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Originally Posted by PANDAQUEEN
steamdbIn the past few years, I've been meaning to pursue a job. But I rather follow my dream and create a line of action dolls (like the old GI Joes) and fashion dolls (like Barbie) in the likeness of popular characters.

I think standard office work would kill me.

I'd ki.ll to be a travel journalist/blogger/writer. Anything that would allow me to do what I live for (travel) while utilizing what I'm good at (writing). I have no trouble getting employment as a writer but how people land those sweet gigs as travel writers is beyond me.
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Currently testing out various Shave Ice Syrup flavors as a test for tasteologist and kept notes.

There are numerous jobs testing the biometrics of food in food production (like how squeaky the curds are on Tillamook cheese) to pushing the limits (like how mozzarella stretches on pizza) to flavor quality assurance. (to make sure the flavor is constant every batch)

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My Dream Job is Being A Actor. I love Acting
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When I was in grad school, there was a research opportunity to do a research assistantship near the south pole. Half of the year you couldn't get in or out. Atmospheric physics wasn't my field, so I didn't inquire. Given recent events, it sounds like it would be comfy right now.

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I always wanted to work in IT. I found useful info how to become a software qa tester here and want to work in this field too. It could be useful for beginners too. Work in IT is one of the most profitable these days.
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