather you want to appear, ... There's a weather changer lifetime reward, too, that allows you to change it.

I enjoy Seasons a lot, but it does create lag sometimes.
I love the weather and the different parties you can host based on the Seasons. I dig the Aliens -- I wasn't concerned with them at first and didn't want an Alien sim, but after I had some Alien babies, I was more interested. They don't need to sleep and can eat space rocks for energy. I have my Alien dad upgrade stuff and hack at night. They don't even need rocks very often.
Yeah, having rocks on your lot causes them to show up. However, I have a meteor spawner on my lot & don't see the Alien every night? It happens fairly frequently, but not every night. Maybe one a week. But, I do have one of the Aliens in my family now...
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Do you guys know there's a stickied thread with all the reasoning which is good/better/worse, PROs and CONs of all packs that is still ongoing?? Why don't you join that? Maybe, as I'm full of holiday cheer (or something), I'd even merge this one to that instead of simply locking it...

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sorry ellacharmed i didn't look. I've been gone from here for awhile still learning it all again.
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Rank 1 Seasons - Maxis (Redwood Shores)
Should have been in the core game but wasn't again and now we have to pay for it! Despite this the ep is filled with lots of exciting and awesome gameplay effects and it should be the first expansion pack installed in every simmers game. Disappointing that there was no option to choose climates for tropical islands! If you skip winter you miss Xmas which means you no longer receive a xmas bonus which is BS! I want my Xmas bonus and I'm sick of trick or treaters as I'm an Aussie but I love Autumn so I can't be entirely happy. Despite all this the activities in weather and parties seem to add a dynamic to any sims storytelling.

Rank 2 Generations - EA Play/The Sims Studio
This is in my opinion the best expansion back if you want the best features on top of your base game. If you don't care about seasons, which I doubt because weather is a natural part of life this is the next in line that adds so much depth to the games story progression and gameplay. One thing I do hate is the amount of pop ups and totally random memories like mikes first cereal today? Really you’re an adult and you are remembering your first cereal in Sunset Valley? Also why would I want to share this stupid spam with my friends on facebook when I have to constantly have to be frustrated with the increasing amount of pop ups. Despite the negatives there is something about this expansion pack that brings back the charm of the original Sims storytelling and I spent the most time playing the Sims when Generations was out until Pets.

Rank 3 University Life - Maxis (Salt Lake City)
This was an exciting ep because we thought maxis had forgotten University from the sims 2 since there return. Well actually we all wanted Open for Business more but University still added a heap of additions to the game that simulated travelling away from home like it should be and not like World Adventures. There are so many exciting things to get you excited for at Uni but the best part was that it wasn't forced on to your sims! You didn't get a bunch of school teachers encouraging your kids to attend uni. The benefits of uni and gaining a degree along with all the exciting parties and isolated environment between uni and the outside world and the most awesome thing was the social type system with geek, jock and rebel added. This was by far a true return to form for maxis and everyone regained their faith for The Sims 4 being in good hands. The only negative I can fault with this expansion is that it can become difficult and confusing controlling multiple sims or planning your degree to ambitious.

Rank 4 Island Paradise - Maxis (Redwood Shores)
After University came out many of us were left confused when Redwood Shores announced Island Paradise. We didn't get the point because we already had World Adventures, which wasn't great but it didn't deserve a rehash in the same generation when Vacation only appeals to one type of simmer. However as the months went on and the fans defended saying maxis would do vacation justice we noticed a very ambitious and new style of gameplay to live on yachts, boat houses, go scuba diving and own resorts! We were left stunned and in terms of gameplay additions this added more than every other expansion and is the most feature rich and exciting to date. There was nothing negative to report with this ep it was just perfect however there were a few that didn't find it appealing. Oh I take that back the worst thing about Island Paradise was that it was overshadowed with the announcement of The Sims 4. Many simmers refused to waste more money at this point because they knew The Sims 4 would be coming.

Rank 5 Late Night - EA Play/The Sims Studio
A fan favourite and a brand saviour! Yes, The Sims 3 had sold so poorly with World Adventures and Ambitions that EA thought the sims might be a dying industry. Late night was released and is the bestselling ep of The Sims 3, for good reason too! It allows your sims to go out with friends, go clubbing, become celebrities, live in the hills, enjoy the city life, own high rise apartments and become actors! There was an annoying problem with becoming a celebrity being too easy and when you were a celebrity it was annoying and made the game a joke but if you avoided being a celebrity or used a mod then it became acceptable. Oh and there's a bunch of other incredible features like bands and vampires but the reason this tops Ambitions on my list are the breast sliders!

Rank 6 Ambitions - EA Play/The Sims Studio
Very feature rich and ambitious! The flop of World adventures left the general opinion that this ep had to be The Sims Unleashed, Seasons and Free Time all in one to save the franchise. While it wasn’t all those it did at a touch of each. We received a new and interesting neighbourhood and during the period between World Adventures and Ambitions the Create a World tool was released which meant a lot of exciting world projects were arriving on the scene. The game provided the ability to invent, go to work with your Sims (at least the three new careers it did) and the clue an environment that resembles fog and mist as well as an Easter egg weather machine which made very basic lot weather change. It was enough to keep The Sims 3 afloat but it had to be almost perfect to resurrect the series on its own. The one thing simmers did not want from this expansion pack was more bugs and surprisingly it didn’t deliver too many.

Rank 7 Pets – EA Play/The Sims Studio
Yes the most obvious expansion pack is back. While the novelty of unleashed being the most epic expansion ever hasn’t worn off most our minds this idea of pets seems to be getting old at this point. I remember unleashed came out and I was hooked to the sims once again and excited because they announced The Sims 2 with a video in the installation. They also included heaps of new neighbourhoods to our game which back then was huge. It was not all just about pets but the pets didn’t function as primarily characters they were objects that we could influence train and grow to love. That’s the problem that pets 2 & 3 share and don’t add to the game. We don’t need to control our pets and I doubt anyone wants to either because otherwise the game becomes to complicated when you have 8 sims and 3 pets. They include a huge variety of breeds and horses are included into the game. A huge amount of effort was put into this ep which makes me believe they had been working on it based on others around 18 months. The problems are that although the features are awesome they can also be stupid as well. The fact that I keep seeing those damn deer and horses trotting around my yard unless I have fences up gives me the shits. Another thing is that they behave to well for pets and while I do get the occasionally cute animation for the most part they just feel like babies that you can control. Screw that! There are better eps to choose before this and unless you’re a pet lover like me, you will hate the idea and be disgusted with the vermin and rodents.

Rank 8 Supernatural - Maxis (Salt Lake City)
While supernatural maybe higher up on some peoples lists there are several reasons I dislike supernatural. Makin’ Magic was awesome in the original because it was a festival type location that was separate from the main neighbourhood. This ep forces magical and supernatural features into your game even if you don’t want them influences all aspects of your community. Sure you have the ability to turn off farriers or werewolves but you don’t have the ability to turn off those stupid damn zombies! What were they thinking? The worst thing is that moon cycles are only a couple of days before the Thriller starts all over again and again. The thing is that they don’t come screaming in doors for brains or anything they just pop up outside your house and stand there looking brain dead and waiting for a couple to casually dance out of the cinema. Big mistake but this ep is by no means bad as it adds a huge list of cool features and hours of fun but I can’t advice buying this over the ones above because you’re more likely to scream you morons at the swarms of zombies that can’t be removed from the game. For those that do decide there is a mod fix more recently to make it playable.

Rank 9 Into The Future - EA Maxis
The final expansion and it was an exciting one to say the least. Although we have been eager to see a time travel ep for ages no one knew how it could be done. Well maxis went out with a bang and announced this gem and it added a lot of exciting additions to the gameplay. It also broke a lot of things and forced itself onto every new family lot which is why it’s so low on my list. While I love Into the Future I also don’t want to see a time traveller every damn time I move a new family. This happened with Uni too but at least it wasn’t annoying and they dropped a bag and went away. Overall a lot of work went into this ep and it shows and it was a great way to end this saga.

Rank 10 World Adventures - EA Play/The Sims Studio
The first expansion pack was a disaster and we all saw it coming. While it included a very ambitious attempt to add heavily scripted rpg features to the game it also only included 3 locations. China, France and Egypt. While Egypt can be justified the other two can’t and better additions such as Rome, Africa, Brazil, Switzerland etc could be easily a replacement. While you can argue france and china are interesting areas and I actually visited them the most I felt this expansion should have been added later and polished with more locations and included seasons. Just think how amazing this may have been with the alps and the addition of seasons and snow. This would have sparked a storm breeze of excitement across the community and brought many Sims 2 players across and The Sims 3 may have sold 30 million copies instead of 10! There were also so many features implemented poorly like traveling opportunities and visa etc. Overall this is the last expansion pack I would recommend if you have everything else. You won’t miss much but it does add a lot, just not things you potentially want. That includes bugs…

Rank 11 70s, 80s, & 90s - The Sims Studio
Some things I would have loved that the developers forgot to consider. One of the most epic things about original sims and has continued to an extent today is the soundtrack and the variety of simlish music stars that appear in the game. Barenaked Ladies,The Pussycat Dolls, Good Charlotte, The Veronicas, Katy Perry, Nelly Furtado, Toni Braxton, Lady Antebellum, My Chemical Romance, Kelly Rowland, Soulja Boy, the star power is endless so why didn't EA make use of this and add some artists such as Aerosmith, Stevie Wonder, ACDC, Earth, Wind & Fire, ABBA, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, Survivor, Cutting Crew, Madonna, Phil Collins, Metallica, Seal, Savage Garden, Smash Mouth, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Fatboy Slim. This Stuff pack had so much potential and everyone would have rushed to the stores for once to grab hold of a stuff pack instead of debating whether $20 is worth it. There would be no debate with this kind of star power and I'm sure many of these artists would be excited to have the opportunity as they have expressed interest in the sims and some are almost forgotten. Yet depending on how they record the simlish versions if may be possible to even dub Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and The Beatles songs. The Sims 3 failed to capitalise onto The Sims 2 success even though the star power was huge in comparison. The designers got lazy with this after Generations and the reason why The Sims 3 is pirated so much is because people love The Sims but do not wish to purchase the never ending and increasing prices of expansion and stuff packs. Also we're nearly up to the 4th generation of this series and fans would have spent $300 for The Sims, $400 for The Sims 2 and $800 for The Sims 3! How are we expected to afford this when your forecast of expansions are 50/50 new and old every Era! Give the community more value in The Sims 4 by combining old eps together e.g. Seasons & Pets (The Sims 4 Ecosystems).

Rank 12 High-End Loft Stuff - The Sims Studio
The first stuff pack was a brilliant one which added a lot of high end expensive items that were highly requested by the community. It also included the store advertising to the game though so that’s a huge negative because it’s unnecessary.

Rank 13 Master Suite Stuff - The Sims Studio
Pretty good stuff pack though nothing really stood out. From memory it had a lot of cool stuff but my games so packed that I don’t really think it’s a must have title.

Rank 14 Outdoor Living Stuff - The Sims Studio
Probably the first major disappointment on the list. There just wasn’t enough offered and it wasn’t really outdoor living without seasons. Many of the objects were just new skins on already featured items like the barbeques, lights etc. There were a few cool building items though so that’s a bonus.

Rank 15 Showtime - Maxis (Salt Lake City)
Disgraceful! I would recommend 4 Stuff packs with better value before this expansion pack! This was Maxis’s first expansion pack when they returned though looking at that year overall it looked like they were on a tight and impossible schedule set by EA. The first problem that should have forecasted Simcity 5’s doom was the online feature shoving in our faces. Piss off I don’t want to share my sims taking a leak before the big game EA! The expansion pack screams money making all over it. It includes left over ideas from Late Night like the DJ booth, Love Bed, singers, live performances and pushes The Sims 2 and 1 items that should be already included by this time into our game. As if we didn’t have enough problems with World Adventures, Pets and Late Night this quadrupled it! The social features are shoved in your face until you suffocate as you can’t play in Starlight Shores without a bunch of wishes to send an elixir to a friend (that’s an online friend too!) What is this matrix stuff? And that’s really all this should have been, a stuff pack with a few features like actors.

Rank 16 Movie Stuff - The Sims Studio
Not the worst addition and certainly has warrant to justify its addition to the game since the Movie making community is practically dead and has been since well before the sims 2 was out. Wait what why did they release this now and not back in 09 when talented directors that created The Awakening, Strangerhood, Sim Brother, Sim Survivor were out. No you basically ignored them and they moved onto bigger and better things. This has a decent amount of useful costumes and resources but it is useless to most gamers and since there are next to no directors I don’t know why they bothered.

Rank 17 Fast Lane Stuff - The Sims Studio
This was the smallest stuff pack and was very disappointing. Apart from some cool garage items and some other decorations the pack failed to deliver any cars close to FreshPrince and the saddest addition was Car Enthusiast trait. Relationship with your car is stupid and as an actual car enthusiast this was the perfect time to add the Fixer-Upper Car. Instead we have to wait for another 4 years for something like this! Why? How hard could it have honestly been I mean you did it in Free Time, oh wait that was last gen never mind…

Rank 18 Diesel Stuff - The Sims Studio
Even more garbage than Fast lane as it was only slightly bigger but all included was mens stuff and although it was an area of the game that needs refinement, they didn’t give us any hairstyles and that’s what us men needed the most in this game. What were they thinking? This should have been left as a store theme!

Rank 19 Town Life Stuff - The Sims Studio
While I will say that this is a valid reason for an expansion pack its very underwhelming and to the average simmer it’s useless. This is only useful to dedicated builders and World designers which I’m glad they gave some love but sadly was poorly executed.

Rank 20 Katy Perry's Sweet Treats - The Sims Studio
I don’t mind Katy Perry, she is a talented singer and artist but what were they thinking making a stuff pack? All I will say is that this should have been a store item and it reminds me of Hilary duff in The Sims 2, which I might add was free but everyone thought it was a joke because you could download a million other versions that looked better.

Best Developers Scores (Top 10 = + 1-10 10 points to 1st Bottom 10 = - 1-10 Last = -10) Total divided by number of titles

Maxis Redwood Shores = 17 (2 Titles) Score 8.5
EA Play = 25 (5 Titles) Score 5
EA Maxis = 2 (1 Title) Score 2
Maxis Salt Lake City = 6 (3 Titles) Score 2
The Sims Studio = -25 (13 Titles) Score -1.9
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Thanks, manunit99, for that long but informative post. I have been wondering at times, if I should get a different expansion. While I love Island Paradise and pre-ordered it for the Stranded On An Island pack with it, I was disappointed... what it gave to me was items and not a semi-separate gameplay mode, where I could create sims who were literally stranded on an island, where I would try to make a living off of... like in Sims 2 Castaway.
Sadly. I was actually looking forward to that.

And while I enjoy Generations, making the childhood stage a bit more interesting for me and not a boring section of age that you just want to get past, the teenager stage added some fun things to it as well. The mood swings are fun, although some of the wishes that pop up during mood swings - or the Midlife Crisis - seem way out of proportion. Not to mention that glitch I encountered recently...

Seasons is fun... except it tends to clog up your wishes on the Free Days, all your sims wanting to do the same stuff, go to that festival, although they have work and way more important stuff to do. Really, quite an annoying part about that expansion... then again, at least it improved compared to Sims 2, where my family tended to stop eating their dinner to stare out the window because it was raining again.

Pets, on the other hand... you pointed it out very well. I don't want to control my pets. They are adorable, but overall not very interesting to control yourself. I do think it was a bit more interesting in Sims 2, where you couldn't control them. But even there, the novelty of having Pets wore off pretty fast... The traits were nice, but I do wonder: Why was I incapable of having my Sim watch TV WHILE having a pet on their lap?

So I was thinking of getting a different expansion, like Supernatural or Ambitions... but neither sounds all that wonderful.

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What is your most favourite expansion pack, and why? Supernatural. The town is wonderful and just right spooky, the Sims are fun to play and the overall theme isn't as oppressive as Twinbrooks.

What is your most least favourite expansion pack, and why? Pets. Though they seem better this time they just seem to be one more detail and it takes away from kid time. though it does seem to calm some of the insane ones.

What is your most favourite stuff pack, and why? Fast Lane, no least favorite, no reason they all add.

If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?

World Adventure
Late Night
Pets ....
Those are the ones I have next to buy are in order
Into the Future
Island Paradise

Stuff packs are driven by price and I get them when I can. #1 is Fast Lane though I love the cars.

If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?
Pets, a horse in the basement is really disturbing.

Some people have a Guardian Angel, you know a little guy sitting on your shoulder that tells you right from wrong, but mine is an Idiot.
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What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?
My favourite EP is Ambitions. It has things to do, a good well-themed neighbourhood and the least amount of bugs and glitches. My least favourite is Showtime. While it has its good points the shallow theme and boring gameplay with Simport forced down out throats was just doesn't have staying power, replay value.

What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?
My favourite stuff pack is Master Suite stuff. it has tasteful batroom furniture, over-the-top romantic bedroom furniture and underwear for both men and women which is great quality and was sorely lacking. I haven't bought the stuff packs that don't interest me, so all my other stuff packs (70's..., OLS, Diesel) take the good second place. Out of those I'd say I dislike Diesel most, since other than the sofa/chair the objects are horrible and some of the jeans, while they were also very needed are textured somewhat weirdly.

If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?
1.Ambitions, 2.Seasons, 3.Supernatural, 4.World Adventures and Pets, 5.Into The Future and University Life, 6. Island Paradise and Late Night 8. Showtime

If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?
Showtime. The only things I'd miss would be clothing, DJ booths and a certain Spanish style starter house from Starlight Shores.
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What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?

Most favorite is Seasons. The weather is quite fun and, at the very least, weather should always be a standard thing to put into the next Sims games. It seems silly to give us weather in an Expansion Pack and not the base game. The festivals in the game are entertaining for a while, but after some time, I quite honestly ignored them except for cheap ways to get umbrellas. Some of the actions added into the game related to the various seasons are quite nice.
Downside to the expansion is the fact that your Wish List will generally become clogged up with Sims wishing to go to the various festivals every other day or throw a special party on the holiday of the season. Also the changing into outerwear for small things that would not necessitate changing.

Least favorite is Pets. I love animals and I always liked the idea of having a cat or dog with my sim family. But in Sims 3, it seems to have failed at making them interesting. While they are now actually controllable, compared to Sims 2, the pets are not very interesting. They fail to hold my interest for very long and even the fact that horses were added, did not add very much to it. As adorable as the animations and noises of the pets are, they feel like very bland additions to your family.
I think I would prefer the Sims 2 Pets to the Sims 3 one...

What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?

Don't have any Stuff Packs and don't feel like getting any.

If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?

#1: Seasons - weather is fun, festivals get boring, but overall adds something very nice to the game.
#2: Island Paradise - mermaids are not as fun to play as I thought, but managing the resort is quite fun. Also, diving and the dive spots look quite beautiful at times.
#3: Generations - definitely a must-have, it adds a lot more fun to the Child stage and some additions to the Teenager stage. Downside, the toddler and baby stage are as boring as before and the Imaginary Friend is pointless.

If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?

Pets, although I have already uninstalled it.

However, I am trying to figure out if I want to get Supernatural or University Life.
I'm gonna comb through this thread and some other pages, see what people may think of it.

Field Researcher
#119 Old 11th Feb 2014 at 4:06 AM
Hmm, I don't know why there is all the hate on the Pets expansion? Although I didn't get the pets expansion for the Sims 2, so I wouldn't really understand the "there's no novelty" thing, so perhaps that's it. Really, though, I liked being able to actually stop my pets from peeing all over the floor without having to interrupt what my Sim is doing only to have the dog go ahead and take care of business anyways. And the horses were just the bee's knees! I live in an area where practically everyone has horses, so they're not that uncommon of a pet, and it was great that they could actually be a way to earn money.

My favorite game, though? Hands down Supernatural. They nailed it-- I loved the werewolves, the witches, the expanded vampire stuff, and of course FAIRIES! Moonlight Hollow's aesthetic is really great. The run-down trailers juxtaposed with upscale Victorian-style homes reminded me of the town I spent the first seven years of my life in. And I love ornate furniture.

It's a great addition to the game, and I highly recommend it to anyone. I was, of course, disappointed about having to wait for Island Paradise to get mermaids (and a little disappointed with their look, too), but the supernaturals they did have in that EP were well-executed and added a lot of fun new gameplay.
#120 Old 11th Feb 2014 at 1:48 PM
Well with Pets, a lot of people wanted to be able to control them from the beginning. In the first Sims, pets were kinda... meh. Then we got cats and dogs in Sims 2, but we weren't able to actively control them. We could get them to not pee on furniture or similar by scolding them if they did it or praising when they do it right. But people wanted to be able to actively control them like their simmies.

Come Sims 3, we can control them. And I personally found it to be boring... most of the time, I have no clue what I'm supposed to let my animals do. The horse is either in its stall or being ridden around for Riding and Race/Jump Skill. The cat may be spending a lot of time getting her hunting skill up, but then of course, once I have max Hunting, what do I do then?

Also, what was the point of giving us the scold or praise interaction in Sims 3? Considering we can control the pets, there's no need to worry about them peeing where they shouldn't or scratching the furniture. I think I preferred them semi-controllable. But even then, I think I liked the fact that the pets could get "jobs" in Sims 2 and unlock new fur colors and similar. In Sims 3, that's not possible. It kinda took the fun away for me...


PS: I'm thinking of getting Late Night... although I was horrified to learn that Sims 3 Vampires, if given a sunscreen from Ambitions, can freaking sparkle in the sun. It's not something that bothers me since Twilight made that up, it just seems like a really, really stupid thing.
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#121 Old 14th Feb 2014 at 5:51 AM
What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?
Most favorite would probably be Late Night. I like Supernatural too, but Late Night is the best for normal gameplay. I really like Bridgeport, the film career is cool, vampires and celebrities were nice additions (moreso now that you can turn them on and off), and the aesthetics in general were great.

Least favorite is Generations. It looks like a lot of people disagree with me and love Generations, but I thought a lot of things it added were annoying. Imaginary friends are creepy and they get in the way a lot. The automatic scolding system was also really irritating. I liked most of the things Generations added, but the annoyances were too much.

What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?
I only have one stuff pack because it came with Late Night, and that's High End Loft Stuff. I wouldn't have gotten it on its own. That said, I do like most of the stuff in there. Exception: Women's hair. There are only two, and they both look stiff and plastic. Only flattering on a very specific portion of sims.

If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?
Late Night
Supernatural: they did a great job with the occults, and I love Moonlight Falls.
World Adventures: nice for the one-time adventuring thing, and the travel worlds are lovely, but the adventuring type stuff isn't all that interesting the second time around.

I briefly tried Showtime, but not enough to make a judgment. I would really like to get Ambitions and possibly Seasons, but I don't know if my computer can handle too many expansions past that.

If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?
Generations. But I don't currently have any installed except Late Night.
Field Researcher
#122 Old 14th Feb 2014 at 6:24 PM
What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?

Supernatural: A lot of little reasons for this the main one would be that I am into the goth/fantasy theme and this delivers it.
Into the Future: The only expansion I don't own and probably never will, call me primative but I am not a fan of sci-fi.

What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?

Master Suites: Unlike most of the CAS clothing I actually use a lot of the clothing and their actually ones I would wear personally as well
Fast Lane: I download my cars on Fresh Prince and never use any of the CAS cars

If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?

Supernatural: As I mentioned earlier I am into the goth/fantasy theme and I use a lot of stuff in the game as well. I love the alchemy skill and every town in my game has an elixir shop, many of the new traits were well fitting into this game and should of been there in the begining (brooding, proper), has my favorite radio station darkwave, plus I can't help but chuckle at the many pop culture related items in this game particulary the quiddich looking broom area and the magic mirror and Moonlight Falls in my opinion is a beautiful town and pre-into the future my favorite loading screen. This game wouldn't be complete without the supernaturals which is what makes Moonlight Falls a unique town, I was stoked when they added faires and their my favorite to create in CAS mainly cause of the wings . The biggest flaw is too many zombies maybe cause I am not a fan of zombies, heck before I played this game I instantly downloaded the no zombie mod.

Late Night: This was a very close second. I find a lot of the towns in the Sims series itself are often generic suburbs that have little distinguishing charcter but Bridgeport actually feels like a city subways included and more apartments than homes even though I prefer the Apartment life apartments (because more than 1 family can live in the same building). I love that now we have bars and clubs and when looking for buildings to download I have the most fun with bars and clubs, another mention is that it also has the best new outfits of any EP/SP, plus I like that the added bust size for realism. The celebrity system I have mixed feelings about since I don't think many people in real life have any star rating and I only feel comfortable with sims in the highest of their career getting a ranking (expections Music, Film, Politics, Sports, and the Showtime careers)

Ambitions: Another close favorite I love the new Careers and that it was the first to have non-rabbit hole careers making it more interactive and the first to have the self-employment careers. I also love that they added tatoos in CAS.

University Life: If any expansion pack is the most like the real-life present it's this one particulary with the social networking and street art skill. While we still have rabbit-hole courses I like that it's a little more interactive with the lectures and the actual activites relevant to the major and the extra credits if you have high enough skills, I like the added lot assignments like the cafe and especially the nerd shop. I joke that its the most ghetto of the expansions with the dumpster diving, street art, the "herbs", and lets not forget the "juice pong" and keg.

World Adventures: Being a traveller I was looking foward to this and the locations being highly based on real life countries. I like the new skills added to the game even though unless you buy the respective items only availible in their locations its tough to learn in your home world (except photography since University) and exploring the tombs. I find it a pain in the ass to travel with more than 1 person especially if you complete the oppertunities.

Seasons: Christmas 2012 it was this and Supernatural that I didn't have and asked my sister to get me this for christmas. Seasons was one of my favorite in the TS2 so I was looking foward to this. I still like this expansion but not as much as TS2, I am particulary bothered my the constant rain and the fact that the leaves clutter the whole town year round I had to download mods to fix that. I like the holidays, activites and new types of parties for this game (especially free food). I like that we can make the climate different every neighbourhood Lucky Palms-no rain and always summer, Isla Paradiso-summer year round and turn the rain off for half the year, and so on. Has the most realistic deaths since the base game. Who the hell dies from a freakin jellybean? but unlike real-life you can't drown in the ocean.

Island Paradise: While WA has the adventure asepect of travelling this reminded me of Bon Voyage in TS2. My favorite thing is the adding of boats and mermaids. I haven't tried the resorts and I am not sure I will to be honest.

Generations: I liked this better than I thought but it's still far from my favorite. I like the added parties and events for age groups like bachelor parties and afterschool activities. As I mentioned I like when CAS adds realisim and it does so again with body hair

Pets: While I enjoy having pets around in the game and was thrilled to have horses and a unicorn (as you can tell I love it when new creatures are added) while it does live up to its name and I am glad pets have the traits like sims do but I found the pets where needer and more difficult to teach tricks than TS2

Showtime: I don't know what the bloody hell I was thinking when I bought this probably cause I like LN. I felt a lot of the stuff on their could easily be on LN, the DJ would be better suited in LN IMO.

Into the Future: The only EP I don't have mainly cause I am not into the sci-fi, time travel thing, I You Tubed the digi-tunes I think that station sucks . Since I can see how this can appeal to some people I didn't choose for this to be removed.

Master Suite: I love the furniture and clothes included and use this pretty regularly. I also joke that it has the most sexual of any pack, a toilet called the seat of romance (seriously).

70's 80's 90's: I was the most excited of this SP than any other, mostly for the nostalgia. I like the new added radio stations except disco.

Outdoor living: The decor was nice especially the ones that looks like swinging chairs.

High-End Loft: Had a decent selection of stuff

Diesel: Before this came out I never heard of Diesel and the first thing coming to find was the fuel. The men's clothes is ok but I am not a fan of the womens and disappointed the furniture can't be recloured despite some of the awesome items

Town Life: Had the pototental to add more but didn't plus the decor in some of the building were ugly in my IMO

Fast Lane: I only bought this cause I wanted to be able to have all the radio stations and traits I have since then learned to live with not having everything. I only get use vehicles from Fresh Prince

The next 2 I don't own but I'll include my 2 cents.

Movie Stuff: I was tempted to get this but I went on the simsvip site and realized I probably wouldn't use much and I am not a fan of the radio stations

Sweet Treats: Really why? Not mention its the most expensive one to boot.

If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?

Showtime: Most of the pack is basically Late Night 2.0

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people!
Lab Assistant
#123 Old 15th Feb 2014 at 11:27 PM
What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?
Favorite: My favorite would be Into The Future b ecause it has an intresting story, and a wasteland. Though it has terrible music, it has a great story and not as cheesy as World Adventures.
Least: Pets. It's simple. There's nothing in Pets.
What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?
Favorite: Fast lane. I'm a fan of cars.
Least: Katy Perry Sweet treats is basically just every content in the Base Game but with a candy flavor. I guess it would be nice for a GingerBread house and a Bon Bon MLP Sim but it's just "TS3: Sugar edition" and where the hell is Katy Perry? All I see from her in the Expansion pack is her on the cover. Katy Perry isn't my favorite musician anyways.
If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?
1.Into The Future
2. Late Night
3. Supernatural (Without it, my MLP based sims would be full of Earth Ponies. I don't have anything against them.)
6.Ambitions (What does it add?)
7.World Adventures
8. Pets
If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?
Pets. Keep the pets themselves, though.
#124 Old 19th Feb 2014 at 2:29 PM
I've been playing the sims 2 for years and yesterday I finally gave in and brought the sims3 game with late night and the design and high-tech stuff pack. I got them all in a deal for €20!!! . Well anyway, I don't want to buy all the expansion packs for sims3 like I did with the sims2. I just want maybe 2 more expansion packs. Which ones should I get? Which of them do you guys think are the best? Thanks!
#125 Old 19th Feb 2014 at 8:05 PM
Read this thread and you'll see an overall idea.
But it mostly is about how you play your Sims game. Several people seem to love Late Night, as it gives the world its suburban feeling and make the Young Adult (and unfortunately only the Young Adult) life section more interesting. Others like Generations, making Teens and even Children a bit more interesting. Seasons is overall a very fun expansion, even if it's just for the sake of having WEATHER in your game. Amibitions is more for people who like the jobs, but don't want to just send them off and wait until they come back... all depends.

My suggestion, check carl's sims 3 guide on expansions, look at the features and see what appeals to you.

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