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Default It's Supernatural!
Hello everybody!

For all of the world - I think - the 7th EP of the The Sims, Supernatural, has hit the shelfs of your local video game vendor! It seems that everyone is enjoying the cool and creepy elements added to the game.

New Site Features!

To ring in the new game, MTS has added a few things to the site:

New Discussion Forums
In the TS3 Discussion section, we've added a new forum for Supernatural. So, start talking about how many zombies have invaded your lawn!

Supernatural Forum

We've also gone ahead and added a forum for Season, too!

Seasons Forum

New Wiki Content
As you all know, updating the wiki has been an ongoing project for the past few weeks. Well, the addition of Supernatural has given us even more content that needs to be added.

  • Gameplay Guides - Faeries, Zombies, Werewolves, oh my! Supernatural gave us a lot of neat magical things to do. So, if you know a lot about these subjects, then we welcome you to contribute your knowledge!
  • Cheats - The new cheats for the game need to be added.
  • Books - Zombies still gotta read, right?
  • Collectables - Gems, bugs, rocks, etc.
  • Troubleshooting - Where there's a patch, there's a game destroying bug!

A lot has already been added already, good job guys!

Get your stickers!

If you've been contributing to the wiki, post HERE to claim your prize, and get showered with lots of love!

Even if you already have your wiki sticker, please post your contributions anyways. We still want to give everyone the proper recognition.

"Holy Shift! Check out the asymptotes on that mother function!"
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